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How to Increase Sales in Your Business

How to Increase Sales in Your Business

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

As a Sales Coach that supports entrepreneurs with their sales and marketing efforts, I see the daily frustrations that can arise when the sales just don’t roll in.

Even though even the small business owner now has access to high quality sales and marketing advice, tools and the latest so called ‘systems’ on automation, we can fail to prioritise key business activities that get sales results.

People are buying into the myth that to grow a successful business you just need a glamorous brand, flashy website and a sales funnel.

Online courses have become incredibly popular thanks to affordable DIY course platforms, the encouragement that ‘everyone is an expert at something’ therefore the public will want what you have and you can just press ‘play’ on your ads and funnel and the sales will come in…

Well sadly, as I am sure you are intelligent enough to know, THIS IS A BIG FAT LIE!

Oh yes, I did say it.

And here’s why…

There is so much more to sales and marketing than throwing a cash pot into Facebook ads and working out how to create a few landing pages.

Now I’m not saying this method does not work, of course this is a partial element to some marketing campaigns but not in isolation.

Here’s How to Increase Sales in Your Business

The key activity is you MUST be making CONSISTENT sales focused activities.

Sales focused activities that are proactive, not reactive.

Consistently contacting your ideal customers, your existing customers and your previous customers.

You need to get comfortable with selling and interrupting people throughout their day by phone, messenger, LinkedIn, in person, email and events.

Absolutely everywhere.

Making sales is a marathon, so accept that.

To get your customers to buy, not only do you need impeccable customer service BUT you need to go get ‘em!

So, let us consider getting you sales ready. Here are the key traits all great salespeople work on to ensure their product or service brings in the sales… And without further ado – let’s dive in and see how to increase sales in your business!

1. Mindset

Possibly THE most important element before you commence your sales efforts is mindset.

‘Money blocks’ are blamed of late for one’s inability to sell. I need to tell it to you straight…

 Yes, you may have some blocks to receiving money.

 And you may need to work on your mindset.

 You even may need to refine your offer.

But once you know HOW to sell and have a practice, and ideally have someone who can develop you to refine your skills, your confidence will grow and the things holding you back will decrease. 

Until then you will never truly know if it is true ‘blocks’ or just a case of fear through not knowing what to do and how.

That’s how we learnt as children and it’s still the same as adults.

If a child was scared to ride a bike would you say, “oh you have blocks and need to work on that?”


You’d show them how…

And you’d let them try…

Then pick them up and encourage them when they fall.

Apply this to your sales mindset and already you will be ahead of the game.


2. Customer Contact Strategy

There is no hiding on this one. You or your team are going to have to have a solid, consistent and trackable customer contact strategy.

I personally spent six years in a cutthroat corporate sales job and was consistently a top performer, every single month year in year out despite the biggest recession my generation had ever seen.

My track record had me chosen as one of 20 employees (out of over 1000) by my fortune 500 employer as a rising star and aspiring future leader and board member.

I‘ve worked with some of the best sales teams in the world, with global leading brands, some number one in the world and I’ve helped them to hire the best talent and increase their sales. 

I’ve interviewed over 10,000 sales professionals and hired over 1000 for my clients so I hope this article gives you an insight into the strategy behind sales processes and how businesses get to be world class and gain global market share.


3. Digital Marketing Strategies

From your social media presence to your email marketing campaign, outreach is vital in your sales efforts. It is one of the ways to increase sales in your business.

From being active online so your people buy into who you are and what you stand for, to building and nurturing relationships through engagement your marketing strategy must be more about listening than making lots of noise.

Another tip you can implement is “show, don’t tell”. This can also be applied to customer testimonials and case studies. Show your ideal target market not just what you can do, but what you have done for others.

Digital marketing strategies vary and baring in mind how and where your ideal client utilises technology can help you pinpoint where to focus yours.

Potential customers may be seeking you, so consider your content to attract and support potential customers, if a content model is beyond your day to day productivity you may want to consider a content marketer to assist your efforts.

Those who engage time and time again with your content, over time, are more likely to buy. Think long term strategy when it comes to your business marketing.

Ultimately when people come to me for help with finding clients and increasing sales in their business one thing I encourage them to do is connect with people and grow their network.

In Summary…

The fact is there is no ‘magic answer’ or set system is a positive, not a negative.

You need to find a method that suits your personality, your biz and your lifestyle.

To conclude, the key fundamentals are being consistent with sales focused activities and connecting with new people.

This doesn’t mean seeing people as targets and figures, but building a tribe, making friends, asking for referrals and being the ‘go to’ person in what you do.

Sometimes people give up on this method as they don’t see instant results but let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy connecting with other people then you need someone in your biz who does, because like it or not, you HAVE to get good at sales, which means getting good at talking to people!

I have interviewed over ten thousand sales professionals for my clients, and I’ve made as many sales calls to leaders in some of the top sales teams in the world and all of the most successful had some signature traits I would like to share with you…

We call it the 3 C’s:

CLARITY – on what they wanted to achieve

CURIOSITY – about other people, new ways of opening doors, playing detective as they went and having a genuine interest in people

CONSISTENCY – they kept going long enough to see results, they didn’t just give up after a few weeks of ‘no’s

If you want to find out more about my selling strategies, how to increase sales in your business or would like to join one of my bootcamps then get in touch – i’d love to help.

Jade *

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