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How to be Good at Selling Podcast with Renée Warren

How to be Good at Selling Podcast with Renée Warren

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the ‘Into the Wild’ podcast with Renée Warren to talk about ‘how to be good at selling’ – and what an exciting hour it was!

Renée Warren is an award-winning entrepreneur, a 7-figure business starter, and the founder of We Wild Women, a business dedicated to helping women launch their dream business.

Her podcast is all about how to start and grow your business while overcoming the voice in your head yelling “it’s not possible!” and chatting all things self care and business strategy.

It’s fulll of expert interviews with amazing established entreprenuers providing their tops tips to help you start your business.

I was really excited to be this weeks guest speaker and chat to her audience about how to be good at selling.

If you want to hear my latest words of wisdom about how to be great at selling then here’s the podcast below.  If you’re short on time I’ve added a quick summary below 😉

A Quick Summary of the Podcast:


How to be Good at Selling by Jade Jemma

  • Getting clarity on your ideal client
  • How things always evolve and change in your business
  • How I would have started email marketing a lot sooner
  • Less focus on Facebook marketing
  • How free mentor calls in sales validated my market for sales training
  • Why SEO is still SO important
  • Getting out of the rat race and diversifying
  • How to be relentless in your goals and don’t stop at anything to achieve them
  • It’s ok to ask for the sale when you have established you can help them
  • How most people don’t spend enough time doing the diagnostics to selling
  • How to handle objections (or avoid objections all together):
  • If you’re time-rich, money poor, I would be talking to everyone
  • You should only be having calls with people who are qualified (make your funnels strong about your value!)
  • It has to be a now thing to make the sale
  • Your marketing should be doing the heavy lifting for your sales – makes selling easier
  • Why you shouldn’t give a discount, it minimizes your value
  • Why it’s very important to have a sales call structure
  • How to use the If you, then I approach.  For examples, If you can pay in full, then I can give you a discount. If you do this, I can do that. I you have a referral and they sign up, I can give you a referral fee.

Thanks for Listening!

I hope you enjoyed listening and I’ll look forward sharing more podcasts with you soon.

Jade *

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