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Sales Management Training Done Differently

Sales Management Training Done Differently

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Focusing on sales management training, even if you apply it to growing your own knowledge and experience surrounding professional sales, should be a key business investment.

There are two aspects to growing a successful business and crushing your sales performance.
One is leadership qualities and the other is sales skills.

As an experienced sales coach who gets results, it’s important to do key sales activities and if you are a solo freedom focused entrepreneur, having a sales team in your pocket is the secret weapon to a successful launch.

But what if you don’t have a sales team in your corner?

What if you are a solo entrepreneur, or maybe have a small team of only a handful of people and no budget for a sales manager?

No sales, no business.

Fear not, you DO NOT need, or need to BE a sales manager, but sales management training is vital to your sales success.

How Do You Become Good at Sales?

Well thankfully, as much as there are people like me who are natural in the sales department, all is not lost if you prioritise the right sales training programme and implement the teachings.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of sales management training courses available, so what do I mean by ‘done different’?

Often, sales training courses available online are a ‘prep’ course usually targeted at executive level, not tailored to freedom focused entrepreneurs currently IN their business.

At best they are all glam and gloss, but not always the right fit for those who want to sell a certain way, with heart and in a way unique to you.

At worst they are sleazy 90’s inspired tacky sales scripts that repel rather than relate to your target customers or clients.

Leading up to a launch you may have the tendency to procrastinate and avoid what you SHOULD be doing, busy being busy springs to mind!

There are many sales training downloads available but having worked in corporate sales for years and taken all my clients through their biggest ever launches, some making 6 figures in sales, I’d say I know a thing or two about how to train you in successful selling as if you were one of my sales team.

Sales leadership applies to you, and having an insider edge on professional sales tips (even if you are not in a management role which most sales management training courses you’ll find online are aimed at) puts you ahead of those posting and praying.

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Sales Management Training: My Top 3 Successful Sales Tips

So, what do you need to focus on when it comes to successful, consistent selling in your business?

Here are my top 3 successful sales tips you can benefit from immediately:

1. Know Your Customer

Do your people really want what you are offering?

Sometimes we can be so enthusiastic wanting to offer our products or services, and we assume everyone will jump at the launch date and throw their money at us.

Sadly, we can get it so wrong, so the more you know your customer, the better. If you are not sure you have a solid offer to sell, then ask your people.

You can reach out to your online network, or if you have an email list utilise that. A survey for your audience may be a good way to test what your clientele possibly needs and tailor your offering to your findings.

Clarity in your offer is vital before you have even sold a thing.

sales management training meeting

Knowing what your customers want is crucial when in comes to successful selling.

2. Have a Launch Strategy

As a sales coach and strategist, there is no one way to generate sales.

You may need to dedicate your strategy to suit where your people hang out most on social media for example. Or if you have an online network observing the key gaps to suit a need can really help your launch strategy get off to a flying start as discussed in point one when it comes to knowing your customer.

Another key aspect to your launch strategy is knowing exactly WHO you need as part of your strategy. Having the right people fulfilling the right roles, particularly the areas you are not naturally talented in such as Facebook ads or a solid content strategy means you are not DIY’ing every role to save on budget.

In fact this can backfire, and waste money.

You can create your own launch strategy using my free launch success planning guide here.

3. Track Your Sales

If you don’t track, then how can you possibly know what’s working and what isn’t in your business?

By tracking your sales, you will know if you are meeting targets, managing your key business activities effectively and making a profit in your business.

I personally use Google documents and Asana to track my KPI’s and my teams assigned tasks to ensure deadlines and goals are met DAILY.

Even if you are a pen and paper person, write it down; you need to be actively tracking your sales forecast and sales pipeline. 

Manage Sales Successfully

I hope those simple tips have helped you focus on managing your sales and you implement today and see how prioritising your systems surrounding selling allows you to methodically track you profits.

Of course, there are many more aspects to effective sales management.

If you are serious about elevating your sales activities and want to benefit from someone having your back throughout, amongst a team of other business owners on a mission to make sales, then I would strongly suggest you express an interest in the next sales bootcamp to discover exactly how you can enhance all of the above tips with my tried and proven methods. There will be new openings in 2023, but you can always let me know if you’re interested ahead of time.

You can hear more about how the sales bootcamp has supported other online businesses to increase their sales here.

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