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Make More Sales in 3 Weeks or Less!

legendary flagship program that has seen hundreds of go-getting entrepreneurs, coaches & course creators create phenomenal and rapid sales results in 3 weeks.

“I had my biggest launch to date working with Jade and during sales bootcamp I had an incredible sales week.

Everyone needs a Jade in their corner!

★★★★★ Natasha Bray

The Sales Bootcamp Will Help You to Achieve Consistent Sales

👥 More Quality Leads

Find those ‘ready-to-buy’ ideal clients who are already in your audience using these simple and effective methods

🦸🏻‍♀️ More Confidence

Learn powerful skills and techniques to help you build the confidence and momentum required to grow your sales

💰 More Revenue

Learn how to sell effectively to sign more clients, make more sales faster and sell more of your programs and courses.


What You Will Get Inside The Sales Bootcamp

This high value 3 week program is a way for you to learn the how, what and when of selling while having me as your sales mentor each and every day via this interactive and fun 3 week program.

This sales bootcamp edition is perfect for new and seasoned entrepreneurs wanting a sales ‘boost’, as well as established leaders wanting to train their sales teams and social sellers.

Daily Sales Coaching

Providing the latest strategies, pointing you in the right direction, a sound board for your ideas & daily accountability.

Daily Video Training

Daily sales training videos that will get you pumped, ready to close, and change the way you sell! (Also available are audio and text versions of the trainings).

6 Step Selling System

Discover how to qualify leads, learn powerful question techiques & overcome objections.

Daily Accountabilty

So you show up and do the work required to get fast results.

Sales & Marketing Training Modules

16 training lessons, delivered daily, covering mindset, marketing, social media selling, finding clients, sales strategy & process & your personal performance.


Private Members Hub

A private, members-only hub with training, additional resources, a member forum & support.

Private Podcast Feed

Get your own private podcast feed so you can listen and learn on the go from your favourite podcast app!

Lots of Fun Surprises

This live bootcamp has been designed to make it a fast faced, fun and interactive experience to keep you motivated, engaged and achieving results!

Proven Methods

Our Sales Bootcamp method has been tried, ested and proven to get results. (New updates for 2024 are inside).

Sales Boosting Trainings & Resources

Weeks of Team Fun, Support & Accountability

$1 million+ of bootcamp student sales made to date

Days of Sales Support & Community

Some of our Sales Bootcamp Success Stories

(You can listen to hundreds of other bootcamp student success stories on Jade’s Facebook page HERE)

Sales Bootcamp was honestly the best thing I have ever done.

It was the best investment I have ever made in my business.

I was able to learn the skills, techniques and science of sales which are key as a business owner.

Through working with Jade in the Sales Bootcamp I had a massive mindset shift and made one month revenue in a week and came away with new knowledge that is second to none.

Sonia-Marie Palmer

Faith and Business Mentor

Everyone needs a Jade in their corner keeping them accountable.

The value she gives with her services and her bootcamp is incredible.

Sales Bootcamp is easily worth thousands of pounds.

Natasha Leigh Bray

Success Mastery Coach

I made 21 sales in 3 weeks (nearly double what I would normally).

Sales Bootcamp was totally unique and Jade is the factor that helped me; her tips, ideas, motivation, support, praise and community were amazing and I really enjoyed it.

Best of all I have seen such a change in myself so I highly recommend the Sales Bootcamp.

Zoe Mckeown

Community Manager

Who’s This For?


You're Already Clear on What You're Selling

You need to be clear on what you sell and to who and have validated your offering already (ideally you have had paying clients that you have had results for).

If you are completely unsure on what type of service you what you want to sell, this is NOT for you.

* You don’t need exact offer clarity – but you will need to know what expertise you are selling (eg yoga, finance, or social media)


You Want to Grow Your Sales in 2024

Whatever your current level, you want to grow your sales this year and know that adding in the sales piece to your marketing activities is something that will help accelerate your results.

You are already making sales but are not 100% clear you have the most effective sales strategy, process and system that will allow you to grow and scale.  In 2024 you mean business!


Posting content isn't bringing in enough sales

Content and attraction marketing is great, but with recent changes unless you have your sales messaging fully nailed down, it’s likely that being visible and posting content isn’t working as well for you right now (even if it did before).

Bootcamp will help you to find those “hidden sales” that your content alone wont be able to do!


You Want to Sell a Group Program or Course

If you want to move into selling courses, masterminds, programs and online workshops this is a great way to use the momentum and high-energy you will get from being inside bootcamp to execute your first launch.

Or  use it to just build up a list of ready-to-buy clients for your program!


You want to learn from a credible professional

In a time where everyone is claiming they can teach you how to make sales online, you know you want to learn from a highly experienced and qualifed professional who won’t just teach you what worked for them once upon a time, but will help you create a method and system that suits your unique situation.

With over 15 years of experience, a proven track record of client results from working with thousands of customers and being trusted by global brands like Virgim, FedEx and Vodafone as well as 6, 7 and multi 7 figure entrepreneurs, you know you will be in safe hands and that this will be a ‘fluff-free’, value packed and professional bootcamp.


You Don't Like Icky/Sleazy/Covert Tactics

Inside bootcamp you won’t be told to lie about your income (or even ever need to share your real income/sales), spam people, send cold DM’s, use pushy sales techniques, make polarising posts, call out, shame or belittle your competitors/peers, or anything else other than professional, consultative and enjoyable (for both parties) sales and marketing techniques.

If you want to learn highly effective, sleaze free strategies – bootcamp is for you!

(and if you want to discover how to sell in ways that you AND the buyer will love then this is defo for you!)




You Would Love a Confidence Boost

You know sales is important but but you know you’ll feel a little bit braver and will take more action with the support and accountability of a who team behind you.

If you enjoy working in a team and supporting others you will thrive inside bootcamp! 

(But if you are a negative Nelly, unkind, or only out for yourself, we won’t get on and you probably won’t enjoy working with me).


You would love some sales focused support

Your focus for Q1 is more clients and sales and you would love some sales focused support to learn the know how, get you taking action, and help you to keep the momemtum going right through until April and beyond.

* This is the first bootcamp since 2017 that comes with complimentary post bootcamp support (90 days total is include instead of just the usual 3 week bootcamp) 


Established Coaches & Leaders Who Want to Create, Grow, or Train a Sales Team

If you are ready to move away from doing ‘all the things’ and want to train up a team member to take over the sales side of your business, this is the perfect solution!

Your team member can access the bootcamp so you can feel safe in knowing that they will be able to ensure the sales are flowing in, so you can focus on strategic CEO duties.

Previously Jade was an award winning sales consultant and Fortune500 top performer where she hired over 1000 sales professionals for her corporate clients and has 15 years of sales training and management, so whether you want to create a business model with or without sales calls (eg setters and closers OR DM sellers/social sellers), this will be hugely beneficial for you.

* Selling in the DM’s training will be included if you want a ‘sales call free’ business model.


Entrepreneurs Wanting to Skyrocket Their Launch Results

If you sell online courses, group programs/masterminds, events or memberships and want to maximise your launch results, this bootcamp will give you all the know-how you need to ensure when doors open, the sales come flying in!

Inside bootcamp you’ll be learning the exact methods my launch clients have used to create 6 and multi-6 figure launch results for the last 6 years.

Even if you’ve had a successful launch previously, adding in the bootcamp methods will allow you to create more sales AND increase your average order value.

* Every single one of Jade’s launch clients for the past 6 years has had their biggest launch working with her, so these are tried, tested and proven methods.


Jade Jemma advertising her sales bootcamp

Why I can help you make more sales in 3 weeks or less

Do you want a business that allows you to live the freedom lifestyle you want – consistent sales from those dream clients who just can’t wait to work with you?

Then you’re in the right place.

I’m Jade Jemma, Sales Strategist & Trainer and I help entrepreneurs just like you to get more clients, increase sales and in turn create a bigger transformation in the world through their work.  “Changing lives, one sale at a time” is my motto.

With over 15 years of experience, a proven track record of client results from working with thousands of customers and being trusted by global brands like Virgin, FedEx and Vodafone as well as multi-6, 7 and multi 7 figure leaders, you will be in safe hands as my methods are tried, tested and proven to get results.

I absolutely love what I do. I’ve built a business that fits around my life and I love helping other business owners do exactly the same. If you’d love to work with a mentor who deeply cares for her clients and leaves no stone untuned to help them get results (and is pretty cool and fun to work with!) then I’d love you to join us in this special live round of my legendary Sales Bootcamp that’s been changing lives for our students since 2017.


Jade Jemma *

Format for the Sales Bootcamp


Week 1: Preparation

– You will receive your prep sales trainings which will give you the tools and know-how to hit the ground running during the sales bootcamp (Video, Text and Audio formats available).

– Mini fun daily sales success activities to get you ready for the live week.


Week 2: Massive Action

Daily coaching and support inside the group from Jade via video lessons.

Accountability options to help you maximise your sales success. You will have specific daily activities to record that will bring in the sales in.


Week 3: Grow & Improve

A chance to improve on your new sales success skills and on board new clients.

Continue to implement your new sales skills.

How Much Does the Sales Bootcamp Cost?

What You Get


Sales bootcamp trainings* (video and text formats PLUS private podcast feed) £1,350

12 months online community access

Access to bonuses £2,500
A game-changing experience


What You Get

Sales bootcamp trainings* (video and text formats PLUS private podcast feed)
Value £1,000

Daily community support and accountability
Value £500

Access to and coaching from Jade via drop in calls/clinics
Value £2,500

A game-changing experience

Total Value of Sales Bootcamp = £4,850

Join the Sales Bootcamp today for:


£675 x 2 monthly payments


 £1,111 Pay in Full (Save £239)



Why My Sales Bootcamps Have Produced Such Epic Results

(in 3 Weeks or Less)

Learning essential sales skills fast-tracks your results and reduces time spent on things that don’t produce results

Using a proven system zero fluff or woo-woo, just real tried, tested and proven methods that work – FAST!

High level, results-focused accountability means you will show up as your best self and do the work.

If you’re inside the bottle, you can’t see the label! Having someone like me to show you the path to reach your potential means no more confusion on what to do, when and how.

It’s fast paced and interactive.  In Sales Bootcamp there is no need for a long course to see results. Plus, you CANNOT enjoy selling when you immerse yourself in the experience, the team and the fun activities we sprinkle in.

It’s fun and memorable! Business is so serious sometimes, but I know that when you can make it a fun and memorable experience….

THAT is where the magic happens!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, use the live chat at the bottom of the page and send me your question.
Do I already have to have something to sell?
Yes and no.  If you have no clarity around what you want to sell and who to, this bootcamp is not for you.  But if you are just new and want to learn how to attract clients and generate sales then this it is certainly what you need.
Is this only for new business owners?
Not at all! As well as start-up businesses I’ve had established entrepreneurs (multi-6 figs+) do my Sales Bootcamps, and also 7-fig business owners put their sales teams through it. If you already have a business then this bootcamp will help you to scale your sales and launches. If you are newer to business it can help you get those first paying clients and improve your results (but you do need to know what you are selling and who you are selling to).
Is this just for online business owners?
No this is also suitable for brick and mortar businesses.
When does it start?

This is instant access so you join in when you like!

Do I have to be available for a whole 3 weeks?

No, but it is designed for you to spend an hour a day on the days you are following the Sales Bootcamp method. 3 days a week minimum for selling is recommended for best results.

How long do I need each day to do it?

An hour each day is ideal, 3 hours for the week + a hours prior to prepare is the minimum.

How often do we get to speak to you?

This is a self-study program but inside there are very clear instructions from Jade and she does pop in the members portal to check on everyone.

Will you teach us how to sell?

You will receive training in week 1 on the key areas required, but the focus of this boot camp is to get you taking action. The trainings are purposely bite-sized so you learn how to master sales via DOING as opposed to just learning.

But yes you will learn my methods for generating leads and making sales.

Am I guaranteed to make sales?
There is no guarantee you will make sales as everyone has different skills and experiences, but if you put in the work and take the action I recommend then you will be further ahead in your sales success.  Previous students have had some massive transformations and sales wins, but individual results do vary depending on each person’s skill-set, focus and determination.

We have dozens of testimonials of students sharing their experiences and wins from previous boot camps, but ultimately the only guarantee you have is you.

What is the refund policy?

This program is non-refundable, please refer to the T&C’s (on this page or at the checkout).

BUT in 7 years we have never had an unhappy bootcamper purchaser, so if in the unlikely event you get inside and don’t think this will be a high-value experience for you, email info@freedomzest straight away and we’ll happily remove you and send a refund as we do not with to have unhappy students.


Why should I do this course over others?

As I said before, the Sales Bootcamp is not a course, it is a fast paced, live and interactive, immersive experience purely focused on getting you clients and increasing sales. If this is the right option for you, only you can decide, but what I can say is that I come with over 10 years and 10,000+ hours experience in doing what I now teach and my superpower is helping entrepreneurs just like you to simplify and accelerate their sales growth. 

What tools do I need to take part?
Just a phone and/or laptop (with internet connection) and whatever you use to communicate with your clients (internet, phone your feet!).
I’m too busy.

This is what Debbie said before she joined one of my Sales Bootcamps and she ended up signing 4 new clients in one week.  The time is never ‘right’, there is always something that can prevent us from taking action. My question to you would be “when are you going to stop letting ‘time’ be a reason for you not growing your business? “

All businesses need a constant flow of new sales. If you don’t already have this then the only answer is to join!

How long do I have access to the sales trainings?

The sales bootcamp takes 3 weeks but you can re-do as many times as you like when you need a sales ‘boost’.

You have 12 months+ access to all the trainings and online members area.

As I said the trainings are bite-sized and you’ll be learning by doing.

What are you like to learn from?

Direct, clear and fun!

I have questions, can I speak to you?

Yes you can ask any questions via the chat box on this page (be sure to add your name and email on the form) or if you prefer to voice note please DM Jade on Instagram @freedomzest

“I sold 200 spaces for my online course after 12 years of procrastinating! Jade has a way of making you feel like you do the impossible”

Jaz – Ted X and Keynote Speaker

Jade Jemma speaking at Virgin Startup London UK.

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