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Make More Sales in 3 Weeks or Less!

legendary flagship program that has seen hundreds of go-getting entrepreneurs create phenomenal and rapid sales results in 3 weeks.

“I had my biggest launch to date and we made over $100k in 6 days which I couldn’t have done without Jade”

★★★★★ Lisa Johnson

The Sales Bootcamp Will Help You to Achieve Consistent Sales

👥 More Quality Leads

Discover how to attract your ideal clients and nurture them into buying customers.

🦸🏻‍♀️ More Confidence

Learn powerful skills and techniques to help you build the confidence and momentum required to grow your business.

💰 More Revenue

Learn how to sell effectively to close more sales faster.


Some of our Sales Bootcamp Success Stories

Sales Bootcamp was honestly the best thing I have ever done.

It was the best investment I have ever made in my business.

I was able to learn the skills, techniques and science of sales which are key as a business owner.

Through working with Jade in the Sales Bootcamp I had a massive mindset shift and made one month revenue in a week and came away with new knowledge that is second to none.

Sonia-Marie Palmer

Faith and Business Mentor

Everyone needs a Jade in their corner keeping them accountable.

The value she gives with her services and her bootcamp is incredible.

Sales Bootcamp is easily worth thousands of pounds.

Natasha Leigh Bray

Success Mastery Coach

I made 21 sales in 3 weeks (nearly double what I would normally).

Sales Bootcamp was totally unique and Jade is the factor that helped me; her tips, ideas, motivation, support, praise and community were amazing and I really enjoyed it.

Best of all I have seen such a change in myself so I highly recommend the Sales Bootcamp.

Zoe Mckeown

Community Manager

Who’s This For?


You're Already Clear on What You're Selling

You need to be clear on what you sell and to who and have validated your offering already (ideally you have had paying clients that you have had results for). If you are completely unsure on what your business is and what you want to sell, this is NOT for you.

You Want to Improve Your Sales Process

Whatever your earning level, if you know that sales is something you only do when you ‘need to’, something you don’t enjoy/fear, or simply you feel you can improve your sales process/systems then this is for you.

You Have a Positive Attitude

Positive people who enjoy working in a team and supporting others. If you are a negative Nelly, unkind, or only out for yourself, we won’t get on and you probably won’t enjoy working with me.

Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow

This bootcamp will not include any icky sales techniques or spamming, BUT it will require more than ‘posting and praying’.  If you are not prepared to try proven and tested methods from a sales pro who knows their shizzle and has a 10 year + proven track record, then again this will NOT be for you.

Established Coaches & Leaders Who Want to Create, Grow, or Train a Sales Team

If you are ready to move away from doing ‘all the things’ and want to train up a team member to take over the sales side of your business, this course is the perfect solution! Your team member can access the bootcamp so you can feel safe in knowing that they will be able to ensure the sales are flowing in, so you can focus on strategic CEO duties.


Entrepreneurs Wanting to Skyrocket Their Launch Results

If you sell online courses, group programs/masterminds, events or memberships and want to maximise your launch results, this bootcamp will give you all the know-how you need to ensure when doors open, the sales come flying in!


Jade Jemma advertising her sales bootcamp

Why I can help you make more money

Do you want a business that allows you to live the freedom lifestyle you want – continuous leads and sales from those dream clients or customers, who just can’t wait to work with you?

Then you’re in the right place.

I’m Jade Jemma, Sales Strategist & Trainer and I help entrepreneurs just like you to get more leads and sales from their businesses.

With over a decade of experience and a track record of success in working with some of the top sales teams, entrepreneurs and brands in the world, my sales methods are tried, tested and proven to get results.

I absolutely love what I do. I’ve built a business that fits around my life and I love helping other business owners do exactly the same.

Jade Jemma *

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