5 Really Important Personality Traits for Leadership

Personality Traits for Leadership Excellence: 5 Must-Have Qualities to Thrive

Personality Traits for Leadership Excellence: 5 Must-Have Qualities to Thrive

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

How personality plays a role in effective leadership


Anyone can have a business but not everyone can lead a business into greatness. The importance of leadership in business must never be neglected when steering your business to greatness.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare

In other words, some people are lucky to be born with personality traits for leadership, while many others must learn to acquire the skill over time and experience. Being a leader requires specific leadership qualities and leadership skills, which can be developed through practice and time.

In this blog, we explore the five must-have personality traits for leadership excellence. By understanding and cultivating these traits, aspiring and current leaders can unlock their full potential and make a lasting impact in their roles. From emotional intelligence and resilience to integrity and ethical decision-making, vision and strategic thinking, and effective communication, these qualities form the foundation of exceptional leadership.

Join us on this journey as we delve into the significance of each of these traits and provide real-life examples of leaders who embody them. Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills or embark on a leadership role, this exploration of personality traits for leadership excellence will provide you with actionable insights to thrive in your leadership journey. Let’s dive in and discover the key qualities that pave the way to exceptional leadership.

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Personality Traits in Leadership: What Makes a Great Leader?


As a speaker and business mentor for Virgin UK I observe many personality traits that can make or break a business and support entrepreneurs with increasing their profits, finding strategies they love and prioritising the importance of leadership in business.

Having led teams and businesses in the art of sales I believe a great leader is essential for long term sustainability and team retention. And this results in a respected brand reputation.

Good leadership skills are something every business owner or manager must craft to aid the growth of a sustainable business and nurture its people.

I recently spent some time on Necker Island and my belief that anyone can start a business but not every business owner is a true leader, was confirmed after speaking to Sir Richard Branson himself.

Here are my top takeaways from Necker surrounding true leadership. You can use them as a daily reminder to become known as a standout leader in your business and create a brand as well loved as Virgin.

Personality and leadership: what makes a bad leader?


It is much easier to be a lousy leader than it is to be a good one. Poor leadership can be pretty common due to a poor hiring decision, bad character, or the lack of necessary skills and personality traits. While various external factors contribute to someone being a bad leader, personality traits can also play a significant role. A leader personality that is not a great match for managing a particular team can negatively impact their effectiveness. Here are some contributing personality traits of a leader that may poorly impact their ability to lead:

– Not understanding different personalities within a team or business

– Poor communication or the ability to adapt communication to different personalities

– Lack of listening skills, in order to feel part of a team people need to feel heard

– Not having the ability to change or accept when they’re wrong

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The Top 5 Personality Traits for Leadership to Have


Good leaders guide their businesses to success by being present for their team and making an effort to foster a healthy work environment. Great leaders use their innovative, ambitious, and problem-solving abilities to steer their company and people towards success. While there are many leadership styles and various leadership qualities, there are certain personality traits that are very important in being a better leader. Here are my top 5:


1. You Care About the Bigger Picture

You have a business vision that spans way beyond income and a large social media following.

Effective leaders work towards their business plan and legacy day to day as they know consistency and effort helps to achieve goals long term.

I have a lifelong love for the Virgin brand and the consistent efforts of the Virgin group to make the world a better place.

Having a business allows you to make an impact and advocate for the planet and its people and a true leader always keeps the bigger picture in mind.

During my time on Necker I was involved with Virgin Unite, mentoring women entrepreneurs affected by hurricane Irma. Seeing the importance of giving time and knowledge where it is needed is something leaders do time and time again.


2. You Are Not Driven by Ego 

Fancy titles and popularity contests do not drive you. Of course, it is great to get some recognition for your efforts, but vanity metrics are not your measure of success.

Having a huge social media following does not make you a leader, your intentions and behaviour does. You are fully aware followers do not equal success.

You are not here to be liked, you are here to share your gifts and create results to meet the bigger picture.

Quality over quantity, particularly when building relationships and connections is your motto.


3. You View Competition as an Opportunity

We’re living in an age where virtual reality can get ugly. People compete for customers and clients, and compare their business to those that appear better, more profitable, or more popular online. You avoid this behaviour and view your peers in a positive light.

You fully support the success of others and expand your network with like-minded individuals without a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude.

Collaborative opportunities become abundant as you find ways to make an impact together.

There is always enough business to go around and your brand represents values that welcome the power of a diverse skill set coming together.


4. You Are Creating a Lifestyle

You can be, do, have and create anything you can dream of and are paving the way for others to do the same.

In fact, you would do this for fun because you are creating a freedom-based business, and nothing lights you up more than helping others do the same.

From your work environment to your day to day habits you know to create your dream life you must prioritise your self-care. You spend time with loved ones and new connections because you understand a true freedom-based lifestyle is not all business and no life!


5. You Don’t Just Talk the Talk

The way you treat people is an example of how you walk the walk.

You know you are a leader and don’t need to shout about it and dominate your team or employees, good leaders motivate and inspire others.

In fact, you orientate and set people up for self-management, creating focus and productivity when delegating tasks.

People know they can approach you and you are HUMAN, true leaders lead with compassion and integrity and deal with issues in a professional, logical manner.

So you see, the importance of leadership in business must never be neglected.

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Leadership and personality: Key takeaways


Not everyone is born a great leader, but you can take steps to refine your current skills and gain those necessary to be one. Amongst the ideal leadership traits are emotional intelligence, strong decision-making and communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence– each plays a vital role in being a successful and strong leader for your team and your business.

To guide your business to success, be mindful of which personality traits and relevant skills you already have and which ones you may need to develop further. In being a great leader, the first step is self-awareness and the willingness to adapt and grow. Understanding your personality strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style is a great way to foster the most effective leadership in your position.

Now of course being a great leader is not necessarily going to equal your sales success. Take my FREE sales quiz to see if your leadership qualities match your sales qualities to develop an all-round toolbox for business success and creating confidence when it comes to selling!

Come and share your thoughts in the Freedom Business Network and let us know what you feel it takes to be a great leader in business.


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