Why Would a Professional Sales Coach Tell you NOT to Sell?

Why Would a Professional Sales Coach
Tell you NOT to Sell?

As a Professional Sales Coach one of the first things I teach my clients is when not to sell. I am not talking about not selling because of Covid, or anything else.


I’m talking about when entrepreneurs sell when they shouldn’t which can show up as:

1. People on your sales calls saying they are ‘not sure’, ‘need to think about it’, or a just plain old ‘no’.

2. You discounting your fees OR adding in ‘lots of extra’s’ to try to get the sale.


This often happens because you sell:

1. Too soon in the sales process.

2. At the wrong time on a sales / discovery call.

Let’s Have a Look at a Sales Call Example…

I had a message from a successful 6-fig coach this morning who had “messed up” her sales calls this morning. After getting a bit more info it was very clear that the lady she had a discovery call with:

1. Didn’t understand what her problem was (so how can she then know what she needs in order to sell?).

2. Didn’t understand how the coach could help her.

Even though this was the case the lady who contacted me DID sell her services AND even went on to add 3 extra months (for no extra cost!), even though duration wasn’t an objection that had come up (so didn’t need addressing). 🤔

This resulted in a potential £5,000 sale turning into a BIG FAT NO!!

Now let’s get clear on the full loss to this lady this morning:

1. The loss of the £5k sale.

2. The time it took to do the call (over an hour) and arrange childcare for this time (there were some issues here too!) (approx £1,000 worth of time investment based on her hourly rate).

3. The time, effort and resources that had gone into content creation and marketing to get this potential customer on the call in the first place. (looking at the average amount of qualified discovery calls a coach gets each week I would work out the marketing to GET this lead to be at least £1,000).

4. Cost of stress caused from messing up and kicking herself for doing so = UNLIMITED!



How to Get Better at Sales Calls?

The reason why I am sharing this today, is that being able to successfully lead your sales / discovery calls is CRUCIAL. Not just to ‘get the sale, but to ensure all of your daily marketing efforts are not being wasted and that you are running an effective and efficient business that will bring profits, and not just occasional sales.

If you know you could refine and improve your sales / discovery call process I have a few resources for you:

1. My Online Sales Calls Training Course (currently only £97)

2. My Sales Calls Script blog [FREE]

3. My How to handle money objections video training [FREE)

4. My Online Business Synergy Club – an online community like you’ve never experienced before.


What Is A Good Conversion Rate For Discovery / Sales Calls?

As a Professional Sales Coach, one thing I am often asked is what is a good conversions rate for discovery calls.

For an established coached selling 1:2:1 services from $3k-$10k approx below is a guide for where you should be (for this example I am assuming you are not cold calling and that these people are booking calls with a view to working with you)

20% – Converting 2 out of 10 calls is the bare minimum, if you are below this you have a problem that URGENTLY needs fixing. If you are around this level then this is a part of your sales process that needs improving and optimising.

50% – If you are converting 5 out of 10 calls you are doing good, but unless you are very new to your industry there are certainly improvements to be made and you are spending too many hours on calls that are not converting.

80% + You are doing great! If you are converting almost of all your discovery calls then I would look at increasing your prices ASAP. Also I would look at the time it takes to get those calls and how you can make that process more efficient.

I hope you found today’s blog beneficial. I LOVE talking about getting better at all parts of the sales process and love sharing everything I have learnt as a Professional Sales Coach over the years.

So, if there are any specific areas you would like to know do let me know as this week I am planning my next blog topics for the coming weeks.

If I choose your topic I will let you know!

Jade *

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed this blog then take a look at my sales calls training course.  You’ll discover in more depth more on how to lead your sales conversations, deal with those objections and make follow up sales calls.