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Top Tips for Launching an Online Course, Group Program, Live Event or 1:2:1’s

Top Tips for Launching an Online Course, Group Program, Live Event or 1:2:1’s

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Launching an Online Course or Service

If you are planning on launching an online course, membership, group program, 1:2:1 coaching, or live event, then reading this may be a game-changer for you!

As creatives we love to learn new strategies, hacks and tools to improve our sales and launch results, but sometimes it really is the simple things that make a difference in adding to our ‘bottom line’. And sometimes when we forget the basics and get too caught up in the ‘stuff’, well, the shit hits the fan!⠀⁣

When it Goes Wrong

I’ve worked with women who you would know by name and see as in ‘influencer’ in their industry in tears and/or having a full-on meltdown during when launching an online course or service!⠀⁣

The reason for all of them has been the same……..⠀⁣

something has gone wrong (ads/tech usually) and after ‘opening cart’ the sales have not come flying in, or were as many as anticipated…………this is followed by a big panic and feelings like…⠀⁣

“What if enough people don’t sign up?!”⁣⠀⁣

“My launch is going to flop!”⁣

“I’ve invested so much time/money/energy into this, it can’t fail, OMG what have I done?!!”.⠀

Yes I have a whole list of ‘launch turnaround’ strategies and tactics that I provide my clients with, but before I share any of those there is only ONE thing that I talk to them about…… ⁣


I tell them that they have to go away and do what they need to get back to a good place (meditate, nature walk, time with loved ones) and come back, put on their best smile, favourite outfit and get back on the stage!⠀⁣

Once back I tell them that they have to be RELENTLESS in showing up every day during cart open, no matter what their fears or worries are.⠀⁣

Just like when I used to be a dancer and backstage everything was going wrong….⠀⁣

– Lost or broken costumes⠀⁣

– Someone missing⠀⁣

– Or tears for getting a ‘wrong step’ in the last performance⠀⁣

None of it was shown to the audience.⠀⁣

We had to change our outfit, reapply that lippy and get our big smile (and jazz hands!) ready for the second we left the wings to enter the stage.⠀⁣⠀⁣

Because it wasn’t about us.⠀⁣⠀⁣

It was about the audience who had paid to see the show, it was their experience that counted.⠀⁣

The same goes for your launches!⠀⁣

You need to focus on showing up as the best version of yourself first of all.⠀⁣⠀⁣

Your energy and passion for your launch needs to come across for your audience for them to get excited about the prospect of working with you.⠀⁣⠀⁣

No time for worrying about the numbers!⠀⁣

No time for feeling embarrassed about lack of engagement!⠀⁣

No time for comparing your results to someone else’s!⠀⁣

Only when you step-up and put on the ‘star performance’ for your audience will you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.⠀⁣

Then (and only then) will the launch sales strategies and tactics work.⠀⁣

How and how often you show up is the crucial part of launch success.⠀⁣

Women I’ve worked with who had MEGA meltdowns at the start of their launch, picked themselves up (after a pep talk from me!) and put on a ‘star performance for their audience went on to have their biggest and best launch results ever! ⠀⁣

If they had stayed in the negative state they were in, they may not have made a fraction of the sales that they did!⠀⁣

The same goes for selling outside of a ‘launch’….⁣

… once you step onto your ‘stage’, wherever that may be (FB, Youtube, networking events), your results will be directly correlated to your ability to be PASSIONATE, ENTHUSIASTIC and RELENTLESS about what you are selling! ⠀⁣

So if you are launching an online course or similar service this week and beyond. ⠀⁣

Think about your energy.⠀⁣

If you cannot display real passion and enthusiasm for what you are offering, can you blame people for not buying/signing up? 

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Let me know how you get on!⁣

Jade *

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