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How to Beat Self Doubt and Overcome Your Fear of Being Visible Online

How to Beat Self Doubt and Overcome Your Fear of Being Visible Online

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

So you’ve started your own business and now you’re wondering how to beat self-doubt and be more visible online.

You’re excited, a little bit nervous, but you KNOW this is what you’re destined to be doing with your life. That one thing that you’re naturally gifted at – you’ve found it. And you can’t wait to start sharing it with others.

But the thought of going live and being totally unedited or sharing pictures of yourself and your ‘flaws’ makes your skin crawl. Self-doubt starts kicking in: ‘What if I mess up and say the wrong thing?’, ‘What if someone judges and trolls me in the comments?’.

So you hide! The easy option is to bury your head in the sand. I’m here to teach you how to beat self-doubt and how you can overcome the fear.

10 Reasons Why You Hide Online in Your Business

First, I would like to start with reasons you might be ‘hiding’ online in your business (and how to snap out of it right now).⠀⠀

Let’s face it: We all feel like hiding at times.

Maybe you hide from your partner, mother-in-law, or even the kids – but if you keep hiding online it will rapidly sabotage and restrict your business success. ⠀

Over the years I’ve heard so many reasons why entrepreneurs don’t show up in their full power online, some which are:⠀⠀

1. I don’t want my friends/family/ex partner etc judging me.⠀

2. It’s like crickets when I post/go live so that is the point?⠀

3. I don’t like my voice/face/house etc so don’t want to show it to the world.⠀

4. There are so many people much more successful than me who are so vocal online so how will I ever been heard or seen?⠀

5. I don’t have the time and get so busy with (insert tasks keeping you busy but not actually bringing in the sales).⠀

6. I don’t know what to say.⠀

7. Social media is exhausting – I don’t want to have to be on my phone 24-7.⠀

8. My friends gets more likes that me and we started at the same time.⠀

9. I feel like no-one is listening anyway so it just feels like a waste of time.⠀

10. I’m building up to it.⠀

I could go on and on, but you get my point. Did you recognise yourself in one (or several) of those reasons?  Then it’s time to have a look at how to beat self-doubt and why you should be more visible online.

How to Beat Self-Doubt

So before I tell you know how to snap out of this cycle of hiding online, I want to ask you something…⠀

Do you notice anything that all of the phrases listed above have in common? ⠀

The Common Denominator?

Something they are all focused on?⠀

I’ll tell you what! ⠀

They are all focused on YOU!

It’s all about how YOU feel, what YOU want/don’t want, blah blah. There is no mention to:⠀

The people out there in the world who need your help. ⠀

Those in pain who you have a cure for.⠀

The GIFT (your talents) you have been GIFTED to SHARE with others (not to hold to yourself and hide away).⠀

So let me get to the point real quick for you. Yes you could do lots of mindset work, even therapy to bust through these fears, and that might work.⠀

Or you could just admit to yourself right now that actually you have been thinking from your ego all this time and being a little bit selfish ….⠀

Because it’s Not About You (or me)….⠀

Heck as I’m writing this post for you I’m seeing washing that needs to be put away and my bed is calling me for a nap, but I am still sat here typing this as I know it is my duty to show up and serve you as I have a powerful message to share that I KNOW will help you. ⠀

Maybe not today, maybe not this specific post, but it will when the time is right. ⠀

And I know that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about me writing this for YOU right now. ⠀

It’s about what YOU think. ⠀

How YOU feel. ⠀

And how YOU act after reading this message.

I don’t give two hoots about what my family, friends, husband, or competitors think about what I do or say to YOU, or for you. ⠀

All I care about when I am showing up in my business is YOU and helping YOU to take the action that I know will enable you to sell more, which in turn will add to the ripple effect of positive transformation around the world that my message is creating: A movement of powerful women selling with integrity and changing the world one sale at a time.⠀

Overcome Self-Doubt by Connecting with Others 

You continue you play at business and let your feelings and ego get in the way keeping you small, or you can accept that you are reading this for a reason and that just maybe you have a powerful message to share, a movement to start and a legacy to build. And therefore it’s duty calls and service first. ⠀

This is something we talk about lots in our Online Business Community, with various sessions from our resident experts in this area. If you’re not already part of an online community then I’d really recommend taking a look.  It’s for entrepreneurs looking to access powerful support, create real relationships & develop new skills – I think you’ll find it a great support network.

So after reading this, please tell me – what do you care about more:⠀

Your feelings?⠀

Or changing the world for the better one person at a time?⠀

Let me know below. ⠀

Jade *

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed learning about how to beat self doubt then take a look at my sales calls training course.  You’ll discover in more depth more on how to be confident on the phone and convert your leads to sales, deal with objections and how to make follow up sales calls.