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Mermaids, Marketing and Media with Matthew Kimberley

Mermaids, Marketing and Media with Matthew Kimberley

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

In this Podcast I chat with Matthew Kimberley about what it’s like to be the next best thing to a professional mermaid, and the journey that brought me here.

We go deep on mermaids, show-business (including an NSFW story about why I’m not in THAT business anymore) and whether Richard Branson is any good at the dinner table.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am your host, Matthew Kimberly. And welcome to a very special episode of how to get a Grip. The show that asks my friends what keeps you sane and what grinds your gears. Why is this show very special? You’ll find out more when you listen to the beginning of my interview with my great friend and your new friend, Jade Jemma from Freedom. Zest. You must go and check her out. Freedom zest dot com But not, of course, until you’ve listened to our chat. Jade Jemma. Welcome to how to get a grip. Hello, Matthew. Thanks for having me. I’m so excited to get a grip with you today. The pleasure is all mine. Do you want to hear something which is breaking news? I would love to hear some breaking news. You are the last ever guest on how to get a grip. Wow. Okay, it’s being retired. This is going to go down in history. Then this episode this is the final episode. Episode number 17. 60 70 60 something, uh, almost two years in. And I really wanted to go out with a bang. So if you’re a loyal listener, I love you very much. You can keep updated to see what’s coming next. But something is coming immediately. Next. But it’s not going to be hard to get a grip anymore because, frankly, we’ve all got a grip. But for those of you haven’t I’ve invited my friend Jade Jemma, sales strategist extraordinaire from the UK, the motherland to share her stories of vices and and and virtues. Jade, where are you right now? I am at home in London at my desk, with my coffee by my side, looking out the window, listening to you. We first met. I think I think orbits had circled. But we actually met properly the first time in London. One day you came to bounce Ping Pong club and benefit together. That was fun. We spent a day together. If you were a guest of a mastermind that I was hosting and you said something to me which I never stopped thinking about and it might not be what you think. But you lived on an island in the middle of the Thames. Yes, I did. At that time. You don’t live there anymore? No. I was on a floating house. Beautiful floating house on the sunny River Thames and we actually would swim in the water around the island, which is the bit that I’ve never stopped thinking about it when I was 16. I want contemplated swimming underneath Hammersmith Bridge, and it’s only only due to, you know, a flash of sobriety that I’m here today to tell that story because I’m certain if I had attempted it, how to get a grip and everything else that happened after 1996 wouldn’t have happened. But how do you get to swim in the Thames? For those of you want context? The temple is not, you know, a beautiful countryside river. The Times is a great big, stinking capital city barge way. How do you swim in that? Not in all places. That actually where we were, there was a barge or a block a few miles down and passed that point. Yes, it did get a bit murky, but we the bit where we were, was actually really clean. But the reason why it was not just clean but crystal claim, and I’m gonna tell you a story here now, and it’s if you’ve got any listeners who are into spiritual stuff. They’re going to love this story. So my neighbour was actually a white witch and her and her friend, they actually I mean, they’re in their sixties. They, you know, the courts crystals which you know that people think are very here. And you get them in the gift shop. Sometimes they bought a really large quartz crystal. I’m talking like, you know, like almost like a metre wide and as big, which they paid hundreds of pounds for. And they took it in there because she she had a canoe. They took it in their canoe and they rode down to just outside the island, and they dropped it in the water because apparently this was a purifying crystal. And also what she used to do every week. She had all these aromatherapy potions and she would put rainbow drops in the water. And my kid, you not Matthew. I’ve got photo. When we would swim in the water, it was like being in the spark. If I took a photo, you could see the little feet paddling in the River Thames in the River Thames. How much do you think was due to the crystals and how much of it was due to a natural natural ebbs and flows of physics. I would say it was definitely influenced by the crystal and the rainbow drops, but we did happen to be in a cleaner part of the river. But it was. Everyone who came there was amused in how pure this water was, so it sounded like a kind of idyllic life. You’re in the heart of the greatest city on the planet, except you’ve got this little getaway, which is it’s like a private community with a moat. What were they like? Five or six houses? Maybe it was a private island, so it’s privately owned about 40 different houses. But we’re talking, you know, that the house is a very big, very gorgeous floating houses, and everyone had their own boat or canoe. But there’s some really great history from the island. So Peter Pan used to live there. Not Peter Pan. But the writer of the writer of Peter Pan wrote all of Peter Pan stories on the island Pink Floyd. Their recording studio was just across the road from where so when I was sitting out on my deck and I could see the Pink Floyd recording studio. So there was a lot of artistic and creative people with, you know, some really great stories in history who had been there over the years. So it did have a very magical vibe. I mean, there was all little fairies in the garden, and even some of the ladies used to say that they actually saw the fairies. So yeah, it was one of those going the step back in time. But you’re literally a stone’s throw from central London like a posh, posh hippy enclave in the middle of the great. Why do you leave? Why would you ever leave? I know it was It was lovely. And I must say, water being surrounded by water is really for me. But I can’t explain it. Like I was thinking I would want to stay here forever when I was initially there. But I did get Yeah, after After about a year, I was feared in like OK, like I want to be back on the mainland. They actually used to say it was the fifth dimension. When you step over onto the island, they said, we go from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. And I think I was meant to be there for a certain period in my life, and you kind of did it. It did its work for the time when I needed it. And then I was ready to spread my wings and go back to the third dimension. Amazing. Is this Okay? Well, that’s that’s enough. Is that what inspired the mermaid? Because that was another thing you said when you introduced yourself to me and to the table in London, you said I’m a mermaid. I’ve always been obsessed with mermaids for a number of reasons. First of all, I was one of those babies that was just like a real water baby. So I loved swimming, and I’ve always felt more comfortable underwater than I do on land. And then when I was young, maybe four or five, I saw Splash the movie. I was just obsessed. So it’s always been this thing. Any time I’m on holiday, I’m in the sea. Or even if I’m a swimming pool, I’ve always diving underneath, and I feel like I’m at home. So I’ve always had this affinity with mermaids and the older I’ve got the more. That’s the common part of me. And I think now you know I’m on Instagram and I mean, if you look to my instagram feed, it’s just for mermaids. I follow all of these professional mermaids who I’m just obsessed with. Okay, Okay, hang on back up a bit. What’s a What’s a professional mermaid free divers know. So they’re they’re women who dress as you know as mermaids. And they will walk, you know, work at water parks. And it’s often stuff for the kids, you know, like entertainment. But yeah, it’s like a real thing, and it’s totally like what I would love to do. But I’ll tell you something really interesting. So last year when I went to Mecca, I kid you not when I got to my room, there was a shower cap in there and it was a mermaid shower cap. And I was like So there was like, this little everyone had this little thing, a little pack, and I was saying to people, Did you have a mermaid shower cap? And there was like, No. So I was like, OK, like this has been left for me. Like this is a sign and then two of my friends that I was with they actually came running over to me after one of the days and they was, like, so excited. They was like, Oh, my God, we found something like, You’re going to go crazy. And I was like, What is it that we found a mermaid town? They actually found this mermaid tower like what the professional mermaids would wear. And they said, we’ve hidden it for you so no one else can find it hidden in these little huts. So I actually went and got the tower and put it on. It fit me perfectly. And we did this little mini mermaid photoshoot And that photo you can actually see it on my instagram is my most like looked at and like, photo or my food, like literally in the last year. So yeah, everyone seems to love me as a mermaid. So people say you should do what you like. Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. How can you How can you become a professional mermaid? Is that Is that a fallback plan? Is that a retirement plan? Is there? Is it Or is it just just an observer? Well, I think for me how I think I could really be a mermaid. I definitely would love to have a house on the beach somewhere. I’ve got this. You know, you’ve got this image in your head of how it looks. But the ideal have to me is that one from remember the Julia Roberts film Sleeping with the enemy. So if I can have a house like that, I would be in the sea all the time. I would have a mermaid photo shoot. I would have a selection of towels and yeah, I would make it a big part of my life. I’ve Honestly, maybe I’m going to have to spend you afterwards. All of my saved folders in my instagram. I’ve got one called My favourite mermaid one called mermaid towels. I want to buy. Yeah, I’m pretty obsessed. This is the best episode we’ve ever done already. This really is. But you You you don’t live by the sea. No, you live in. Where are you now? In Central London. No. So I’m still not I’m not far from the river, so I’m southwest London. Um but when I go to the I do love them by the beach. I mean, I love it in Devon and Cornwall. Um, but for me, I love places like Spain and some of these gorgeous Ireland, you know, the more sort of tropical vibes where it does feel like a step back in time. So where would you be then, if you if you weren’t in Okay, so let me ask this question. You live, you live the lifestyle that you know many people will never have. You and I both lucky to make a living from talking to people and advising people. And, you know, we’ve both been doing it long enough to be relatively certain that bar any disasters will still be doing it in five years time. One of the beauties of that for many people, particularly people without kids, is freedom of movement. You could be doing what you’re doing from Bali. You could be doing what you’re doing from Greece. You could be doing what you’re doing from South America. Has there been something that’s kept you kept you in in the inside the M 25? Um, that’s a really good question, because I did used to live in Spain when I was in my younger years, and I’ve definitely got a call in to go back to Spain. Um, I don’t know. That is such a good question because I can really see me living somewhere like that ideal island for me. And when I watched this programme, I think Oh my God, like that is where I want to live. Do you know the BBC? There is death in paradise? Yes, ST Lucia or something like that. I love that series. I just love the humour and all of the stories, and I’m obsessed with that. I watch it on Repeat when I’m having my Netflix sessions. If that island and I’ve even like as soon as I saw it, I started researching where it is filmed. And if that was a Spanish speaking island like that would be my ultimate place to live. I think the problem with that places the very high mortality rate. There appears to be a death every week during the size of the population. It’s a pretty risky place to go. I love I love that show. I love that death in paradise on the BBC. If you want some mindless? Who done it last an hour. Totally light. It’s sunshine. It’s smiles and lift your day. It’s so funny. It’s so great. And I love it how the detectives always chop and change, but they’re also good. I was really impressed because one of the temptations when you replace a lead character. So there was one character one actor did, perhaps the first season or two, or maybe even three seasons. And then he retired and moved on or stopped doing it. And so he was replaced by another character. And the danger is that you try and fill the boots or kind of create the same character what they’ve done. They’ve given each protagonist a very individual person, a very, very unique set of characteristics and personality. And it keeps it fresh. However, many citizens in what is it like 78 seasons in very enduring. And I just loved Wayne, His hysterical, he really is. He was. He was in a You see any standards before? I think, yeah, certainly been in maybe one of the Guy Ritchie films or something like that. But they also have a lot of high profile people doing dropping roles like starring super high profile actor or super high profile actress. And and you know, I was listening to one or two of them being interviewed by this. They were like, Well, what? You know it’s not exactly a high budget production. It’s not like, um, what was like, It’s not game of Thrones. What’s the cachet there like? No sod the cachet. We don’t think the cachet, its two weeks in paradise. We’ll do it for free. And I’ve heard that the cast are lovely. It’s a really nice cast, and that’s always a big thing. Um, you know, like when you go somewhere and it’s got a reputation for being good fun and great production team, then, yeah, why not? Two weeks paid holiday, hanging out with some cool people. Did you used to work in TV or did I imagine it? I did. Yeah, I had. I’ve Donna Stine in a few things. I mean, it was I used to dabble in a lot of things that were you in front of the camera behind the camera in front. But I did do some behind the camera as well. Um, I did a course in it, But I did, you know, like some acting presenting, Um, I used to dance as well. So there’s some pop videos where I actually felt one of them on YouTube the other week. And I was looking I was like, Look at me looking all like, Come on, you got to give us something. You’ve got to give us some names now. You did a little bit. We’ve got the same cultural background about the same age, grew up in the same was actually a Robert Smith video. So it was really cool. And they had this, like, gothic themes. So it was one of the ones where they had a wardrobe team there and you have to go to wardrobe. And they literally were, like, right. We wanted to wear this, that everyone was, you know, like these multicoloured dreadlocks and like shiny suits and leather jackets. Um, and it was fun, and we was just dancing all day to like a really good song. But I’ve done other things normally when it’s a film, you know when you have a film or you watch EastEnders and everyone’s dancing and they just look really bad, you know, and it’s like that with them. The reason why is because sometimes they don’t give you music to dance to. I have no doubt, because audio, right, the sound guy needs to needs to pick up on the dialogue. Awkward. I was in this series once. It wasn’t like a big role. I was just doing like, some background stuff. And then I think I had like, a really small part where that she just had to walk past the main actors and you see my legs. But we was dancing all day, was in this. It was actually a real club. It was in La Scala, in King’s Cross, where I you know, I used to go raving to back in the day. So he was there in the afternoon, you know, sober no real alcohol. It was a bit different to what I used to go there. And then they would say, you know, like action, No music. And they, you know, like these two minutes of everyone doing this awkward mom and dad dancing. So I realised after that, that’s why they all look like clunkers when they’re dancing on TV. Fantastic. You do. Do you have an equity card or you repped drama school. Give us give us that. This is fascinating. We’ve never had this church. Yeah, I do have an equity card. Not really. I mean, it’s just the thing that you did, but I don’t really recall it. And you think amazing happening by having the equity card. It was just almost like a rubber stamp. But so I trained as a dancer, so that was my thing. So I did, um, tap ballet and modern from when I was, like, really small. So I was really, really into my dancing. And I always wanted to be a prima ballerina. That was my focus. But then when I got two teenagers, I got more into different dancing, which was, you know, when it was in the nineties, like Ravens scene. So I went from being, you know, someone wanted to do ballet who just wanted to dance all night in a warehouse. But I did carry on as a hobby, but not as a profession. And then when I got into my teenagers, I think it was about 16. I actually got scouted by a model agency. Um, just some random guy come up to me once, and I ended up doing a job I can’t remember. The first job was now, so I started doing different types of modelling gigs. But then what would happen? Because they didn’t come up that often. It was always You have to go for all these castings and auditions. But it was a little bit like cold calling. Really, You’d have to do 10 until you actually made a sow. So then my agent said to me one time he said, Look, it’s gonna be really good for you to be able to do other stuff because I can get you more things He said, You know, most of the other models, they’ll they’ll act or, you know, they do other things. And I was really interested in media, so had already been at college, doing like TV presenting and production and stuff. So then I I actually went to get acting training, so and actually I really enjoyed it. It was such fun. I didn’t realise how fun it was. I used to love the classes where you would do improv, and it was like they just give you a you know scenario and be like OK, let’s set up a temporary party and we were really angry or something. And now we’re really sad. And it was kind of like drama classes when he was at primary school. It was really fun. So yeah, so I do a number of things, and it was never anything that I was like. I really want to do this one thing. It was Did you go to Did you go to, like, full time college classes? From what I remember, I did like, I think I did like, a three month intensive course. But then what? I did, I got into this professional acting club. It was in common garden, So it used to be acting lessons for professional actors only. So I used to do that. I think you used to go, like, on a Saturday afternoon or something. Um, sorry, my I thought my laptop just died, but the screen just flashed off, so Yeah, so it was fun. But I’ll tell you the story of why, Why? I hung my boots up and you’re like these. So? So some of the gigs were really well paid. Like if you got a commercial, it was you know 10 grand. Plus, so that was always the thing that everyone wanted to get. You know, you wanted to get the, you know, like theatre stuff was great, but everyone knew it was always like equity minimum. Um, you know, TV stuff didn’t really pay that well. But then if you got a commercial, that was it. You was done for, you know, for the year. And I got sent for this audition for an Ann Summers advert Christmas edition of one of their products, which has the animal rabbit in it. Right. So for the North American and international listeners and Summers is the UK’s leading six. Yeah, but this was like a very high profile job. So he was like, This is if you get this like, you know, this is really good. So I was like, Okay, so I had no idea. I just thought I’d be talking or just I had no idea what it is. And basically, when we got there, they give you all sit outside a reception and they give you the brief, and then you get the script. And basically all they wanted to do was just film your face and the effort went like on the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, and then they would go to the face of the women. Very, you know, obviously using her toy. Um, and I read this and I’m like, you have a laugh and we all lift each other half. Half the girls was like, I can’t lose into breast They left, and then we could hear the actresses that have gone before us and we could hear them in their audition. So it was like, very vocal. So I’ve come outside and I called my agent and I was like, Seriously, I’m not trained in this. I can’t do this. And he was like, Honestly, he said, I can’t remember the names of things, but he was like, you know, it’s this director and, you know, he gets all the good stuff. He was like, You can do it. He was like, Just think when Harry meets Sally, he said, Just just you know, And I was like, Oh, my God And I was like, I’m here now. I’ve come all the way. I’ll just give it to me now because I’m thinking if I get it. It’s only my face and it’s like 10, 15 grand Anyway, I’ve got in it. It was just ridiculously walk in a room. There was, like so many different people there. Oh, can we have more? More this more that I was probably only in there for two minutes, and I come out thinking that I just have not got that in me. I could not do that. And then a few weeks later, we went. There was an act in one of the acting classes and the women there, Funnily enough, she was the one who got that gig and she was teaching the class. And then they was teaching about, like love scenes and things and all of that, and everyone was like, all engaged. Everyone was doing it. And I just sat there and I just knew I was like, I can’t do this. I can do the funny stuff I could do angry I could do play for. But when it came to that stuff, I just got to. But I was just two British, so I think that’s interesting. I didn’t know whether it was a sense of sense, of self or just embarrassment embarrassment. I mean, she literally was given everyone, and there was some pretty big names in the room with me, and she would give them all scenarios, and then they would have to act up this scenario and everything. I was the only person in the whole room who didn’t do it. And I came away realising, If you want to go into that world, you can’t like, I mean, of course, you can always pick and choose, but I thought, How can I go into that as a career where there’s, like, a whole big part, and I’m like, I would never do anything That’s embarrassing. Never do anything that’s like a love scene. So, yeah, I decided then that it wasn’t for me, but it was really fun. Met some fun people and went to some cool places, but yeah, interesting. Can you introduce me to Hayley Atwell? I don’t even know who she is. OK, so the answer to know she was all right. Fair enough, Right? So So So then fast forward. What? 15 years. So what happened then? So I was Yes. So hang on. Okay. So we should probably do this 23 minutes into the interview. Jade Jemma, what do you do for a living me now? So I do sales coaching, training, mentoring, everything to do with styles for four. Um, I say that my clients are all freedom focus entrepreneurs, but I definitely like working with those who have got a bit of a rebellious streak. Don’t like two for one of the status quo, but really want to be able to, you know, tracked more clients, make more sales without having to do all of that icky, sleazy stuff that they see a lot of people do it and just basically get out of their own way and just start Stop, right, right. But I remember last year saying, You working for some of the biggest companies in the UK Virgin and things like that, Yeah, I still work with Virgin. Um, so what I do with them is I help with their They have different entrepreneurs that they work with, so I’m like their chosen sales experts, or I’ll go in there normally, like every couple of months, and there will be an event, and it’s kind of like the way I describe it, it’s like speed mentoring. So I’ll have my own section and then they give you that. They make a little label, so and then they book people in for you. And then you literally have, like, loads of business owners come over to you and ask you all their questions. But it’s amazing. And Virgin Virgin and Disney has always been my two favourite brands. I absolutely love everything about Virgin. And when you go there to head office, it’s exactly like how you imagine it being inside the Virgin Team. You know, it just uses their values everywhere. They’re also lovely, so supportive. And, yeah, just such a great company doing so many amazing things in the world. So you said earlier you’ve been to Necker Island as well and presumably hung out with so Richard Branson as well. Did you see any parallels between Virgin London and Necker Island? I didn’t say the same thing, like as soon as we got there, just the customer service was just out of this world. And when we had dinner, I was actually sat next to him at dinner. So I got to have a really long track with him and one of the questions that I asked him was around this this thing because I’ve heard so many stories about Virgin. When I used to work in corporate sales, I had a client who was the Virgin sales director and Richard. Uh, so Richard was like her boss’s boss, and she told me a really nice story about when she handed in her notice and that he came around to see her and see what she needed. And I said to him at dinner, What is your secret in having this amazing brand, where at every level of your business, the brand values just use through every employee? I said, What is your secret to that? And he said to me, it was It was really interesting. There’s a number of things, But he said people don’t leave a job or business because of the money. Normally, he said, people live because they don’t feel her. They don’t feel valued and they don’t feel like they’re being listened to of their ideas. And he said that they do so much to make sure that there is that feeling of belonging. Um, and something else that you told me that I found really interesting is that they don’t limit the amount of days holiday they can take. And I was like, How does that work? Because it does everyone not just take, you know, three months off to go travelling. And he said, Interestingly, he said that on average, only a day or two extra, then what it would be if we had limited the holiday. So there’s so much I feel like companies like Virgin can teach, though many of us, even as solo preneurs entrepreneurs around just humanity and just loving on your people so that they have that brand loyalty and we’ll, you know we’ll not just show up because it’s the job. But they will actually be invested in the success of the company. So yeah, it was a really amazing experience and just being able to have 20 minutes of his time to, you know, I took notes on my phone. I was like, Do you mind if I take note? Because this is I want to refer back to this, but yeah, definitely being on the island and talking to the staff and hearing even things like one of the girls said that he so Richard’s wife, her bra broke and she went when she went off the island, she she got a bra and she brought it back for her. Just like, really small things like that. That means that everyone that’s there is really being looked off, and they feel like they’re part of the family. Did he ask you any questions when he was sitting next to him over dinner? He did. Yeah, we was. We actually got chatting, um, interesting enough about family and different things. And he was asking me about the team in London because I said to him and working with the team in London, and they’re doing a really great job, your behalf. And he was asking me questions around that. But yeah, he’s a He’s a really great guy to talk to in the fact that just a few in just a few words, he can make you realise so much, you know, almost like what you learn in a two hour training call with someone else. So, yeah, very, um, inspirational. And just very down to earth and kind, I’m sure. I’m sure he’s saying equally nice things about you. J Does everybody who comes into contact with you does What’s next. What’s on the agenda? What’s in you? What’s the plan, Stan? What are you going to be doing with your rest of your life? Honestly, I would say this is the first time in my life where I haven’t had a set plan and I’m not really sure I’m really not. You’ve got based on you’ve got work that you do with your clients. You have programmes that you run for. Your clients have a waiting list of client. Um and so that’s kind of steady, right? You’re not planning. I don’t know if you’re planning any any projects or any launches or I’m feeling slightly allergic to launch is at the moment. I’m very interested in a business as usual business, which is what I’m building. We’ve discussed this, actually, you know, how much can we get off the content creation hamster wheel? Can we start to put real real systems in place? Okay. And I think like a lot of people like we’ve discussed, I just got launched fatigue, and it’s it’s getting you stuck on that hamster wheel. So, as you know, because we’ve been speaking about it, I’ve been building stuff behind the scenes, so I don’t have to, you know, do so much of that hamster will, um, circular in, um, but also for me. So business wise. Yeah. You know, my normal things. I’ve got my sales boot camp, which is coming up at the end of the year. I’m in the middle of a launch at the moment for a mastermind that I do call wave. Um, but outside of, like, normal business, not honestly, I’m just curious. And I’m like, I don’t know. I think we’re at that age now, aren’t we? Where it’s like we were not, like, still really young, But we are still young. And like you said, even those of us were families. We could be anywhere that we want. And I think when you have so many options, it’s like, Ok, well, wow. So I’m taking this year to really, you know, focus on health and really have a real think about what I want to do. Long term, because yeah, For the first time ever, I’m excited about unlimited possibilities that I don’t yet know about yet. Jade, where can we go and check you out? Best places My website, freedom, zest dot com and all over social media at the same hand or freedom. Zest on instagram, Facebook, Clinton. I’m on Twitter, but I’m not normally there. So yet I’m normally hanging out somewhere online In between My Mermaid Hidden Gemma Thank you for being the very last guest in the history of how to get a grip. You are welcome. Thank you so much for having me. There was, ladies and gentlemen, go to visit Jade Gemma, and find out why I think she’s so awesome at freedom. Zest dot com And you will have heard that was Episode 76. The final regularly scheduled episode of How to Get a Grip. Now I can’t promise will never be back. But I’m moving on to pastures New After two years of doing this, two years and two seasons and it’s time to move on. 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