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7 Strategies for Success in Business

7 Strategies for Success in Business

October 31, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful in business?

How would you measure success? How do you define success?

As entrepreneurs we all start out with visions of our success in a business. Nobody starts a business with the intention to fail. The recipe for business success is a delicate balance – a pinch of strategy, a dash of marketing, a heap of customer delivery, but the secret ingredient… is Mindset. 

How to deal with challenges for an entrepreneur and what makes a business a success?

Along the road of entrepreneurship there will be obstacles, challenges to be navigated. They can set us back, undermine our confidence, and even derail us, but with the right mindset we can trust ourselves to be able to deal with anything that might come up.

In this article I am going to share my success in business tips and how you can use them to create your own overcome your own challenges in small business.


7 Tips for Success in Business

1. Understand your ‘why’ 🤷‍♀️

What is your motivation for creating your business? Why business is important to you? What makes a business successful? What. does success look like to you? What is so important to you that it gets you out of bed every morning no matter what? So many questions!

There will be days when you don’t feel like it, get overwhelmed or feel like you don’t want to continue, but understanding your raison d’etre will help keep you focused and moving forwards when things are challenging.

For most people making money is not a big enough motivation – so if this is your first thought, explore why you wish to make money. What will life look and feel like when you have money, and then explore why that is important to you.

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2. Reframe failure as an opportunity to learn 👩🏻‍💻

Every entrepreneur will experience something going wrong or failing at some point. Failing can create strong emotions including embarrassment, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt and shame. Our mind is designed to keep us away from anything that makes us feel uncomfortable, so it guides us to avoid anything that might expose us to these emotions.

If we can change our perception, we naturally change the emotional response. By perceiving anything that doesn’t turn out as we expected as an opportunity to learn, reset our compass and try a different approach we can release the emotional response.

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3. Don’t compare your entrepreneurial journey to others 🫣

Everyone’s journey happens in their own time and their own way. When a musician is perceived as an ‘overnight success’ there has often been many many hours of toil behind the scenes before they came into the public eye.

The same is true in business. Comparing ourselves to others can create resentment and feelings of failure even before we get going. Writer and shame researcher Brene Brown says ‘Comparison is the thief of happiness’ – so focus on your journey rather than expending energy on someone else’s.

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4. Get comfortable being visible 👀

It seems a simple concept; if your customers don’t know that you exist, how can they know that they need or want what you are selling? Getting visible can open us up to all sorts of fears and vulnerabilities about ourselves, and our products and services, but being visible is a key part of connecting with your ideal audience and creates the know like and trust factor that is critical in building engaged relationships with your customers.

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5. Selling is not sleazy

To be successful in business selling is a skill that you have to cultivate. The fundamental concept of a business needs something to sell, and someone to buy – otherwise it’s not a business. If selling makes you feel sleazy or icky, you’re approaching it in the wrong way.

When selling is done badly it feels sleazy and manipulative. However, it can be done with ethics and integrity when approached in the right way. Selling is helping others. Have a genuine conversation to understand the customers problems and needs then identify how what you have to offer can help them in some way. 

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6. Don’t take rejection personally

No product or service is the right fit for everyone – and that’s okay. Just because a person declines what you are selling, it might be a no for now and they come back later ready to purchase. They might be the right customer for it but know someone who is. However, no customer rejection is ever a rejection of you as a human being.

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7. Redefine what success in a business means to you

What does success mean to you? It’s easy to get caught up in the societal definition of success, the ‘right’ car, house, holidays, gadgets, lifestyle – but many people find that when they achieve those it feels hallow and unsatisfying.

Success can in fact mean anything you want it to and true success is an inside job. If you dream of working 3 hours a day, or 3 days a week to sustain a lifestyle that suits you – that can be your definition. You are entirely free to design the life and business that makes you feel good.

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How Can Success in Business be Achieved?

Every business owner’s journey is different, each business owner has his or her own definition of success and how you measure success.

If you start thinking you’re a success in business you’re going to achieve that goal a lot quicker.

Success in a business can be hard, but if you put in the work and keep a positive mindset you will succeed!

I hope you enjoyed reading my keys to successful business and personal success.

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Through her unique combination of coaching and spiritual hypnosis to clear blocks and karma from this life and from past lives, Helen helps her client’s to accelerate their business, personal and spiritual growth through self-empowerment. 

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