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How to Work Less Hours and Increase Sales at the Same Time

How to Work Less Hours and Increase Sales at the Same Time

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Do you want to work less and earn more at the same time?

Just to clear any doubts you might have reading this: Yes, it is very much possible to lower your workload AND increase sales. Want to know how? Then keep on reading. 

Extra Time: The Importance of Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur is different. We have different mindsets, interests and of course our very own businesses. But I think there are a couple of things we all have in common to a certain extent – we’re looking for ways on how to get more clients, increase sales and have EXTRA time in our week. 

When we make sales, we can buy things. But getting extra time doesn’t seem so easy. And if we’re not making more sales, getting extra time seems like a thing that just becomes impossible to achieve. 

So what to do about it? Just go on with it until you reach a level of feeling exhausted 24/7? Of course I don’t have to tell you that in the long run, this is not going to get you anywhere. I strongly believe that it is crucial to have a balanced everyday life and self-care for entrepreneurs is just as essential as it is for everyone else. Having more time off work ultimately means achieving more – we cannot refill our ‘creativity jug’ without it. 

That’s why today I want to talk about a thing that we simply don’t talk about enough. A thing I think every business owner can benefit from in one way or the other – and ultimately get more freedom by doing it! 

By doing this thing, you could save up to 5 hours a week in your business while allowing your sales to get doubled.

If you keep telling yourself ‘I want to work less hours but don’t know how to earn more money’ I’m sure my tips on how to increase sales will help you out a lot.

So before you start to try out new things to make more sales, have a look at my advice. 

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Work Less and Earn More 

So how can you have a smaller workload and increase sales at the same time? The magic word is OPTIMISING. And to be honest, it shouldn’t even be called a magic word – It’s just something we hardly talk about – and yet optisiming is a very effective method in order to work less and earn more

But before we dive in, let me ask you this: 

Are you being visible online, doing live videos, sending emails, having sales calls, building sales pages, writing copy, sending MORE emails – until you sometimes reach a capacity level of ‘I can’t do it anymore’? 

So you feel like you simply have no more bandwidth?

Listen, it happens to MANY of us. 

And then, because you don’t really know what else you could do besides all of the things you’re already doing, you decide to build sales by either increasing your prices or doing a launch. 

I’m not saying increasing prices or doing a launch are bad things – but I strongly suggest that before starting to try new things and looking at new opportunities, you check what you already have. 

And ask yourself:

‘What can I improve? What are the leaky holes in my bucket?’

Yes, you can increase prices and have a great big launch. But if you’re not optimising along the way, you’re never going to work less hours and increase sales in the build-up to those things. 

Simply put: Your hard work could just get to waste. And let me assure you: you don’t want to risk that. 

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Increase Sales by Fixing Leaky Holes in Your Bucket

A thing I see very often with my clients or even in my own business: the things we’re already doing are not optimised! 

I want to show you how effective optimising can be when it comes to increasing sales. And I promise we will only get geeky and mathematical for a minute here. 

Why is time management important in business

Let’s say you sell a product for £1000. You spend 10 hours a week in order to get a paying customer for that product – sales calls, messages, emails or whatever it is that you do to sell. 

After those 10 hours, one person says yes and pays those £1000. This comes down to a 10 percent conversion – which is okay, but could definitely be optimised. 

So let’s say we optimise that to a doubling improvement rate. This would mean one of two things: double amount of sales in the same time, or the same sales in half the time. 

Either way, you would be massively increasing sales!

Optimising Your Sales Process & Marketing Plan

So how to plug up those leaky holes in your bucket? How to optimise your process and with that your business strategy to increase sales

The way optimising works is basically looking at all of the parts of your sales and marketing process and discovering ways you can improve. Even if you only do a few tweaks, I’m sure you can optimise your sales process and marketing plan. 

Think about this: even 1 percent of improvement on all of the parts is going to bring you MORE SALES and SAVE YOUR TIME. 

What you have to do is get really honest with yourself and ask if your current sales and marketing process is the most effective one, and check in with yourself about what you are currently doing.

Let me help you get started on this optimising project of yours by asking a few important questions:

  • Do you have a sales and marketing process & structure? Because if you don’t, that’s where you need to start.
  • How can you improve your process & structure? What areas do you think need fixing?
  • Where are you losing people? Are lots of people interacting with you online but not buying?
  • Do you have lots of sales calls but people keep disappearing? 
  • Are loads of people going to your sales pages or website but sales are not coming through? 

Sometimes it also helps to face those questions step-by-step in order to find out what your optimising potential looks like. 

Have a look at your email marketing, your website and your social media management, test your tech, and please, look at the numbers!

Look at them and see  which of my emails are highly converting?’ and 

What did I do differently with highly converted emails opposed to the less successful ones?’. 

What is your conversion rate for sales or discovery calls? Find out what works and what doesn’t.

Look at Optimising Potential Before Starting to Do New Things

If your goal is to increase sales while working less hours, I strongly suggest you start optimising your sales and marketing process

Start tracking. Go and fix things. Plug up those leaky holes. 

Even if you think there’s always going to be a bit of a leak in your bucket (which most likely will be the case), deal with the leakiness first before you start to look for new ways to build sales and try new things. 

Are you unsure about what things you should be tracking? And you don’t even know what conversion rates mean? Send me a message – this is what I do, I fix leaky buckets! 

And again, I’m not saying trying out new things is not good. But I suggest you first look at WHAT IS WORKING AND WHAT IS NOT WORKING. 

I hope this blog will help you with getting started on optimising your sales and marketing process

If you need help, feel free to reach out.

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