The Missing Sales Piece | Guest Podcast | Jade Jemma

The Missing Sales Piece in Online Business with Anna Parker-Naples

The Missing Sales Piece in Online Business with Anna Parker-Naples

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Many people come into online business thinking it’s all about the attraction marketing, and not understanding how to sell properly. 

In this Podcast I chat with Anna Parker-Naples about selling and how to help you find that missing piece for yourself and your business.

What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

– Don’t overlook who you want to attract, and who wants to work with you

– How you can make sure you don’t kiss any frogs 

– The ingredients of a recipe for success

– The value you get from conversations along with the online marketing

– The first thing you need to refine when selling online

Sales don’t just happen, no matter what funnel you’ve got. Start talking to people and discover the value of conversations.

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The Transcipt

This is entrepreneurs. Get visible the podcast for people who want more impact, influence and income. I’m Anna Parker Nichols, and I’ll be sharing with you proven methods from leading entrepreneurs that help you get visible as an authority in your field because anything is possible when you get visible. Mm, mhm. Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Entrepreneurs. Get Visible. We’re talking today about the missing piece, the missing sales piece in online business, and I think this is really crucial. Many people come into online business thinking it’s all just about the attraction, marketing and not really understanding that you have to know how to sell and how to do it properly. And I’m joined today by Jade Jemma, she’s great and she is all about the sales, has a massive sales background, and actually, I think cuts through a lot of the rubbish that we see about selling in the online space. So we’re gonna tear this apart and help you find that missing piece for yourself in your business. So, hello, J. Thank you for coming. Thanks for having me. I’m super excited to be jamming on all things cells, which is my favourite topic. So let’s dive in jail tonight having this conversation hot on the heels of an incredible karaoke night. Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. So that was only a few days ago, maybe even a week that we did that. And we were talking about the importance of building those relationships, right? Building those relationships that are not about the pitch, not about what you do, not about how much credibility you have, but meeting people and working out if you vibe together. I think that was your phrase that I’m going to now just borrow. And this is really important in sales. And I think this for many people is something that they’re not even aware of. Yes, totally. The energetic piece around who you are wanting to attract and who wants to work for you is so overlooked. And like we were saying before, You know, if you don’t have that connection with someone and you’re not on the same level, you’re going to really struggle to work together, collaborate together or anything. And when I’m helping my clients and my students with the cells piece, it’s always the first thing I start with, Like, what is your energy. Who do you want to work with? Who do you who excites you like what brings you joy and starting from there rather than where most people start when they do their business is who is my ideal client, and where can I find them? Not even thinking about? Do I even like this person? Could we hang out? And that’s really important, because I think when you’re early on in your business, you so just want the business to work that you are not discerning. You are just I’m just that they want me Even though I didn’t really like them on the discovery call, I’m still going to take their cash because I really need it and those people become the headache. And I actually think there’s almost like a rite of very uncomfortable passage that you have to go through to work out. That’s not enough for me anymore. Just getting the cash in that’s not enough. That’s not going to sustain me. That’s not going to excite me about my business, and getting your hat onto your head clear about who actually brings you. Joy actually likes you up when you get on a call because that’s where you’re going to do your best work. Yeah, and you’ve got to kiss some frogs in the beginning, I think we’ve all done some frogs noggin in our early days. Yep. So how can we make sure we don’t kiss anymore? Frogs, Jade? Oh, that’s a big question. But just to kind of, like, rewind and how I got to hear that when I first came online. I’ve had a really long successful career in corporate sales where I was selling myself. I was helping my corporate clients build and grow their south teams, and I was managing and training South people myself. So it was It was really the focus was the sound. And then I came online, and I found it very bizarre. I was in these Facebook groups, and I saw these long, long stories with, you know, like people that look like me but didn’t have many clothes on talking about these stories. And, you know, I’m all for, you know, if you’re confident about your body like I’m not shaving anyone who wants to, you know? But I found it very odd because I’d come from that very quite masculine corporate consultative world and then in this world of where it was just like attraction, marketing. And I was like, Wow, like this. These people are making loads of money. But what happened in my early days? I was in a group programme, you know, like we all tend to join and lots of people was doing this market research. Or did you used to work in corporate or are you this stage? And I was always like, I’m happy to help. And then I’d get on these calls of them helping them in their market research, and every call ended up in them, admitted to me they weren’t actually getting many clients and me helping them with the sows peace. And after about six times, I realised two things. First of all, everyone that we see doing these this like attraction, marketing, wearing a bikini on the beach. Yeah, my style. Nobody needs to really see that my kids would die of embarrassment. But the two things I realised that first of all, most of it is smoke and mirrors, and people are putting things out there to make themselves look successful to in order to get the clients, which is fine. If that’s what you want to do. It’s not what I teach or believe in. But I also realised that most entrepreneurs they knew how to write copy, but they weren’t doing any of the selling. So the relationship sending the social, selling the connections. So what I started doing, which was really quite out there at the time, was helping my clients in. Okay, we’re going to do the marketing bit. But how about we look at everyone in our audience and figure out who’s got their hand up, who’s interested in what we want to do and let’s start talking to them. So, you know, I’ve been doing this for four years now. I’ve got a programme called South Boot Camp where we do all of this. And, you know, as I’ve discovered in the last sort of year and a half, it’s now become trendy, and now friends of mine and people that I know they’re like, how can we do this stuff as well? Because it’s so effective. Even when I work with clients in their launches, like the Big Needle movers have always come from, not another post, but okay, he’s who I want you to talk to because I’m looking in the group and I’m like that person is keen that let’s go here. Let’s do these conversations. Maybe adding in some, like little mini calls on Zoom. So when you add in the two bits together the attraction, marketing and the messaging and the audio stuff like what you’re doing and the South psychology conversations, the nurturing, the real human to human relationships from my experience of what I’ve seen, that’s really like the magic ingredients altogether, it’s a really nice recipe for success. So this is about this is about actually getting in the trenches, whether it’s you or someone in your team to hope those conversations, we as human beings by from people that we feel we have an affinity to connection with right, And there’s also a lot of reciprocity. I never know how to say this game. Every time I want to mention this book, I can’t say it. The influence book Robert. He’ll Dini amount of times I say that on this podcast and actually have to fess up. I can’t say probably this is how you warn people up. But not only that, the more conversations you have, the more you know whether someone is really hot. The more you understand they’re tempted by your programme or it’s not for them or not for another year, or there’s no way they could afford it, ever. Or actually they love you. But they would actually rather go and purchase this from somebody else. And until you get in relationship with people, you don’t know that stuff. It’s all guesswork. And that’s where you get your real gems for your content in hearing those stories. And maybe if they give you a story, I’m not ready. Now. You know what their thought process that can make you think All that be some great content. All of my content comes from those discussions where I hear about fears and objections and things, and I’m like, I’m going to write a post on that I’m going to do alive And it is so interesting. And what I always say is, I do really believe in online marketing. I think it’s amazing, like the stuff that you do with podcasting audio. It is so good. But I always say if this was the most effective way as a standalone thing, then Why do all the biggest brands in the world who I used to work with all have south skins, all of them. You know, I’ve worked with 5100 Fortune five hundred’s all around the world. They do the marketing bit, but then they have their foot soldiers and we were there on the phones, go into meetings. Taking clients out there doing their job is to woo and close. Yes, so I feel that in the online space, we’ve got all of this showcasing. We got the way they look at me. But what we don’t have is closing that deal. Yes, some people are out there doing, but as a whole, it’s not as present as it should be. It’s all a question of Hey, you’re going to go into your Facebook group and turn up every day. Great, yeah, you need that. But also, if you don’t actually think about the importance of sales, they don’t just happen. No matter what follow you’ve got, it doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to do extra leg work as well. Yeah, I think there’s a lot of fear. This is what I’ve seen over the years in selling predominantly to women like us. There is a big fear around the rejection around. They associate someone saying, and I was saying, No, it’s not no forever. It’s just a No, not today. And they associate a no or a ghost in Oran, ignoring of a message with Oh my God, that I’m all for my products Wrong, I charged. They take it on themselves rather than what I try and help my clients with is focusing on. Let’s be honest. Selling is helping. If you are truly here to serve and that is your objective, you are here to help more people have podcast companies feeds so they can impact more people with me. It’s helping my clients changed the world one cell at a time. If you can focus on that, then it doesn’t matter about the people who are not ready now. You need to be more relentless in finding the people that are ready because otherwise it’s all about the ego and we’re thinking about ourselves and we all do it. It is hard putting yourself out there, but as soon as you can switch, it’s not about me. It’s about those people who are ready for my help focusing on them that can sometimes help with the rejection. We all get rejected, of course, and that’s natural that we do. I think there’s a piece missing that is in the online space where I see people earlier on in their business realised. Okay, I need a lead magnet, so I’m going to get the freebie out there and then get people on my list, and that’s That’s a hurdle in itself when you don’t understand the processes or what they’re really for all the sophistication and refinement that you’re going to learn as you are in the space for longer, and that’s fine. But what about people who don’t buy from you at that point, they still like you. They still like your content. But what what happens and what happens if you start to get yourself on a call with them or reach out and voice, note them. What happens if you invite some of your community to come for a drink with you and all those kind of things where people actually see you as a human being and feel much more of a connection to you? Totally. I think the industry conversion rates of what has kept. A lot of people start because so many times people say to me, Oh, I need more in my Facebook group more on my email list because I know there’s, you know, like average 1.5% conversion. So I need more. I need more and I’m like OK, so let’s just say 100 people 1.5 has bought. How about rather than going after another 100 people? Let’s speak to the rest the you know, 98 a half, however many is left. Let’s speak to them and see if any of them might be wanting to have a conversation or where they’re at rather than this constant more. I need more on my email list. More in my group. Mama Instagram. Rather than going into who’s already here, let’s try and build a bond and build some intimacy with them rather than just collecting fans that they never speak to, like those phrase a bond and intimacy, Yeah, again, it comes back to relationship, comes back to business is person to person. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing for someone, then who feels like they’re really a bit clueless about what they’re doing with sales. Where do they get started with this? What’s the first thing that they need to refine? I would say because most people come to me when they’ve done all of the things they’ve tried to figure out their ideal client. They’ve done all these courses and they’re focusing on getting nothing perfect before they sell. I actually come from the school of thought were. Actually I would rather throw you in the deep end to start with. So I will say, Even if you’re really not clear on who you want to sell to or exactly how your products are going to look, start talking to people. There is so much value in having conversations, even if you are at day dot and you’ve just started your business market research calls, having discussions with the people that you think you might be able to help to really understand the symptoms that they’re experiencing and what the underlying problems are and where they really want to be and what things have already tried because it’s from those conversations that you get the real clarity around. Wow, I’ve got this thing that I can do and then sell it to some people. And then you can start refining the Brandon and the photo shoots and all the lovely stuff. But I see so many entrepreneurs they do all of that stuff first. And then by the time they start working with real humans, they realised they all need to change in. I think listening is really important. So what you’re saying is people just to prove that their offer works, they don’t understand really what a client might need to get them over the line. That there needs to be much more present in the initial offer. The initial approach, your sales pages, how you talk about it on a call or a weapon or a challenge. I know that this is something you help people with all the time. So can you let listeners know Where is the best place to come and check out some of your work? Yes. So my website is freedom zest dot com. There’s loads of free resources for this sort of stuff there. And then, if you want to come and say hello and have a real conversation, same name, freedom, zest over on instagram. So, ladies and gentlemen, that was J. Gemma with Jay’s James. My daughter’s name is Gemma, with J as well. She doesn’t like it if someone is called Gamma, because that’s hopeless. So go go check out Jay’s work at Freedom’s s dot com and think about what you’re actually doing for your sales. Why aren’t people actually signing up with you? Are you focusing just on the marketing and the visibility, but not actually building the relationship and asking for the sale? Right, Just go and do it. There is so much money on the table in your audience right now that you were ignoring, and it’s down to you to go and mop that up anyway. That’s it for today. Thanks for listening. Take care. Thank you for listening to entrepreneurs Get visible to get your free checklist on how to raise your profile and to find out about our community. Go to Anna Clark and April’s dot co dot UK forward slash get visible