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How to Grow Your Small Business by Fixing This Money Leak

How to Grow Your Small Business by Fixing This Money Leak

Written by Jade Jemma

Do you sell a service where you have to speak to someone before they buy? 

Either in FB, IG or Linkedin DM’s, or on a discovery/sales call? 

Are you wondering how to grow your small business? If so, this article is for you!

I’m defo a data and analytics geek, so here are some numbers and info you might find interesting:

1. If you are just ‘having a chat’ on your discovery/sales calls/consultations and don’t have a working sales process, NO MATTER who you are, I can guarantee you are not converting as much as you could and you certainly won’t grow your small business.

2. Having a sales process doesn’t just mean you sell more, but only your perfect clients will get through your process which means:

  • Less refunds
  • Less having to chase for payment
  • More client successes
  • More referrals
  • More testimonials 

(All which create more sales profit and grow your business)

3. If you are selling on a call of some sorts (maybe Zoom, or even the old fashioned phone!), you really should be converting at least 30-50% and work to improve over time.

4. If you aren’t converting well let’s work out the opportunity cost of that:

Let’s say you sell a package that is £2k and that you value your time at £500 an hour. ​

Let’s say you are doing 5 discovery calls a week, but only 1 convert to a client. 

That’s a 20% conversion:

£2,000 sales IN, but £2,000 LOST (for the 4 hours you spent on calls that were a no).

Let’s say you get a working sales process and increase your conversion rate to 40% (very realistic to do):

£4,000 sales IN, only £1,500 LOST 

Do you see what I am showing here?

If you are in business you need to value your TIME, and every hour spent doing things that are not producing you results is COSTING YOU MONEY and stopping you from growing your small business.

Fix This Money Leak and Discover How to Grow Your Small Business

1. Get professional training/mentoring that will enable you to become proficient at your CEO duties (maybe sales calls is one of them right now).

2. Hire experts to do the things you are not good at (or where your time is better spent elsewhere).

Example: If you value your time at £500 a hour, is your time best spent having these calls with potential clients and making £4,000 for every 5 hours of your time, OR making graphics on Canva/tweaking your website logo etc?

Online Sales Calls Training Course

Learn how to convert more sales and discovery calls

3. Join a Community of Like Minded Individuals

In order to keep growing your business, you have to keep your sales and marketing skills sharp, otherwise, your competitors might overcome you. How do you develop your skills? By learning from other people just like you!  

There are a lot of online business clubs out there, so you’ll have to find the ones that suit your personality and meet your needs. Try a few to see if they are right for you. If those don’t work out, try a few more until you’re comfortable. Keep in mind that high member counts indicate popularity, but not necessarily quality. The only way to find out if a community is right for you is to spend some time within it.

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to access powerful support, create real relationships & develop new skills then have a look the Freedom Business Hub – it’s an online community like you’ve never experienced before!

As someone who has done over 20,000 sales calls and been trained by the best sales trainers in the world, and worked with and in multi-billion turnover companies and sales teams over the years, it’s safe to say this is an area I am exceptional in. So much in fact that my own sales call process developed over the years has created instant results for those who use it.

  • ​Client 1 made $20,000 sales the same day she first used it
  • Client 2 added over £50,000 extra to her launch from adding in my sales calls strategy and had her first ‘6-fig launch’ 
  • Plus many others you will see on my FB biz page where they had had rapid sales growth after using my methods.

If you want to get access to my tried, tested and proven system you can:

​1. Enquire regarding working with me 1:2:1 (this is a high-ticket investment)

2. Get my instant access sales training course which walks you through not only the full process but:

  • How to handle objections (without being sleazy, or pushy)
  • How to follow up effectively
  • How to utilise sales calls during launches to increase profits

​* The cost of this course is most likely much LESS than what you will make on one sales call….. see where I am getting?!

If you are selling over phone/Zoom, or have a launch coming up and you don’t yet have this in your back pocket, I can say with confidence that if you are not yet converting at 50%+, I can 100% guarantee that it will COST you money to not buy this.

No joke, I am being totally serious.

YOU WILL CONVERT MORE SALES, SAVE TIME & HAVE BETTER CLIENT EXPERIENCES by following a consultative sales process like this.

(One that is ick, sleaze and pressure free!)

My courses come with videos, worksheets and a private podcast feed all inside my private members community – click here to access the course.

If you decide to join I will see you inside as I am always popping in and out to answer your questions.

Good luck learning how to grow your small business and don’t forget you can find like-minded business entrepreneurs just like you over in my Freedom Business Hub.

Love and success,

Jade *