ThriveCart Review 2023 - Best Cart for Online Entrepreneurs?

ThriveCart Review 2024 – Best Cart for Online Entrepreneurs

ThriveCart Review 2024 – Best Cart for Online Entrepreneurs

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor


My ThriveCart Review 5/5

Grab a coffee and get comfy! This in-depth ThriveCart review covers why I recommend it for anyone who is an online entrepreneur selling a service, online courses, digital products or events and why I use it for my own business.

Over the years I’ve tried many different shopping carts, but nothing comes close to the effectiveness and ease of use ThriveCart provides me and my team.

But first here is my top level summary for you!

ThriveCart Key Info

📣 About Checkout cart and online course platform
💰 Price ThriveCart Lifetime Deal still available at $495
✅ Pros Easy to use, high converting checkouts and course flexibility
❌ Cons Not great with physical products, upfront cost
🏁 Opinion Outstanding shopping cart and course platform

There are plenty of ThriveCart Reviews out there, so why listen to mine?

If you’ve never popped by before then welcome, I’m Jade Jemma, Sales Strategist and Trainer

I help entrepreneurs just like you to simplify and accelerate sales growth. 

When I first started out in business I used Paypal button but after a while I realised that I could increase sales and make my life a lot easier by investing in a proper shopping cart.

I now use ThriveCart and what a difference it has made!  Not only is life simpler, I don’t have any monthly fees or costs associated to transactions and I have increased my AOV and conversion rate!

So, in this ThriveCart Review I’m going to share with you my first hand experience of why it’s such a great tool and how it will increase your profits.

What Is ThriveCart? 

ThriveCart is an easy to use shopping cart software that’s designed to help online businesses increase revenue. 

It’s designed primarily to sell online products and services. In other words, stuff that is usually bought one at a time. While it does support the ability to have quantities more than one on an order, ThriveCart is mostly geared toward a traditional sales funnel where people add one item to a cart and them proceed to checkout.

As a ‘non-techy’ myself here my non-techy explaination of what it is for is:

“So to take the money from customers you need Paypal or Stripe (where people can use their debit/credit cards, or something else. Relying on these alone is clunky and means you have to do things manually, send invoices and then have to chase for payments etc.

ThriveCart is like the shopping cart for your biz, you can link it will Paypal, Stripe, Google Pay etc (the things that take the money), but ThriveCart is the thing that helps you to increase your conversions (i.e. more people that see a ThriveCart page will buy as apposed to a PayPal/Stripe link/invoice). It’s like the ‘shop-display’ at a supermarket till for your biz that entices people to buy and spend more!”

Here are some examples of a ThriveCart checkout page 👇

thrivecart checkout screenshot
thrivecart checkout screenshot

What I Love About ThriveCart

In this ThriveCart review I want to share with you my favourite things about this tool…here we go…

1. It’s super simple to set up a page (and even quicker when you duplicate and edit). See this Online Course example and Workshop example ($300 Value) to get an idea of how they might look (they are easy to import and use and you can edit to have your brand colours and copy).

2. It does increase your conversions so you make more sales! (who doesn’t want more sales?).

3. It integrates with everything – email providers, website etc that you need (eg the ‘BUY NOW’ button on your site would link directly to a TC page, OR if you are fancy you can integrate it on your website).

4. You can build funnels with up-sells and down-sells which is super cool

5. It has a cool ‘bump’ feature you can add on every page which converts so well so increases your launch results.

6. It has a free (and easy to use) in built affiliate centre/software so you can have other people promote your products and make even more sales.

7. Customer service is fab and they always reply super quick and answer Q’s straight away (there is also a FB group for extra support where the team and CEO are present and engaged in the community).

8. Sometimes I just use a TC page for my launches so no need to write/make a sales page. I just add my video and bullet points to make something cool in 10 mins max.

9. You can add coupons so people get X £ or X % off which is a great option.

10. You can customise your payment options – for example pay £100 today and in 14 days £250 monthly, there is also a ‘pay your own price’ option and you can even add a period of free trial.

11. Once you pay there are no fees so every penny you get back is yours to keep!

What ThriveCart Say About the Benefits of This Great Platform

Built in sales tax calculation at no extra cost to you (services like this usually cost you a monthly subscription).

Built in intelligent Dunning functionality (auto subscription chasing and saving technology that usually costs a monthly subscription).

Built in intelligent reporting and business metrics including comparison mode and smart projections for your business. All with customisable views and works with all your payment processors. (again, comparable to something like Baremetrics that doesn’t work will all payment processors and costs up to hundreds a month)

– An entire affiliate platform that really should be its own platform that we charge thousands for a year on its own… it’s the most powerful, flexible and comprehensive platform available and powers tens of millions of dollars of affiliate transactions a year.

High converting carts, designed not just to look like a good reason to buy the product, but actually designed to convert based on a decade of running and creating 7-8 figure launches and promotions both for us and other big names in the industry. That experience is poured into the platform to ensure YOU convert better and therefore make more because you use it.

Funnel creation, so you can quickly create funnels right inside TC without other platforms. Success and profit LOVES speed. People obsess over small tech details and let that get in the way of forward momentum. Our system is designed to get you selling fast with simple tunnels. (And now they have just been massively upgraded)

– 1 Click flexible bump offers to increase average value per customer.

– 1 Click upsells and intelligent upsell replacement to increase revenue.

– Built in easy split testing so you can quickly set up tests to see what’s working and what might further improve conversions with no other software needed.

Multi-step, single step, pop up, embed and sales cart flows to chose from so you can customise the entire flow easily.

– Powerful and easy to set up auto rules so you can automate your entire business and set up functionality that automatically happens based on sales, refunds, stats, affiliate behaviour and more. This is the most advanced rule system available.

– Entire customers hub allow your customers to access and view their purchase history, invoice info and change their billing info and personal info easily.

Affiliate dashboard for every one of your affiliates so they can view stats, commissions and more easily.

Courses (ThriveCart Learn and Learn+)

A new feature that’s built into ThriveCart for free is ThriveCart Learn. This directly competes with ClickFunnels and SamCart which offer similar functionality. It now makes ThriveCart a complete end-to-end solution.

ThriveCart Learn/Learn+ is an online course platform and membership area for the content and courses you create.

No need to purchase additional products like Teachable or create your own private WordPress membership website.

ThriveCart Learn makes building online courses easy:

✅ Project and course management
✅ Course content access 
✅ Student Management – control access to your private content
✅ High level of flexibility in how your content is delivered


ThriveCart Learn+ adds on these features for an additional one-time fee of $195:

✅ Bundles – sell multiple courses with one purchase. 
✅ Team Members – add staff and assistants that can help with the management of your courses and members.
✅ Import – allows you to import students for third-party membership systems.
✅ Featured Content – highlight content and courses

How Much Does ThriveCart Cost?

Whether you sell online for your services or are selling courses, memberships or group programs this is a NO-BRAINER offer for a product that is simple to use and will make you more sales in your biz (and save you SO much time!).

There is currently a lifetime deal so once you join there will be NO monthly costs ever (we hear it will be at least $95 monthly).

Currently you can join ThriveCart for $495 (or $690 for pro) and that’s it. Zero fees, monthly payments or anything. FYI the nearest thing to this (that also has the built in affiliate centre) is Samcart which is $199 monthly or $99 without the affiliate centre. (Lots of Samcart users have grabbed this offer to save themselves thousands in monthly fees).

While this lifetime price has been active for awhile now, it isn’t going to last. So if you are wanting more sales, with less stress and are fed of us chasing customers for payments then you need ThriveCart in your life!

Click here to get access to the lifetime deal!

Grab a limited LIFETIME license to ThriveCart today, and never pay ongoing fees again!

You may be wondering ‘how much is ThriveCart?’.  Remember how I mentioned one of the biggest pains when it comes to checkout carts? It’s their pricing! I need your full attention here because what I’m about to say is A-MA-ZING! ThriveCart doesn’t have any recurring monthly fees! Anddd: No transaction fees either. Like EVER!

How cool is that?

By joining today on the lifetime offer, you will never have a monthly fee for ThriveCart, ThriveCart Learn, OR pay any transaction fees for the sales the product helps you to make!

I want full lifetime access toThriveCart for a low one time price!

ThriveCart "Pays For Itself" Guarantee

If ThriveCart doesn’t pay for itself in your business, we’ll work with you until it does. Find out more.

To Finish My ThriveCart Review

I hope you enjoyed my ThriveCart Review, it is hands down THE best thing I have ever paid for in my business and it still stands as my #1 business purchase (most value for money as I keep using it every single day).

Whether you are running a membership site, a service business, a consulting or coaching business, selling courses, group programs, masterminds, workshops, events, or ebooks… ThriveCart will do it!

If you have any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to answer, but this video here explains it visually.

I am a ThriveCart partner so will get a small bonus if you join, but even if you don’t buy via me I totally recommend it! Every client of mine who has singed up loves it at much as me so you won’t be disappointed!

Jade *

P.S. I may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase through our links, but I only recommend tools I use and love and feel deliver value to you – click around the site and you’ll see I’m using ThriveCart in loads of places.

Join ThriveCart today for no monthly fees, ever

Create high converting cart pages, upsells, affiliate campaigns and online courses with ease

ThriveCart "Pays For Itself" Guarantee

If ThriveCart doesn’t pay for itself in your business, we’ll work with you until it does. Find out more.