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Try These 3 Strategies for Finding Serenity

Try These 3 Strategies for Finding Serenity

November 18, 2021

We all have those days.

Days when you can’t see the wood for the trees and all those ‘to-dos’ are piling up.

Days when your mind is in a loop of negativity and worry. We worry about everything and get clogged up with it. Time to change that! It is such a waste of energy!

How to Break Free and Find Serenity?

I love that word, Serenity. When I am in that headspace, I sense a calm peace wash over me and it seems as if nothing is too big a problem to deal with. My mind feels spacious and ordered.

I have noticed however in my practice that over the last two years this state of mind has become more elusive for just about everyone. Is anxiety catching? Yes! It is a state of consciousness and when people around you, the media, your family and friends and politicians alike all seem to be in a state of anxiety, it is palpable. Our bodies can tune in to collective fear – and sometimes conscious steps are needed to alleviate it.

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Here are my 3 Strategies for Finding Serenity in Life

1. Turn off the News

The news can be addictive, as it provides a jolt of adrenaline to the system. It is designed that way, to keep you watching. Headlines are made shocking, to keep you reading and buying. It’s obvious, but we all fall into the trap. Our systems are left on high alert and this state of unease is so unhealthy over any length of time.

Limit yourself to reading headlines once a day or less. Turn off news alerts on phone and computer. There are quite a few positive news sites now. Set your personal settings to include delivery of positive news as well as other news – why not receive a dose daily? A fair balance of the two will help with finding serenity. Balance is key here.

2. Ground Yourself

Have you heard of earthing?

It has been shown that reconnecting the human to the electrons emitted from the earth has wellbeing effects on the whole system – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Better sleep and reduced pain, better mood and a reduced sense of isolation will all contribute to your serenity quota! Your biological clock and your immune system will also benefit.

How to do this? Go outside and walk on the ground in bare feet! Sounds simple – is simple – but makes a difference to how you feel. We instinctively know this but spend so much of our time in shoes, cushioning our feet and not making contact with the earth itself. Grounding once a day will reset your physiological systems, rebalance you and raise your feeling of serenity.

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3. Accept What You Can’t Control

Serenity means what? To be serene means to feel calm, peaceful, tranquil. It would appear to be the opposite of anxiety.

One reason for feeling anxious is that we worry about things that are outside our control. The idea that things happen TO us means that we feel out of control. We get angry when things do not go our way, and that is also a waste of energy. Far more productive to do something about it.

A helpful way to switch your thinking is to realise what you DO control. Your words, deeds, actions, responses – but not what others think, what the government does, what the weather does. If something is beyond your control, the path to serenity is by accepting that and letting thoughts of it go. Also, in taking action over what you can control. Empowerment supports serenity.

A great way to see this is by drawing two circles, one inside the other. In the inner circle put those things you can control and, in the outer, put the ones you cannot. There may be a few in between, where you might have some influence over the outcome. Deciding to accept the situations in the outer circle as things beyond your control will bring you a level of composure and peace.

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    Find your Serenity

    There are plenty of other ways for finding serenity.

    Meditation, exercise, relaxation, self-care can all help.

    Energy healing sessions will rebalance you too – Reiki is excellent for this, as it can help to return you to your best ‘natural state’. The relaxation response is as real as the stress response!

    In the case of past events that prevent you from being able to feel serene, Havening Techniques® can remove and permanently de-link unpleasant thoughts and memories from your brain, and even put good ones in! In this way we can choose how to feel.

    Serenity is a state of calmness, inner peace, the untroubled. If you develop these habits, you can move through your life with ease and grace. It has a ripple effect on those around you which will make their lives better too.

    Establish a pace of life that’s right for you, a complete blend, the perfect blend, for a balanced lifestyle.

    Janie Whittemore

    About the Author

    Janie Whittemore is an intuitive and experienced holistic health practitioner, providing effective solutions to those in need of assistance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

    Her individual tools of Havening Techniques®, Reiki Master Level healing, coaching and reflexology together with 24 years of training and experience in related studies, offer powerful pathways back to wellbeing and happiness – especially for spiritually curious and empathic women.

     Janie helps people to thrive without overwhelm and fear to find confidence and freedom, often after just one session.

    Her work and her story has featured in Holistic Therapist Magazine, BBC Radio Glos, Cheltenham Lifestyle and Business Magazine.
    Reach her at www.janiewhittemore.com