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My Best Online Business Courses That will Skyrocket your Revenue

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“I had my biggest launch to date and we made over $100k in 6 days which I couldn’t have done without Jade”

★★★★★ Lisa Johnson

My Best Online Business Courses & Programs for Entrepreneurs

My training courses for small businesses will provide you with all the necessary business skills you need to achieve a constant flow of clients, more sales and business growth.

Convert more sales online businesses

How to Convert More Sales Conversations – £555

 · Instant Access ·

The sales calls training course is designed to give you more confidence when selling. It will help you to learn and/or improve your selling technique, sales skills, and sales processes. So you get more sales, faster and lower sales acquisition costs.

Constant Flow of Clients Online Business Courses

How to Achieve a Constant Flow of Clients & Sales – £555

 · Instant Access ·

This online sales and marketing course designed to give you everything you need to not only create a consistent flow of new clients and sales, but to find your sales ‘flow’ and mojo so that you actually enjoy the crucial selling part of your business!

sales boot camp online business courses

Jade’s Legendary Sales Bootcamp – £1,200

 · Instant Access·

Intensive Sales Bootcamp is for go-getting established online entrepreneurs who want to sell more.  If you are being visible online – posting content and giving value, but are asking yourself “now what do I do to make sales?” this is for you!


You’ll Get Instant Access to…

…our student portal, complete with audio, video and all the online sales and marketing training you need to grow your business and make it a success!


Private Members Hub

A private, members-only online community with the training, additional resources, and a member forum.


Online Training Modules

Easy to follow training videos, visual diagrams and audios that you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Private Podcast Feed

Get your own private podcast feed so you can listen and learn on the go!


Who Are the Online Business Courses UK For?

These business online courses UK are ideal for Coaches, Consultants & Service Based Entrepreneurs who want to sell lots of consulting, coaching, or professional services.


Entrepreneurs who want to grow


Established coaches and leaders who want to create, grow, or train a sales team


Entrepreneurs wanting to skyrocket their launch results


Entrepreneurs who want to improve their sales process

A Bit About Your Sales Trainer & Business Mentor

Mermaid Jade Jemma - online business courses

Hi, I’m Jade *

I don’t just teach this stuff – it’s how I built my own business from day dot…

With over a decade of experience and a track record of success in working with some of the top sales teams, entrepreneurs and brands in the world, my sales methods are tried, tested and proven to get results.

It’s these proven sales success methods that have seen my clients having their biggest launch results ever when working with me.

I’ve also used these methods to grow my own online business and win prestigious corporate clients in my previous career in professional sales consulting, and I believe it can help you too.

📆 10+ years experience

😊 100s of happy clients

💰 Millions of revenue generated

Jade *

What My Clients Have To Say

Within 3 months, Jade had got me to close the doors to my (always open) business, wait for 2 months & have a launch.

And what a launch! It was the biggest we’ve ever had to a completely cold audience!

Now we have had 2 6-figure launches. Everybody needs a Jade in their pocket.


Kylie Carlson

Founder of Wedding Academy Global

I decided to work with Jade Jemma and I wanted to nail the mystery of sales! Jade just has this way of making you feel you achieve the impossible. At the beginning of lockdown when my business fell away, Jade fell firm. After trying to launch my course for 12 years, with Jade support I finally launched it and sold 200 spaces. If you are thinking of working with Jade, take the plunge, you will not regret it! I am now forever changed and unbreakable.

Jaz Amparr-Faw

Speaker, Coach, Author and Resilience Ninja

I’d had good launches in the past, but I needed a bigger push.

Jade really pushed me and had so many ideas to keep me going and do more. I had my biggest launch to date and we made over $100k in 6 days which I couldn’t have done without Jade. She was my right hand women, supportive, excited and on-hand to help – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!


Lisa Johnson

Business Coach

FREE Sales Swag to Grow Your Business!

Learn to Launch & Sell Out in 4 Steps

 · 21 Page Download ·

Powerful strategies to help you make your next launch a huge success!

30 Places to Find Your Ideal Clients

 · Essential Checklist ·

This list will help you find them and grow your audience quickly. 

Pick Your Money Up off the Table

 · Ultimate Checklist ·

The ultimate checklist of places that you’re leaving money on the table.

free resources for entrepreneurs

Magic Ideal Client System

 · 18 Page Download ·

6 powerful strategies to help you attract your ideal client and turn them into raving fans!

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