6 Ways to Repurpose Content to Attract More Clients | Jade Jemma

6 Ways to Repurpose Content to Attract More Clients

6 Ways to Repurpose Content to Attract More Clients

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

You have a wealth of information to share but are you repurposing it to better serve your audience and attract more clients

As small business owners we all have too much to do, and not enough time to get it done.

We’re also under pressure to deliver high-quality content our audiences want. That content also needs to be distributed across an ever-growing array of channels.

So, how can you produce great content to attract more clients when your time is limited?

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 6 great ways that small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs just like you use to get more clients without doing more work.

It’s all about repurposing your content to get more clients… 

Why You Should Repurpose Your Content?

Repurposing content simply means taking one asset and reusing it somewhere else. That sounds simple enough in theory, but it can get tricky in execution. To really make it work, it helps to produce content with repurposing in mind, so you can easily slice and dice it into different formats.

The benefits to repurposing content are considerable, too. When you focus your energy on producing one awesome asset (say, an in-depth blog post or video), you’re likely to produce a better piece of work than you would by dividing your attention across every platform you’re responsible for.

By creating said content with repurposing in mind from the beginning, you can reuse pieces of it elsewhere without your audience feeling like you’re cutting corners. That frees you up to focus on doing one thing really well, while still getting tons more work done with way less effort.

How to Get New Clients for Business By Repurposing Your Content

I’m sure like me you’re always under pressure to deliver high quality content your audiences want. That content also needs to be distributed across an ever-growing array of channels.

If you’re working on a small team, that pressure is further magnified. When resources are limited, you have to stretch everything you have to succeed.

So, how can you produce awesome 10X content when your time is limited?

Try turning one piece of content into five (or more) by using some of the ideas below to repurpose your existing content.

1. Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content consists of anything your audience posts about your business online. This could be product reviews, testimonials, customer questions etc

They are available for your business to use and you can leverage them in different ways.

  • Create ads with users’ reviews and ratings. 
  • Feature customer stories in email marketing content and on your website. 
  • Share social media posts of clients using your service.
  • Post client questions with the answers on your website or social media.

2. Repurpose Your Social Media Posts Into Blog Posts

Depending on which platforms you prefer, you could be posting to social media up to 14 times a week or more! All the content you post to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages can be repurposed in your email newsletter.

3. Repurpose Facebook Lives Into Evergreen Videos

If live videos are your thing, think about the other ways you can use them to engage with your niche. Say you’re a life coach specialising in mental health and you’re doing a Facebook Live about how to manage anxiety. That video would be perfect for your website’s home page. Or your YouTube channel. Or edited down into shorter clips to use on your social media pages.

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4. Repurpose Your YouTube Videos on Social Media

If you’ve got some short videos on YouTube why not post them on your social channels as well? Or longer videos can also be broken down into a series of short videos about a particular topic.

5. Repurpose Multiple Blog Posts Into an Ebook

Do you have multiple blog posts you could group together under one topic? If so, why not turn them into a useful ebook? 

6. Repurpose Popular Blogs into Videos

Your website may have certain blogs that are evergreen, providing information that’s relevant for a long time. You may also have certain posts that are popular and get many shares.

Turn these into videos. A significant number of people prefer to watch videos over reading blog posts. You can reach a broader audience by creating videos from your best written content.

How to Get More Clients

Running a business can be overwhelming and at times, pretty darn stressful too – especially if you’re doing it alone in the early years.

You’re constantly trying to figure out new ways to get more clients now, sell more products and services and that can take its toll on you!

For more ways to get more clients for business check out my Ultimate Guide: How to Get More Clients for Your Business.

A Recap on Repurposing Content to Attract More Clients

If it feels like coming up with new content has become a full-time job, repurposing it can be a huge time-saver.  You won’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you post something and it helps you attract more clients

Additionally, some users prefer one format to another. Perhaps a large portion of your audience would more readily absorb the information if it was presented through a video instead of a blog post.

How will you make the most of the content you’ve already created? Use the ideas in this post to get started, then brainstorm your own.

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