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My highly acclaimed

is back by popular demand!


My highly acclaimed Sales Bootcamp is back by popular demand!


  Are ready to commit to start making the SALES,
PROFIT and IMPACT that you desire and start 2020 on a high?

If so then I may have exactly the thing for you as my highly acclaimed Sales Bootcamp is coming back by popular demand!

This is a ‘low-ticket’, high value 3 week live program where you will get to be part of my ‘sales team’ and have me as your sales mentor each and everyday.

Over the last few years I have run these live Sales Bootcamps for entrepreneurs who want to make sales a priority in their business, but either lack the strategy/know-how, or…….who know what they SHOULD be doing…]

…but procrastinate on the ‘non-sales’ focused work (the fluffy stuff!) Which leaves them seeing others ‘fly past’ them and having the results that they secretly knew they could also achieve IF they put in the work.

Over the last year, every single 6-figure+ entrepreneur I have worked with as their ‘secret sales weapon’ behind the scenes in their launch has had their biggest launch ever……

…many of them achieving their first 6-figure plus launch.

This is not as they don’t know how to sell, in fact many of them teach sales, launching, marketing and business growth as part of their programs (and they are all great at it!)…….

……The reason having me in their corner during their launches has helped them massively increase their results is for a number of reasons:

If you’re inside the bottle, your can’t see the label on the outside!

When you are inside a launch there are SO many things to be juggling/doing, it’s so ‘full-on’ you don’t have the ‘birdseye’ and strategic view that is possible from the outside while you are ‘in the trenches’.

Format for the Bootcamp

Week 1: Preparation week:

  • You will receive your prep sales trainings which will give you the tools and know-how to hit the ground running during the sales bootcamp.
  • Join the private community and meet your team members!
  • Get support and all your sales q’s answered from Jade and the team

Week 2: Massive action week:

  • Daily sales coaching and support inside the group
  • Daily accountability to help you maximise your sales success. FYI this will be no fluff FB group! I will be managing you all like my own sales team. Everyone will have specific daily activities that will bring in the sales and I and the team will check in on you everyday with support, accountability and some gentle ass-kicking!
  • Daily video trainings (emailed to you and also uploaded in the group)
  • Daily accountability from Jade to keep you taking action!
  • Daily voxer coaching and accountability from Jade (VIP’s only)

   Week 3: Progress and improve:

  • A chance to improve on your new sales success skills with the support of Jade and your teamies
  • Continue to implement your new skills whilst still receiving support and accountability inside the private community
  • Receive feedback on your performance from Jade Jemma
  • Share your challenges and wins with your teamies

“It has been phenominal!”

“I tripled my investment in a week!”

“Fun, hands-on & I’m fully booked! “


We have so many incredible results – we had to make a new page for them!
Check out the results page here!


Sales success trainings to fast track your results:

  • How and where to find your dream clients
  • Sales Mindset 101
  • What activities you should be doing to attract your dream clients (and generate sales!)
  • How to structure your day for sales success
  • How to use sales targets to accelerate your sales results
  • How to structure your sales/discovery calls bonus masterclass (£297 value)
  • How to overcome sales objections video training masterclass (£497 value)
  • Sales pipeline training
  • Daily sales tracker


  • Preparation training video to ensure you have everything you need for the week ahead.
  • Daily sales training videos (Monday-Friday in week 2) to keep you focused, motivated and on track
  • Full DAILY accountability and support inside the FB group so no opportunity for hiding (this is gold dust!)

VIP’s get all the above plus

  • Daily private accountability and support from Jade Jemma (via voice app Voxer) during implementation week.
  • We will speak at least twice everyday Mon-Fri during week 2 and twice weekly during the final week.
  • I will check in with you everyday just like your own dedicated Sales Manager! 
  • Access to my VIP 90 Day Progress Tracker which I will personal review to ensure you have the right strategy in place to continue your sales progress.

From people in your shoes right now:

“I made 1200% ROI!”

“21 sales in three weeks!”

“One of my biggest months!”


We have so many incredible results – we had to make a new page for them!
Check out the results page here!

My Sales Uber Power

I’ve hired over 1,000 sales professionals for my corporate clients and worked with some of the worlds elite sales teams and global brands including FedEx, VodaFone and Virgin. Not one of these companies has sales teams, or managers that do not have a Sales Manager/Director that they report into.

Even those selling multi-million pounds services and at the top of their game still have someone they report to who helps keep them on track with their targets and activities, and supports them with any hurdles that crop up.

I spent many years not only selling myself, but training, developing and managing a team to sales success.  As well as this I’ve interviewed over 10,000 sales professionals which helped me to understand the things that help people succeed (and the things that don’t) when it comes to people management, development, training and success.


From all this experience over the last decade, working closely with some amazing multi-millionaire business leaders and mentors, and having world-class people management and sales training from my Fortune 500 employer,

I’ve became very good at knowing how to find out what makes people succeed, as the INDIVIDUALS they are, not just a ‘number; who can fit in a box.

After my years in the online space I now know that this is my UBER SUPER-POWER!  

My clients may ‘know’ the things I share with them, but getting them to actually DO it, and do it well and ENOUGH, at the RIGHT TIME, and continually IMPROVE, all while spinning a hundred other plates (and life throwing some curveballs too) is really what is the most valuable (and profitable) support they receive from me.

Being part of a team

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, as can launching and one thing I hear over and over again from my clients is that having me ‘in their corner’ if priceless and that my belief in them helps them to believe in themselves and keep pushing ahead which results in them overachieving and making more sales than they even deemed to be possible at the start.

Again going back to the corporate sales teams I’ve worked with, they spend money, time and resources to create a team for even the most senior of sales professionals. Weekly office days where they can ‘hot-desk’, weekly calls with their sales manager/director, quarterly team meeting and annual team parties which all create the team culture we ALL need to succeed in sales and business.

My upcoming Sales Bootcamp will get you to experience not only my sales strategies, training and 10 years + of knowledge, but most importantly to have me as your ‘Sales Manager’ everyday in your corner so you actually taken action, on the right things, at the right time AND in a way that is fun and supported inside a real team of entrepreneurs just like you.

From people in your shoes right now:

“Made my money within a day!”

“Game changer for my business!”

“Biggest month EVER!”


We have so many incredible results – we had to make a new page for them!
Check out the results page here!

Who Is This For?

This is for you if you are already clear on what you sell and to who and have validated your offering already (ie you have had paying clients that you have had results for). If you are still unsure on your ideal client, messaging or positioning this is NOT for you.

This is for those at any income level as what you will learn is what has helped my 6 and 7 figure clients as well as my clients who are relatively new in business. Whatever your earning level, if you know that sales is something you only do when you ‘need to’, something you don’t enjoy/fear, or simply you feel you can improve your sales process/systems then this is for you.

Positive people who enjoy working in a team and supporting others. If you are a negative Nelly, unkind, or only out for yourself, we won’t get on and you probably won’t enjoy working with me.

Entrepreneurs ready to try new things in relation to sales and biz growth. This bootcamp will not include any icky sales techniques or spamming, BUT it will require more than ‘posting and praying’.  If you are not prepared to try proven and tested methods from a sales professional who knows their shizzle and has a 10 year + proven track record, then again this will NOT be for you.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jade Jemma *

I help freedom-focused entrepreneurs to increase profits through mastering the art of sales and creating strategies that they love AND that enable them to sell with passion, integrity and heart.

Sales is my BIG passion and over the last 10 years I have worked with businesses from solopreneurs in the start-up start phase, to global corporates like Virgin, Vodafone and Fedex.

If you are looking to not only get better at and create bigger results with your sales, but to discover how to actually enjoy selling (yes this IS possible!) then this bootcamp you will LOVE!

I will be sharing my sales techniques that not only work for ANY business, but have been tried, tested AND proven over many years.

Add in my fun, yet no BS approach and you get fast, effective and long lasting results!

Ready to step up, stand out and create fast results in a way that feels great?

See you on the other side!

“The amount of value is incredible!”

“One of the best decisions I made!”

“Really helped me to close sales!”


“Within 3 months, Jade had got me to close the doors to my (always open) business, wait for 2 months and have a launch.

And what a launch! It was the biggest we have ever had to a completely cold audience! Now we have had two six-figure launches. Everybody needs a Jade in their pocket.”

Kylie Carlson, Founder of Wedding Academy Global


Jade helped me to negotiate $27k of sales in month 1 and $47k of sales in month 2 of us working together. Since working with Jade not only am I signing more high profile, 7-figure coaches and industry experts as clients, but I am now on my way to 7-figures also. Most importantly I have more profit, more freedom and more time to spend with my family

Ruth Millar, Online Funnel Strategist


I’d had good launches in the past, but I needed a bigger push. Jade really pushed me and had so many ideas to keep me going and do more. I had my biggest launch to date and we made over $100k in 6 days which I couldn’t have done without Jade. She was my right hand women, supportive, excited and on-hand to help- I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Lisa Johnson, Business Coach

We have so many incredible results – we had to make a new page for them!
Check out the results page here!


Do I already have to have something to sell?

Yes and no.  If you have no clarity around what you want to sell and who to, this bootcamp is not for you.  But if you are just new and want to learn how to attract clients and generate sales then this it is certainly what you need.

Is this only for new business owners?

Not at all! If you already have a business then this bootcamp will help you to accelerate your success using sales techniques I have learnt working in and with the best global sales teams.

Is this just for online business owners?

No this is also suitable for brick and mortar businesses.

When does it start?

The bootcamp start date is yet to be announced. 3 days prior you will be sent your preparation worksheet and training video.

Do I have to be available for the whole 3 weeks?

Ideally yes, but not compulsory expect for the live bootcamp week (w/c Mon 18th Nov). The more you show up, the bigger your results/wins will be!

How long do I need each day to do it?

During week 2 (the live boot camp) an hour each day is ideal, 3 hours for the week + a hours prior to prepare is the minimum.

How often do we get to speak to you?

You will receive a training video from me for each day (Mon-Fri) and you will check in with me each morning/when you get started.  We will then speak throughout the day as needed, VIP’s get full access to be (M-F) via Voxer during live bootcamp.

Will you teach us how to sell?

You will receive training videos each day but the focus of this boot camp is to get you taking action. There are some bonus trainings on how to find clients and master your sales conversations, but the focus will be on mastering sales via DOING as opposed to just learning.

Am I guaranteed to make sales?

There is no guarantee you will make sales as everyone has different skills and experiences, but if you put in the work and take the action I recommend then you will be further ahead in your sales success.  Previous students have had some massive transformations and sales wins, but individual results do vary depending on each person’s skill-set, focus and determination.
We have dozens of testimonials of students sharing their experiences and wins from previous boot camps which are above on this page.

What is the refund policy?

This program is non-refundable, please refer to the T&C’s (on this page or at the checkout)

Why should I do this course over others?

That you have to decide for yourself, but what I can say is that I come with over 10 years and 10,000+ hours experience in doing what I now teach and have won many awards and hundreds of clients along the way.  My super power is helping entrepreneurs just like you to simplify and accelerate their sales growth. Most importantly I truly care for my students so will leave no stone unturned to see you succeed!

What tools do I need to take part?

Voxer (free phone app), for VIP’s and whatever you use to communicate with your clients (internet, phone your feet!).  The community is on FB so you will need a FB account.

Do I have to use the FB community?

Yes as this is how I will communicate with you each day. It is also going to help you to be with the other bootcampers and have a place to share your wins and challenges in a team environment.  Trainings will also be sent direct to your inbox.

Do I get to keep the resources you provide?

Yes they are all yours to keep and the video trainings are available until the boot camp ends.

I’m busy that week, when is the next boot camp?

This is what Debbie said before she joined one of my Sales Bootcamps and she ended up signing 4 new clients during the bootcamp week.  The time is never ‘right’, there is always something that can prevent us from taking action. My question to you would be “when are you going to stop letting ‘time’ be a reason for you not growing your business (and preventing you from creating your ultimate freedom lifestyle)?

All businesses need a constant flow of new sales. If you don’t already have this then the only answer is to  join us!

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