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The 3 Step Process To Create Your 90 day Business Plan

The 3 Step Process To Create Your 90 day Business Plan

November 19, 2021

Do you want a simpler way to set goals and execute in your business with clarity, focus and confidence?

In this article I’m going to show you how you can create your own 90 day business plan in 3 simple steps.

The Steps to Creating a Business Plan

When it comes to creating a business plan it should be direct, clear and above all, actionable. Many entrepreneurs running solo or with lean teams often get lost in the many different things they feel they should take action on, often leaving them feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and confused.

When there are so many things you can do, how do you decide what you should be working on?

Time, energy and attention are the most valuable assets you have and these should be used for what matters most in moving your business forward in a way that feels good for you.

Here’s a simple 3 step process to business planning that will get you working on what will make that difference, focusing your resources on the essential elements you actually need to grow your business, revenue and audience – and not feel drained from the distractions that cross your path!

The 2 by 2 by 2 Business Essentials Planning Framework

In this method, we take:

  • 2 Big goals to focus on for 90 days
  • Each of these goals have up to 2 projects
  • Each of these projects have 2 to-do’s each

That’s 2 big goals, 4 projects and 8 to-do’s in total. And that means there’s just over 11 days for each to-do on average.

Before you begin, it’s good to get conscious and clear about what you want to be focusing on in your long term strategy for your long term vision. Should you be focusing on building an audience? Launching a new offering? Collaborations? Affiliates? If you’re not sure, take the 90-Second Conscious Biz Focus Quiz which tells you the area of business you should be focusing on right now based on where you’re at.

So, let’s dive in and get you creating a 90 day business plan like a pro…

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How to Write Up a Business Plan

STEP 1: The 2 Big Goals

Let’s think about your 2 big goals to add to your 90 day business plan.

They should:

  • Feed directly into your ultimate business vision
  • Inspire you and feel good!
  • Ultimately lead to more revenue in your business
  • Connecting you with your ideal customer/audience
  • Connecting you with people/tech/opportunities that move you forward, not keep you stagnant

STEP 2: The 2 Projects

Now, each of your big, amazing goals that are going to drive success in your business need 2 projects each. Any more, and you’re in overwhelm territory.

They should:

  • Be directly linked to your big goals.
  • Be achievable with the resources you have right now or can get within 2 weeks
  • Inspire you and feel good!
  • They might feel new and a bit scary – it’s ok, you got this!
  • Be linked to revenue-generating activity
  • Be linked to audience building/brand awareness activity
  • Be contributing to adding value to your ideal customers/audience by addressing their needs directly

For instance, if one of your big goals is to sell your amazing mini-course on your website, a project could be ‘Plug in an e-comms section to the website’.

Now you have 4 projects in your 90 day business action plan that are directly linked to your business growth, your ultimate business vision and contained in 4 projects to keep you focused and clear on your direction for the next 90 days.

STEP 3: The 2 To-Do’s

Now it’s time to identify what 2 things are needed for each project – these are like sub-projects, but remember there’s an average of 11 days total, so be strategic in what you can realistically have time/resources for to get these done.

This doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself, but it means it’s important to take an honest look at what you need and want.

They should:

  • Move you forward to tangible business growth
  • Be directly linked to your projects.
  • Be achievable with the resources you have right now or can get within 2 weeks
  • Inspire you and feel good!
  • They might feel new and a bit scary too – it’s ok, you got this!
  • Be simple and clear to-do’s / actions
    • This looks like writing “Create website page for mini-course sales page and write the copy” rather than “Do sales page”. Reaffirming the detail helps when you are scheduling your time to take action – so you know to allocate ‘x’ time for template creation, ‘y’ time for writing the copy, etc.

This is the ‘how’ part of the planning. These 8 to-do’s are the key to moving forward – they are the foundations to making sure you stay on track, utilise your resources effectively and keep you managing your time in the best way for progress to achieve your big goals and drive revenue in and your business forward.

It’s also the part where entrepreneurs often get stuck, overwhelmed and confused, as working out ‘how to’ is what gets us hitting that brick wall sometimes.

Business Owners 90 Day Business Plan Summary


  • Taking a purposeful step forward leads to the next step – so don’t hold back because you can’t see step two when you feel step one is right.
  • Ask for help or find support and advice from those you trust and respect – and who have expertise in the area you need support in.

Now you have 8 clear to-do’s you can take action on, giving you the focus you need each day to move forward with confidence.

And that’s business planning in 3 steps! Keeping it simple, focused and clear.

With this, you can schedule what you need to work on in priority / project common sense order and see progress each week.

This helps you to be fully conscious and aware about what you are working on and why, clearing your headspace for getting your best work done when you hit your ‘desk’ and make your vision a reality in the world.

Now it’s time for you to go write your own 90 day business plan!

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