How to Be a Good Leader and Lead Effectively | Jade Jemma

How to Be a Good Leader and Lead Effectively?

In this article I want to talk to you about how to be a good leader and develop the skills you need to lead your business.

Do you like me feel that in this crazy online bubble we put certain people on a pedestal because of how many followers they have?

People who are self-proclaimed ‘leaders’ and ‘influencers’?

A few incidents have happened to me recently that got me thinking about what is a true leader and my thoughts are:

– You don’t need a big social media following to be a leader.

– Being a leader is about your intentions, your attitude, your behaviour. 

I hear and see so many entrepreneurs holding back as they don’t feel they are a leader or ‘influencer’ yet and I want to encourage you to realise that you can be a leader anytime you wish.

So, want to know how to be good leader?

 You can’t be a leader just by saying you are one. Leadership needs to be worked at. Transform yourself into the kind of leader your small business needs with these 6 keys to business leadership.


1. A good leader is someone who ACTS like a leader, not just TALKS like a leader.

2. A good leader is someone who shows-up when they are needed, and not just on social media.

3. A good leader is someone who takes responsibility for a situation, even if it’s not their responsibility.

4. A good leader takes the time to listen and shows interest.

5. A good leader asks for feedback about themselves.

6. A good leader thinks strategically.


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How to Be a Good Leader Starts With You

We can all be leaders – and it starts in our homes, in our communities and when we are interacting with people on a daily basis.

I want to encourage you to not hold back in your business as you don’t feel like you are big enough, important enough or ‘online-famous’ enough.

All of that stuff is just vanity metrics and we can all make a difference in this world. We just have to decide to!

My community Freedom Business Network is full of true leaders – people who show up and support others in their life and business. If you find the online visibility thing scary you always have this safe space where you can share your wins and challenges. 

I would like you to join me in making an effort everyday to be a leader, to step-up when someone needs you – online and offline. This world needs more leaders and people who care for others and I know as you are here that you ARE that person too.

As Robin Sharma would say – “Lead without a title”

Learning how to be a good leader isn’t easy because it takes a conscious commitment and consistent effort to develop your business leadership skills.

By working on these 6 keys to business leadership, you can be the leader your small business needs to succeed. 

Love and success,

Jade *