Agorapulse Review 2022: Details, Pricing, Features & Special Offer

Agorapulse Review: How it Helps to Manage Your Social Media

Agorapulse Review: How it Helps to Manage Your Social Media

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

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Are you struggling to maintain your social media marketing strategy on your own and aren’t sure what tool to turn to?

In this article, I’m going to review one of my favourite social media management tools available in the marketing industry.

‘Why do I need to read an Agorapulse review?’ you might think… Well, it’s simple: I always love sharing whenever I come across a good tool that makes running my business more efficient. I just feel the need to tell you about it! 

Agorapulse is one of those tools. It facilitates managing my social media accounts by a lot and I’m pretty sure that it can do the same for you, too. So today I would like to talk about what Agorapulse is and what I love about it!

Agorapulse Review – Key Info 

📣 About Social media management tool
 Price💰 Free plan for small users and from $99 paid plan
✅ Pros Manage all of your social in one place
❌ Cons Adding newer types of social like TikTok
🏁 Opinion Outstanding platform and saves me so much time

What Is Agorapulse?

For those who have never heard of it, let me quickly tell you what Agorapulse exactly is. Agorapulse is a social media management tool that helps you schedule and publish content, manage all of your social media engagement, monitor your channels and it provides you with social media analytics, too.

To me, Agorapulse is almost like an assistant that gives you support in staying organised and – very important – it helps you to save time. 

If this is something you think you might need, keep reading… And without further ado, here it is, my Agorapulse review!

Why Do I Need A Social Strategy?

A thing I say a lot to my clients as well as to my online community is to “stop posting & praying”. And what I mean by that is that many online entrepreneurs are being super visible online but then they stop there. Why? Because they’re thinking posting good content online is enough. They’re waiting for their ideal clients to show up one day, knocking at their door, buying their stuff. And of course, the probability of this going to happen is very small.

Now, I’m not saying that posting content and being visible online isn’t a good thing!! Getting the attention of prospective clients is the first part in the sales process. But you have to have a business strategy that comes with it.

And this is where my Agorapulse review might come in handy for you! An important part that you should definitely be focusing on when it comes to your strategy as a whole is social media and with it comes social media management.

How to make managing your social media accounts as easy and efficient as possible? Using a tool that helps you manage! And for me, that tool is Agorapulse. That’s why I decided to give you an honest and hopefully helpful Agorapulse review so you can optimise your social media management.

How a Social Strategy Boost Sales?

Having a strong strategy for your visibility online ultimately helps in serving your online communities with good online content

And by good content, I mean content that SELLS

And who doesn’t want to sell? By having a strong management strategy for your social media channels, you are more likely to publish quality content on a regular basis. That’s HOW important a good social media management strategy is. I decided to write an Agorapulse review to show you how much easier this tool makes managing my social media accounts. So let’s dive in.

Benefits of Using Agorapulse for Your Social Media Management

There are many features that make Agorapulse a great tool to work with. For one, it gives you the ability to:

1. Plan, schedule & publish content all in one

One of my ultimate favourite Agorapulse features is intuitive publishing. You can write, plan and schedule your text and imagery all at once and the program does the publishing for you. 

There are different ways for you to plan your content. It can be by directly scheduling a post for a certain day and time or simply creating a general scheduling plan and queuing your content in individual categories – Either way, Agorapulse automatically publishes everything for you

How cool is that? 

Having this tool allows me to take a couple hours at a time, sit down and plan all of my social media posts for the upcoming days or even weeks. Once I’m done, I can tick this task off my to-do list. So to me, this method is very effective in terms of focus and time management. And it ultimately leaves me with more time that I can dedicate to other tasks. 

What you can’t do is auto publish stories – you can plan them and receive a reminder to post them. But in all honesty, I haven’t found a platform yet that automatically publishes stories. If you hear of one, let me know!

Now I know there are other programs out there that auto publish your content for you – But Agorapulse truly gives you such a good overview of all of your channels. Which brings me to the second benefit I would like to talk about. 

2. Manage all of your social media accounts in one platform

The great thing about Agorapulse is that you can manage several channels in one program. The platform currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube – which means you can add all of your channels from these platforms to Agorapulse and manage them in one place. 

This also means that you don’t have to create the same posts all over again: Let’s say you want to post the same content on two different channels… All you do is create it once, duplicate it and adapt if needed. I’m telling you, it’s SO time efficient!

Now I’m sure some of you are thinking: ‘What about Pinterest and TikTok?’ – And yes, you’re completely right to bring that up. Agorapulse currently does not include managing Pinterest or TikTok accounts. This is definitely a thing that could – and should eventually – be improved as many online entrepreneurs are using Pinterest and lately also TikTok for their online marketing. 

3. Engage on all of your social media accounts in Agorapulse 

Agorapulse has a feature called “Social Inbox” that helps you to engage easily with your online community. This means you don’t necessarily have to log in to your actual accounts for engagement. 

The platform shows you notifications, comments, likes and messages in the social inbox and lets you directly manage them. 

With that being said, I do want to point out that the engagement possibilities are limited. For example, you can’t see who liked your posts or invite people to like a page. I know we’re talking about details here, but like I said: My Agorapulse review is going to be completely honest. 

And the fact that there are some engagement possibilities lacking doesn’t change my overall opinion on the tool. 

The good thing about Agorapulse support service is that you can always let them know what you’re missing – and they’re actually listening. 

… Which brings me to the next great thing I would like to talk to you about.

4. Agorapulse actually listens to their customers

How many times have you heard “Thanks for your input, we’ll work on this” – or something along those lines?

Agorapulse actually has a function called “Suggest Feature” where you can share your feedback with them AND you can see what other suggestions they’re already working on. I think this part is a cool benefit of an already great tool. 

5. Helpful reports of your social media analytics

Another feature I like about Agorapulse: You get pretty cool analytics reports. Because after all, we should not just be posting stuff, we should always check that what we’re posting is actually giving value to our online community – and is, what they want to see.

You get nicely designed overviews that you can use for yourself, share with your team or even forward to your clients if needed.

The tool also has a feature called Agorapulse social listening that provides a discovery of trends and insights about your brand as well as your competitors. 

6. Agorapulse makes collaborating with a team easier

Now I know that many of you are not the only ones responsible for your content online. I myself have a team of people that help me provide you with great online content. And that’s why I wanted a tool that is accessible to all of my team members. 

Agorapulse tracks who of your team members did what and makes all of the information accessible to everyone. And it also gives the ability to have someone else review and edit posts prior to release. I’m telling you: When you’re having a team working on your social media content, seamless communication is crucial when it comes to managing social media. 

Agorapulse Pricing

Agorapulse has a limited free forever plan for small businesses and solo marketers. This plan supports up to three social profiles, 40 scheduled posts a month, content labels and basic inbox functionality, sans Twitter sync.

Agorapulse has two paid plans from $99/month named Pro and Premium as well as custom Enterprise plans for larger businesses and agencies.

Agorapulse Features 

Agorapulse features include:

  • Audience engagement
  • Social media publishing
  • Content queues
  • Social media inbox
  • Automated inbox assistant
  • Social media CRM
  • Agorapulse social listening
  • Agorapule reporting
  • UTM code generator
  • Team collaboration
  • Bitly integration
  • Easy Agorapulse integration
  • Agorapulse support and advice

Agorapulse App

One of the keys that in my opinion sets AgoraPulse apart is the powerful and slick mobile app. Available for Apple and Android users, the app has some great features. It allows easy publishing and scheduling.

As well, it offers access to on-the-go moderation and ability to enable notifications so that app users can be alerted immediately of key things such as comments and replies.

Agorapulse Vs Hootsuite

There are some alternatives to Agorapulse, one being Hootsuite. At first glance, their differences are minimal; both have unique names, serve the same purpose, and claim to be user-friendly. So, as someone new to the social media marketing game, which platform should you choose?

Agorapulse is a far better social media management tool when it comes to functionalities and CRM capabilities. In terms of pricing Agorapulse doesn’t have flexible pricing but HootSuite has pricing based on team size and other factors. That being said, Hootsuite charges for extra support where as it is free with Agorapulse.

Agorapulse vs Sprout Social

Another alternative to Agorapulse is Sprout Social.  While Sprout Social and Agorapulse are both full-featured social media dashboards I would say Agroapulse is far easier to use. The scheduling feature is much more sophisticated, they offer an inbox assistant and its much more affordable.

Are You Considering Agorapulse for Your Social Media Management?

I hope my Agorapulse review was helpful in presenting you with the benefits of this platform. Isn’t it amazing how great tools can help us in being more efficient with our time, productivity and energy? 

I also hope that you’ve realised – or at least got reminded of – how important it is to have an effective, thought-through and strong social media strategy. I’m not kidding when I tell you that it ultimately helps you to post content that SELLS. And by posting content that sells, you get the attention of prospective clients. 

In case you’re not sure yet if Agorapulse could be beneficial to you, I just wanted you to know that there is a free plan. Go see for yourself, I hope you’ll give it a try and bring your social media management to the next level. 

Let me know what you think about the tool and get in touch if you’d like a Agorapulse demo with me.

Jade *

P.S. I may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase through our links, but I only recommend tools I use and love and feel deliver value to you.