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How Sales Training Courses Will Propel your Business In 2020

How Sales Training Courses Will Propel your Business In 2020

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

September 1, 2019

How Sales Training Courses Will Propel Your Business in 2020

Getting the edge from sales training courses is a smart business move in 2020.

There is currently a huge trend for entrepreneurs investing in manifestation and law of attraction programmes, in fact ‘woo’ is becoming the online business norm.  I am all for mindset work, however there is one key point to note to be mindful of surrounding this trend.

We can get so wrapped up in purpose and alignment, it can lead us to neglect key business activities that are the backbone of a real-world business.

I sometimes witness clients and students getting frustrated over time despite having journaled, getting ‘aligned’ and taking too much time monitoring outside influences such as the planets, or waiting for the “right energetic moment” to act.

I want to reel them in and make them put this work aside and focus during business hours!

Here’s the truth.

Real business is hard.

It’s fantastic, it’s worth it, but it can be hard.

Spending months and months getting into the right ‘mindset space’ for business is not going to meet your business activities week to week, resulting in little to no sales and not much action in your business development a year from now.

I have worked with hundreds of businesses surrounding sales growth, from FTSE 100’s to Fortune 500’s and I can tell you from experience your focus MUST be on generating sales.

Businesses serve, but they also sell.

No sales equals no business.

Thankfully, investing in your sales training development means even if sales make you squirm, there is so much you can do to become a sales superstar and start converting sales conversations with ease and flow.

If you are at a point where a sales training solution is needed either for yourself or the people you manage, sales courses are a priority to avoid wasting time and energy trying to generate sales without a strategy.

3 TOP TIPS My Sales Training Students Know are Crucial to Meet Their Business Objectives…

1. Get over yourself!

Sales do not have to be scary!

Many business owners get into a cold sweat at the thought of telephone sales for example, but as any sales team will tell you, negotiation skills can be learnt and will make sales calls an art.

No matter your service, or product, you must embrace the role of a sales professional and practice sales conversations.

When you love what you sell there should be no need to freak out about offering your gifts so get over yourself! You can do this!

woman doing sales training courses at computer

Sales Training Course Will Teach You How to Win Over Clients & Close Deals

2. Selling Skills are Your New Priority.

Not everyone is going to enjoy sales.

As a sales coach I know first-hand that the right sales training courses can transform your attitude towards sales, however as the CEO of your business you must take responsibility and address any challenges you currently have that are affecting your ability to make sales.

Most entrepreneurs are responsible for generating sales in their business, and unless you have sales managers managing a sales team for you, sales and marketing should be at the forefront of your daily business objectives.

Online Sales Calls Training Course

Learn how to convert more sales and discovery calls

3. Daily Sales Generating Activities Are Non-Negotiable.

Having clear goals for each day and weekly objectives to stay on track will keep moving your business and sales growth forwards.

There is always a training solution to master the art of sales once you accept that making sales in your business can be enjoyable.

By mastering the art of sales, you really can sell with passion, integrity and heart.

I help freedom-focused entrepreneurs increase their profits, creating sales strategies they love so there is no need to hide behind excuses as to why profits may not be as much as you hoped at this point in your business journey.

From sales training in London, to bespoke courses on a one-to-one basis, online group sales training courses and free sales training downloads, I understand everyone has strengths and weaknesses and applying this to the art of sales is key to finding your own way to sell.

This is why when you work with me, we find a way to not only achieve results, but come to enjoy selling. Yes really! You can enjoy selling as much as I do!

Having worked with thousands of sales professionals I have learnt there is no one way blueprint to master your sales strategy in your business, despite what the online space might have you believe.

People read people, so by being yourself and not a sales script robot we remove the ‘icky’ around sales conversations.

Successful sales take an exchange of energy, a mutual conversation, one where your prospect feels listened to and understood as an individual.

In fact, they want to buy from you because you have a strategy that embraces the passion and integrity you have for your business and it shows when it comes to making sales.

If you have had some success, but are feeling your sales growth starting to stagnate, maybe it’s time to put the journal down and prioritise your sales training to master the art of sales!

Jade x

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