21 Best Affirmations to Build Your Confidence | Jade Jemma

21 of the Best Affirmations to Build Your Confidence

21 of the Best Affirmations to Build Your Confidence

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

They say being happy is a choice! So what better way to build your confidence and increase self-esteem than with positive affirmations for confidence!

In this article I’m going to share with you 21 positive affirmations that will help you to build your confidence and reconnect to your own power.

Why use these positive affirmations for self-confidence?

Positive confidence affirmations are one of the most simple yet most powerful ways to build up self esteem and change your negative view of yourself.

Whether you know it or not, your perception of yourself is deeply ingrained in your subconscious. You might have told yourself you are worthless, stupid and ugly so many times that you now just believe it and accept these as facts.

How you speak to yourself is so important, and affects your behaviour in every aspect of your life. Having low self esteem can lead to anxiety and depression, so it is really important to work on! After all, you have to be your number one supporter!

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How to use confidence affirmations?

Pick a few positive affirmations for self-esteem and confidence that really resonate with you! The secret to having these affirmations work for you is to actually be able to feel them.

Now repeat them to yourself in the mirror every day. Make sure you say them in a firm confident way, like they are facts, to make your subconscious believe them.

And my tip: I sometimes choose an affirmation I really want to internalise, write it down on a post-it and put it wherever I can see it multiple times throughout my day – Next to the mirror, my desk or the coffee maker!

Here are some of my favourite positive confidence affirmations to use to help build your confidence.

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21 Positive affirmations to build your confidence

1. I am confident
2. I love myself
3. I am fearless
4. I am in charge of my life
5. I deserve this
6. I can do anything I put my mind to
7. I am enough
8. I do not need validation from others
9. I deserve good things
10. I believe in my abilities
11. I deserve to be happy
12. I am loved and respected as I am
13. My imperfections make me unique and I love them
14. I am growing and learning every day
15. I believe in myself and my skills
16. I grow with every challenge
17. I am in full control of my life
18. I am living my best life
19. I am proud of myself and my achievements
20. I live each day feeling confident and grateful
21. I exude confidence

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Now it’s your turn!

And there you have it! 21 positive affirmations to speak to yourself and those around you (your children aren’t mind readers, they need to hear positive affirmations everyday!).

Now I’ve got one thing left to say: What affirmation are you going to start with to help build your confidence?

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