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5 Strategies on How to Get Loyal Customers

5 Strategies on How to Get Loyal Customers

October 30, 2022

Are you trying different strategies to build an audience of loyal customers? Or are you focussing your attention on one or two tactics to help you grow your audience and attract loyal customers into your business? Or are you simply wondering how to get loyal customers and where to start?

Most entrepreneurs know the importance of being visible and why loyal customers are important. It’s something we hear on repeat every single day if we want to build a bigger audience and sell to more people.

But are you tapping into the different customer loyalty strategies available to you, to increase your visibility, raise your profile and attract perfect-fit customers and clients into your business?

The Key to Getting Ahead is to Get Started

We all know that Social Media is an incredible tool to connect with and interact with potential loyal customers and clients, but it’s not the only tool in the toolbox. There are other tactics you can take advantage of that will not only complement what you do on social media, but act as a springboard to get you in front of even more people.

To attract more loyal customers into your biz you have to begin by being seen by more people. It’s a numbers game – the more people who see you, the more people will enter your pipeline and the more people you’ll convert.

As a Lifestyle PR Consultant, as soon as I started to help my clients to reframe what PR means and show them that PR isn’t just about getting featured in the press, they realised how many opportunities had been under their noses the whole time, they simply hadn’t connected the dots that PR is all about connecting to their ideal clients, wherever it is they’re hanging out.

Become the Authority and Loyal Customers will Radiate Towards You

Done right, these strategies can establish you as an authority in your industry, drive traffic to your website, increase sales and open you up to much bigger opportunities, such as speaking on stage.

In this article I’m going to reveal five different strategies on how to get loyal customers that you can tap into to build an even bigger audience and get more customers.

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5 Strategies on How to Get Loyal Customers

1. Facebook & Facebook Groups 👩🏻‍💻

It seems really obvious as you’ll already be using Facebook and Facebook Groups as part of your social media strategy – but if you’re simply showing up and sharing info then you’re missing a trick.

On your personal profile you’re able to connect with 5,000 people, which means that you could be sitting on 5,000 potential loyal customers who don’t know what you do or how you can help them.

Facebook is a social media channel, so start talking more about your business on your personal profile and see how many different people start interacting with your content.

Facebook Groups give you the opportunity to hang out with other entrepreneurs and biz owners who are more likely to become loyal customers, but you need to do a bit more work.

Don’t just show up to add value or help to solve other people’s problems, be brave and ask the host of the group if you can run a masterclass or a live Q&A session in the group.

Not only will you get used to asking for what you want, but you’ll automatically be seen as an authority in your industry by everyone in the group. Those who turn up to the masterclass or Q&A then become warm leads that you can add to your pipeline.

2. Memberships and Masterminds 👥

Online membership groups are increasing in popularity, with The Online Membership Industry Report showing that in 2019 business and entrepreneurship memberships were the most popular; 33.16% of which are aimed at a B2B audience, with the remaining 66.84 being aimed at a B2C audience.

As the world pivoted in 2020, the number of people turning to memberships to create a recurring revenue stream and offer a lower-ticket service has certainly increased.

In a similar vein to the advice offered above, membership group owners are often looking to run masterclasses from guest experts. The same goes with group masterminds. Hosts often look to bring specialist guest experts into their mastermind to add value to their clients.

This is your opportunity to connect to those who run memberships or masterminds, build a relationship with them and then offer you services, if what you do complements what either programme offers to deliver.

Both are a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert and invite a new audience into your world and better understand what you do.

3. Podcasts 🎙

It’s assumed that podcasts are a new phenomenon, but they’ve actually existed since the 1980s! Admittedly they were in a different format, but audioblogs really started to gain traction in 2004 when devices such as the iPod were launched.

In recent years they’ve exploded and now it seems that everyone has a podcast or is looking to launch one.

According to as of 2020 there were over 15 million podcast listeners in the UK and over 4 million active podcasts around the world.

The Ofcom UK Podcast Survey 2021 breaks that down even further to show that:
➡️ 50% of people surveyed had listened to at least one podcast in their life
➡️ 55% of men are regular podcast listeners, compared to 45% of females
➡️ 66% of listeners are aged 25-34, 63% are aged 16-24 and 61% are aged 35-44
➡️ In terms of demographic, 64% of podcast listeners are AB, followed by C1 at 54% and C2 at 48%

If your ideal customers and clients fall into these categories then being interviewed on a podcast is going to skyrocket your credibility and position you in front of a ready-made audience of buyers.

From a Public Relations perspective, podcasts provide a great practice ground before pitching yourself to journalists as they allow you to get comfortable being interviewed or sharing your story.

From a visibility perspective, once your podcast episode is available to listen to and download, you can then share it on social media and tag the host so that your post is seen by an even bigger audience of potential buyers.

4. Getting featured in the media 📖

Public Relations is often the most daunting strategy, but getting featured in the media is the fastest, most effective way of getting in front of huge volumes of people who will become loyal customers over time.

But the media landscape has changed over the years. It has had to adapt and change in order to stay relevant and keep up-to-date with an on-demand, online world where we have access to information 24/7.

15 years ago, brands were primarily focussing on securing opportunities in three key areas:

  • Print – Magazines & Newspapers
  • TV
  • Radio

At the time, these three areas were dominating the media landscape in terms of mass-market appeal, so while podcasts and YouTube did exist, they hadn’t yet broken out of the early adopter phase.

Now, with the explosion of social media and digital channels, we have access to so many other media outlets at our fingertips, such as podcasts and YouTube and online B2B and B2C publications.

Each of these channels allow you to connect with your ideal customers and clients, interact and engage with them and start to build your own following. By sharing your story or your expertise you’re demonstrating that you’re someone they can relate to, or know they can learn from.

Tapping into these resources is a sure-fire way to skyrocket your authority and credibility and start to build your own audience and attract loyal customers into your business.

If we break it down into bite size chunks, ‘the media’ now refers to:
➡️ TV – digital and mainstream
➡️ Radio
➡️ Print – magazines & newspapers / B2B and B2C/ local, regional and national
➡️ Online publications, both B2B and B2C
➡️ Podcasts
➡️ YouTube
➡️ ClubHouse

If the thought of pitching to The Daily Mail gives you the willies, start by pitching to your local newspaper instead, they’re always looking to support local businesses and local people, so it’s a great first place to start.

Then, once you’ve built your confidence, start pitching yourself to podcasts and radio stations and then the national press.

5. Speaking Gigs 🎤

Speaking gigs position you as an expert in front of your ideal customers and clients and help you to build a strong reputation and attract your tribe of loyal customers.

Often seen as the holy grail of success, speaking gigs automatically move you up the ranks in terms of expert status. If you’re important enough and good enough to speak on stage then you must be someone to look up to, admire and listen to.

Fandom aside, speaking gigs do give you the opportunity to share your journey or your expertise with a wider audience and connect on a deeper level at a faster pace than you would from seeing an article in a magazine.

When you instantly connect with people they become magnetised to you and will soon become raving fans and loyal customers, because they instinctively know that they need to work with you.

But don’t get overwhelmed with speaking gigs. Don’t think you have to throw yourself into the deep end and apply for a TEDx, perhaps look at opportunities that are already around you.

Do you belong to a networking event where they invite a guest to speak each month?

Is there a business expo taking place in your local town that’s aimed at your ideal customers and clients? If so, speak to the organisers and ask if they’re looking to run seminars throughout the event.

Is there an industry event that you’d love to be a part of – perhaps by hosting a demonstration, or running a masterclass or a seminar?

Speaking engagements don’t always have to be about you and your story, especially if they’re not relevant to your business. Focussing on your expertise is more than enough to get you in front of a much bigger and wider audience, who will then become loyal customers over time.

Feeling inspired?

Now that your eyes have been opened to new and different ways to build an audience of loyal customers you can easily start to add these into your visibility strategy and your daily routine.

Connecting to people who have access to the people you want to get in front of will be a game changer for your business, so don’t shy away from one of the most powerful tools we have available to us – communication.

So, send that message, ask for what you want and let me know how you get on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article about how to get loyal customers.

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About the Author

Laura Perkes is a Lifestyle PR Consultant and founder of boutique agency, PR with Perkes. They create bespoke strategies and campaigns for disruptive entrepreneurs and progressive brands who know that they need to be tapping into the power of the media to grow their business and build an audience of loyal customers.

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