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An Online Community Like You’ve Never Experienced Before!

Relationships get you there faster. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and build real relationships, then this business synergy club is for you!


Get the right advice, support, feedback and become part of the most inspiring community of entrepreneurs.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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“A unique concept for entrepreneurs that is a membership, mastermind and networking club ‘all-in-one’ to support you in growing your business to where you want it to be.”

For Entrepreneurs Looking to Access Powerful Support, Create Real Relationships & Develop New Skills

How We Are Different?

Our business synergy club is focused on one key thing – real relationships. Not superficial ones we develop on social media in the comments, but real, deep and powerful relationships that we know get you there faster in business.

Every essence of our business synergy club is in place to ensure our members feel supported with not only their business, but all areas of their life, all while building real relationships in a fun sanctuary away from social media.

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Different:  We co-create

Your voice matters. We respond to member challenges in real-time, host community calls, and co-create our space with them to ensure that the training, conversations and structure of our community is what’s needed both for where they are now, and their next level.

We welcome passionate entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses, from those starting out, to established businesses, and everyone in between.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Business Synergy Club will give you the support, training and community you need to grow your business in one space.

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What’s Included Inside the Business Synergy Club?


Inside the club you get access to replays from our workshops, events and trainings covering everything from sales strategy, getting clients, content marketing, SEO, launching, mindset, and much more!  All our videos have speed control, captions and searchable transcripts, so no more wasting hours watching irrelevant content, you can just skip to the part you need, when you need it!


Every week you’ll have access to live classes (also available on catch up) from our resident experts. Covering basic AND advanced training sessions on everything from Sales, SEO, Conversion Marketing, Online Paid Advertising, Community Building, PR, Branding, Finance, Accounting, Law, Health & Wellness and more.


We have a team of guest experts, our in-house advisory board who are THE go-to person in their field.

They won’t just be popping in once on the fly, but will be inside the community with you too and will be on-hand each month to answer questions in between their scheduled live sessions and events.


If you’re busy and constantly on the go, or can’t always sit down and watch longer videos, you can listen to bite-sized trainings via our exclusive members audio feed that you can listen to via your podcast player of choice!


We have regular community calls where all members get a say in shaping our community.


An online community away from social media where you can build deep relationships with your peers to grow a powerful business network to help you soar.

“My productivity and enthusiasm has rocketed! The work ethics of the other members is brilliant and inspirational! I am definitely working smarter and seeing my business lay down proper roots and form bonds thanks to the BSC. Without it I’d be lazy! Fact! I can’t imagine being a business owner without this group and there’s nothing else like it.”.

Alan Bradshaw

“The community here is so much more personal. It’s like having a close-knit team of co-workers who, without hesitation, will help one another, share how they’ve done things, been sounding boards for one another, and been cheerleaders. We are not in competition with one another, even if we are in the same sectors; we simply share the success of everyone’s growth. “

Caroline Bramwell

What You’ll Experience From the Friendly Community


You don’t need to go networking anywhere else when you have a packed room of thriving businesses to network with each month.


Regular co-working sessions to help you bust procrastination and move the needle forward on those important tasks!


Weekly community tasks to help you to make the most of your new connections and get the support you need.


Your input counts! Regular community meetings where you can be part of shaping our community.


Easily find members who live near you, get found by members looking to hire you, and find members to collaborate with.


Where possible we will be organising in person events so you can step away from the screens.


Our platform allows you to co-create the space, want to set up a book club, accountability group, or virtual coffee club? You’ve got it! With a few clicks you can set it up and use our space to suit your needs!

100% Money Back Guarantee

A Platform That is Easy To Use


Easy to use ‘all-in-one’ platform with mobile app and Zoom integration. 


Main group discussion feed, group chat, and private chat.


Bite-sized content via our exclusive members audio feed that you can listen to via your podcast player of choice!


Community, events and trainings all in one place, no need to switch between platforms.


Video replays with captions, speed control and searchable transcripts; available via desktop, or mobile app.

100% Money Back Guarantee

What Makes Us DIFFERENT  To Other Memberships?


Our community is our home, and members have full control to create the space they want and need. Want to set up a co-working session, host a virtual meet-up, or run a book club? It’s all possible with one click of a button in our safe haven away from social media!

Our home is hosted on Mighty Networks, a platform led by founders with deep community expertise.  Jade has been working with the Mighty Networks team over the last 12 months and their passion for communities is infectious. Our new home comes with not just the technical ability with a great user experience, but is built on a platform that is focused on bringing together communities so we can all thrive. All in a safe-haven away from the distractions, advertising and sometimes toxicity on social media.


Just like the ‘network effect’ (the phenomenon where the value of a product, platform, or service increases as more people use it), we believe our community will become more valuable with each member that joins.  Whether that is for their experience, their energy, how they support others, their network, or something else.

As our growth will benefit us all, we want us all to benefit financially when we do. That is why our members receive financial rewards and bonuses for each person they introduce to the club.


We understand that learning from an expert on a training call, or at an event can be helpful, but to learn from them more than once, AND be able to build a relationship with them over time is not just helpful, it’s powerful.

That is why our experts are not just guests, but part of our in-house advisory board which means they are both part of the community, and host regular sessions and trainings inside the club.


One of the things we heard in our market research was that many online communities focus on basic skills more suitable for start-up entrepreneurs. That is why our club trainings, events and resources are for ALL levels of business. From step-by-step for beginners, to advanced strategies for the seasoned entrepreneur.

You also get an input into upcoming plans, so as you grow and progress you can let us know what you need to support your next level.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Business Growth and Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If after being in the online community you somehow don’t earn back your investment (annual plan), or have an amazing experience, we’ll simply give you your money back in full. We’re THAT confident you will LOVE what we are creating!

Meet the Founder Jade Jemma

Serial Entrepreneur, Pro-connector and Sought After Sales Growth Expert.

Jade has always loved creating communities and was always the leader and organiser at school, creating clubs with her friends with club names, logos and secret names for its’ members!

During her career, Jade has built up an impressive network and people often refer to her ‘famous black book’ of contacts. If you need someone for anything, Jade will know someone!

Sales Strategist Jade Jemma

” I must be a mermaid,…..I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. “ –  Anaïs Nin

From networking in her years working in the media that saw her being a regular at private members clubs and exclusive events around the world, to running a large online social group, Jade has always been at the heart of communities and bringing people together.

This all came together in her corporate career where she was an award-winning sales consultant responsible for winning and managing an impressive portfolio of blue-chip clients, and sourcing top talent for their sales and leadership teams. Connecting people has been something Jade carried on in her own business where as well as helping her own clients to increase sales through the power of relationships, Jade is the ‘go-to’ person for when people need an introduction and has been the connector for hundreds of relationships that have resulted in new clients, team members, speaking opportunities and even invites to Richard Branson’s home, Necker Island.

After decades of bringing together others and running successful communities on and offline, Jade is now taking things to the next level with The Business Synergy Club. 

“ This truly is my life’s purpose; to create the environment to help others thrive in a way that is not only fruitful, but brings joy and connection. I now understand that this is my super-power and why helping others to succeed brings me so much joy. ” – Jade Jemma

Pick Your Plan

Join a worldwide online community of entrepreneurs growing their business the smarter way. 100% money back guarantee. 

* We have a 3 months minimum commitment, plus a £45 joining fee for new members
* We pay the VAT so you don’t have too

“I know I only pop in around once a day but it’s so refreshing in here without all the social media noise.

It’s more personable, nothing distracting and I love the collaboration opportunities!”.

Jonelle McLeod

Human connection is really what life is about. The community connection and support Jade creates with in her inner circle allows everyone to thrive. You will get a see that inside the community. Best of all it’s ours and off social media.

Angela McMillan

Got a Question for Jade Jemma?

If you can't find the answer to your question below, use the live chat at the bottom of the page and send me your question.
Is this a membership, mastermind, or networking club?

We are a mixture of all of these! Even though we have a monthly membership fee, we go ‘deeper’ than a traditional membership, so certainly have a mastermind ‘vibe’ to us; but we are also a thriving place to network! That’s why we have called ourselves a club, as we really do encompass masterminding, training, networking and socialising!

I'm already part of a membership, shall I join this community too?
As our concept is very unique we are pretty certain that the experience inside our club will be unlike where you currently are.
But as we believe in the power of community and that you can never have too big a network, we say why not be a member of both?!
Will I have time to do this?

There is no set time required and you can dip in and out as you please, although we do believe that all entrepreneurs should make time for building relationships and connections. Jade always says relationships are like plants, if you don’t water them they die!

Do I need to be based in the UK?

No, our current members are from all sides of the globe and our calendar reflects global time zones.

I'm too busy for this

Relationships get you there faster in business, so maybe joining us will help! Also see above comment re relationships and plants.

Is the content too basic for me?

No, we cater for all levels from start-ups, to seasoned entrepreneurs and our trainings, events and conversations reflect that.

I've only just started my business, is this for me?

100%! Relationships and the right advice get you there faster in business, so let us short-cut your success for you!

I'm a technophobe, will I be able to use the tool?

The platform is user friendly and easy to pick up. Just in case you are a real technophobe we have lots of videos to show you how to use it, find things and navigate around.

I struggle with live trainings, is everything recorded?

Our expert sessions and community calls are yes, but our regular informal sessions (co-working, networking, coffee-clubs etc) are not. You may also enjoy our exclusive members private audio feed that you can listen to via your favourite podcast app!

Can you explain how the money back guarantee works?

Sure! If you decide to join us for the year on the annual payment plan, if after being an active member for the year you don’t have an awesome experience, or make your investment back, just let us know and we will refund you! We’re that confident you will love what’s inside!

I have a question not listed, can I speak to someone?

Sure! Just send us a message via the chat box on this page. Make sure you add your name and email when requested, and someone will come back to you!

So if you want to…

– Embrace a community of like minded entrepreneurs
– Engage in conversations that uplevel your thinking and business
– Increase your visibility and grow your network
– Listen to expert speakers to help you grow your business

…then the Business Synergy Club is for you!

100% Money Back Guarantee

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