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How To Grow Sales Online

How To Grow Sales Online

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

In this article I’m how to discuss how to grow sales online and what areas you need to focus on to make this happen!

This blog post assumes you have made some sales in your business but want to increase your sales or become more consistent in your sales processes and profits month to month.

Your website and social media channels be they accounts, pages or groups, should all work for you to aid predicted reliable sales of your products or services.

Often, clients have a website that is not emphasising or navigating what you want your customer or clients to do so we will cover some key points in this article for you to apply immediately.

I have covered how to increase sales in your business before, but my community always feedback that this is an area that needs a lot of dedication, so we will expand further and hopefully give you even more actionable steps to aid sales.

We will also discuss the importance of utilising your social media effectively, but most importantly I want you to know…


People are buying into the myth that to grow a successful service based or digital product business you just need a glamorous brand, a flashy website and a sales funnel.

Or anyone can just make some online course about what you know and you can press ‘play’ on your ads/funnel and the sales will come in…

We all have talents and knowledge surrounding something, no doubt, but to paint the picture that you can simply create and people will flock to buy your offering so easily is irresponsible and leads to good people frustrated, depressed and broke unnecessarily

The Main Areas of Focus Can in No Particular Order Are the Following:

Increase Your Prices

This is a simple way to increase your sales, even a 10% markup can have a significant impact on your profit margins.

Go grab a pen and paper and do the math, this could be a simple and effective option for you.

Repeat Custom

Retention of clients is the smart move for longevity and a loyal customer base.

Buyer psychology shows, if someone has bought from you before, had a positive experience and/or result, and your post sale service was pleasant, they will come again.

Ask yourself, what can you do today to reach out to existing and previous clients that doesn’t just focus on reselling, but more importantly fostering a long-term relationship and brand loyalty?

Don’t forget to attract the right clients in the first instance! You can download my handy guide here on how you attract your idea client!

Increase Your Sales Activity

This is the possibly most effective way to increase your sales starting immediately, and regardless of whether you are going to focus on new leads and customers, existing or previous clients, when you increase your selling activity you increase your online sales.

Simple right!

But then what?

Let us say you have now generated interest and the buyer is qualified to make a purchase, then nothing happens.

This can happen a lot, you were so sure you had the sale in the bag. Then crickets.

Follow my tips below ensure your sales activity is smooth sailing.

11 GREAT TIPS You Can Apply to Ensure Your Sales Process is as Smooth as Possible…

1. Be Clear

Not only on what you are offering, but where, why and when!

Let them know where to buy or find you

Clarity on what you offer and clear messaging surrounding where they can buy it, why they may need it and when it is available.

The why is really important here.

Write down why people not just need but want what you have to offer.

2. Keep Them in the Loop

Whether via exclusive groups, memberships or email lists; giving your community and supporters priority to your offers and services honours their commitment to you.

Recognising previous clients and rewarding them with exclusive discounts is a great way to not only retain clients, but grow your reputation as a noteworthy brand.

If your marketing strategy does not include a designated list to reach out directly via the email address of existing and previous clients and customers, please stop reading right now and begin nurturing those that have bought from you already instead of running around trying to chase new leads.

3. Give Pricing Options

Never assume what your clients can afford, BUT always give them pricing options to suit their budget, needs and requirements.

The rule of three is always a good go to.

Never have just one offer and price tier, it pigeonholes your online sales growth.

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4. Use Social Proof 

It’s not what you say your brand is, it’s what others do.

So, let them!

A great testimonial, review or case study with previous desired results says so much more than you ever could.

5. Time Sensitivity (if applicable)

Without creating a sense of fake urgency, as so often used in marketing; transparently inform your potential clients of time sensitive offers.

For example, with reminder emails, a countdown, or just a gentle reminder that your offer will be ending soon.

People don’t want to miss out, and you don’t want them to either!

However please note, if you are selling an evergreen service DO NOT imply the offer is time sensitive, if your buyer sees it a week later at the same price and benefits, it will make your business appear far from credible.

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6. Use a Simple Payment Process

I personally love Thrivecart, but whatever cart or payment process you use, the smoother the payment process the more chance of increased conversion rate as your potential buyer makes their way towards a sale.

If you think of your offer like an online store, the buyer should have their credit card out ready because they WANT to buy way before they make it to the payment details page.

You probably do this often when buying an item of clothing or homeware, you want the product way before you get to the purchase page.

7. Consider Tone

We all have turns of phrase and preferred tones, really consider the ideal client profile you wish to serve and design your content surrounding their preferred means of communication and tone.

8. Enable Live Chat on Your Site

Being available and super helpful in real time screams going the extra mile.

As you will see, this option is enabled on so all queries are responded to as they arise, thus reducing bounce rate on our website.

9. Recommend ‘Best’ Option

As already mentioned, when offering different options surrounding price, listed benefits, or payment plans, go one step further and highlight your recommended best or most popular pick.

This ensures people don’t have to think too hard, particularly for those that are indecisive

10. Keep Your Website Fresh and Up to Date

A dated website screams a stagnant business PLUS keeping it up to date will help with your SEO – Google loves new or updated pages.

This gives the brand association of dated, tired services. Nobody wants that!

Schedule some time to go through your web pages in the eyes of a consumer or get a mock customer to do so and feedback.

It is so easy to miss elements such as broken links, overcomplicated buying processes and confusing copy.

Get some outside eyes looking in, and regularly audit and gather feedback to continuously improve your website and social media accounts.

11. Offer Bonuses and Loyalty Discounts

Existing clients and customers are your lifeline. Do not be so caught up that you neglect those that already love, know and purchase from you!

What else do they want and need?

Have you even asked them, touched base lately or analyse previous buying behaviour?

I hope this blog post helps one person to go out and get real increase in sales, so they stop feeling so shitty about their results compared to all these marketing ‘gurus’ and coaches with glamour brands who don’t show the full picture and make out the sale takes no thought or effort.

There is no magic fairy dust. No magic formula or funnel to increase your online sales.


Then go again and again.

Real selling, the type involving interrupting people’s day, moving your lips and asking genuine questions.

Track and measure your results, pinpoint what works, omit what doesn’t.

This is key to your online sales efforts.

Being a small business selling online can feel daunting at times but making it easy for your potential customers to arrive on your website and navigate to your cart or check out page increases the chances of growing your sales online.

Here’s to growing your online sales success!

Do take some time to reread and implement some of the key points in this article and feel free to share if you think it may help your peers grow their sales online.

What else would you add to increase online sales that have already worked for you? I would love to know!

Jade x 

P.S. Don’t forget you can download FREE training and resources over on my Sales Swag Page to help get you started.