10 Best Sales Tools for Boosting Results, Efficiency & More! | Jade Jemma

10 Best Sales Tools for Boosting Results, Efficiency and More!

It takes a lot to succeed in sales. You need empathy, grit, and drive. You need to know your customers intimately. You need to resiliently bounce back from rejection. You need to know when to talk and when to shut up. And then, there are the best sales tools…

There’s no need to be doing manual tasks anymore like following up on cold emails one by one. So if technology improves your process, or helps you close more deals, add it to your bag of top sales tools and get cracking!

In this post, I’m going to show you some of the best sales tools for boosting results, improving efficiency and helping you generate more revenue that I use in my business.

My Best Sales Tools I Use

1. Stripe

To take payments via cards (better than Paypal)


2. ThriveCart – my best sales tool ever!

This is the payment cart I used for everything (private clients, group programs, events and digital products). If you don’t yet have a payment cart and then I highly recommend it as it will massively increase your sales conversions and save so much time in invoicing/chasing payments.

ThriveCart has hands down THE best customer service I have ever experienced online. The CEO is super present in the members group and anytime I have had a tech query I always get a swift and friendly reply. I have learnt so much just watching these guys in action and seeing how they treat all their customers.

The lifetime offer is ending soon so if you grab it now there will be no monthly payments ever! (Soon to be $95+ monthly).


3. ConvertKit (has a fab lifetime offer on right now)

This is the email provider I use. If you don’t yet have a website I’ve just noticed it also has some new built in landing pages so is a great cheap tool for starting your email list without a website. 


4. Zoom

My fav video call tool for clients calls, group calls and for recording trainings.


5. Loom

For making quick videos for trainings and sales outreach/high touch.

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6. Asana

For project management and for managing your sales pipeline.

7. Bonjoro

For sending quick, easy, personalised videos with a CTA on the go during launches.

8. Agorapulse

My fav toy for scheduling content, communicating with your audience and getting insights into you top fans, followers and even competitors.

9. ConvertBox (has a fab lifetime offer on right now)

I have actually had this for ages but only starting using it this year and since I have realised how easy and effective it is I have been trying not to think of all the leads I have lost out on!  

In a nutshell it makes a lot of cool pop ups on your site related to the customers behaviour. I have one now for when Convertbox knows they are about to leave my website (so clever!) and it’s been converting up to 35% (to my lead-magnet).  There are lots of other clever things (like knowing if someone is a returning visitor or customer), but basically don’t do what I did and lose thousands of website visitors that could have become leads and customers!

10. Mighty Networks

I use this platform to host my paid communities, groups and courses and it is my life right now! If you are fed up with the FB algorithm not showing your content to your audience then you will love this platform! It auto sends an email for your important content and allows you to charge for different courses and groups to name just a few of all the amazing features. 

What I love about them is their customer service, training and support for members. The CEO is very hands on as are the team and the service is second to none.

So there you go, my best sales tools for launch and sales success. Let me know you get on! 

Jade *

* N.B some (not all) of these links are my affiliate partner links, so for these I would receive a commission if you join/use one of these best sales tools.

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