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True Connection Is The Key To Your Business Success

True Connection Is The Key To Your Business Success

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor
At a time a lot of online content and offerings are everywhere you hang out online, we can feel dubious and even duped by the motives behind the marketing in 2023. So much so we hold our purse or wallet close to our chest and often dismiss those enticing last minute purchases that crop up out of nowhere that could be key to your business success.

What we would have jumped at a couple of years ago seems a bit underwhelming this year.

The issues surrounding sleazy sales tactics and outdated lead generation strategies still being taught today can cause negative associations and even suspicions of potential clients and customers due to copy and paste, impersonal methods used online to attract sales. This then leads to us losing faith in our launch strategies, content mapping and mission and can even make getting our message across harder.

So why are people less impressed this year?

After a couple of years of email sequence bombardment by the novice, automation mania where just about anyone can grab a bot template and run with it and the general consensus of feeling as though the customer is being treated like a number, people online yearn for real humans behind the message.

In fact, cold market tactics are a waste of time.

Sorry to break it to ya!

Online tools are wonderful to enhance your systems, but we will never replace the need for the personal touch in the client or customers eyes.

Right now, and possibly forever after (always has been the case) generally people want to be treated like individuals, so the minute you become ‘just another marketer in their inbox’ you have lost their attention.

So How Do You Deliver Your Purpose Without Pushy Tactics and Overly Enticing Buy Ins?


Assuming you have a great offer or service read on…

The answer is relationships.

Two women build their relationship over coffee
I make it no secret the key to unlocking success in your business is to build relationships.

To recession proof your business, riding the highs or lows, the fundamental aspect to creating a sustainable business model is connection and a solid network.

Female entrepreneurs are having fun and building their relationships

How Do You Qualify That Network?

I have seen many spend months and even years building rapport with those they ‘think’ will aid their business growth, sadly in the online space there is a lot of talk and ‘fluff’ in an attempt to be heard above the noise. If we stop looking at our network as a way for us to get ahead and instead come from a place of service, we are already on the right track.

With the rise of free groups or ‘pay to play’ scenarios, a pretty picture can be painted to make one assume a product or service is going to fast track or hack your results and pull in a loyal audience as if by magic.

Even worse, a popular network can be aired online giving the impression of well connected, seemingly overnight successes and instant profits. This can lead one to either feel very much ostracised or pressured to ‘buy in’ to said network. I firmly believe patience is key and taking the time to have conversations and get to know people, even in a digital age where you can use AI to answer your potential client’s enquiries and ‘make money while you sleep’.

People remember people, particularly good people that genuinely take the time to listen or help them.

Online connections are great but how can you then further your relationships to create a mutually beneficial association?



Forget cold messaging and small talk, if you provide a service and are good at what you do talk about it!

There is nothing worse than someone engaging with you and not being specific as to why they want to establish a professional relationship with you. In the age of everyone and her neighbour trying to get you on a discovery call, honour people’s time and be open and honest about why they might want to have a conversation with you that potentially may lead to an offer or opportunity.

Invite but never pressure, showcase what you do, be it via testimonials or a case study and trust people are intelligent enough to see the possibilities of working with you.


Don’t be elusive – if someone is not quite ready to use your services that does not mean you still can’t be accessible. Remaining friendly and professional will allow a potential client or collaborator to remain in your network long term.

Aloof and seemingly exclusive networks are very off putting and sometimes even disheartening to those who may be watching your brand evolve. Inclusivity is very important not only for business but on a wider scale. Being aware of this is crucial when growing a brand.

As one example, the Wave Mastermind offered a scholarship in 2019 to someone who is not quite able to join otherwise (via the self-funded option) because not only do myself and Lisa Johnson want to remain accessible to those who truly need our support, but the members who have joined this movement see the bigger picture, rather than an exclusive inner circle purely for the vanity metrics, they know real change makers come from diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

Masterminds have morphed in the last year or two and have almost become the norm for entrepreneurs. Many have cropped up as an obvious upgrade from programmes and sadly a lot have lost their impact and are very far removed from the concept introduced by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s.

Wave offers true peer to peer mentoring and honours the skills, experience and input from every individual member. Of late some masterminds have become super fan hubs with ‘what would so and so do’ (insert mastermind leader), or simply a higher priced level of coaching in disguise.

The true essence of joining a mastermind has nothing to do with a follow the leader mentality, in fact a mastermind group is full of individuals with true leadership qualities all inputting as a collective.

Entrepreneurs take a selfie and build their relationship


I personally love connecting well suited individuals and businesses together, in fact I was a talent spotter for global leading brands and so can spot natural talent and strengths a mile off.

Making referrals not only acknowledges all the fantastic skills around me, but expands my own network and returns referrals tenfold as people know I am not just about my own gain; I want to see others win and share their skills to impact the world.

A great way to genuinely build connections is to have a list of trusted, quality contacts and when the need arises, refer them wholeheartedly to your existing network. This is a great way to be of service and build trust and reliability. In fact I LOVE making introductions and connecting people. Read this blog for more information about how to get clients through referrals.

Interestingly, I have also found some of my team in my client pool, meaning my former clients have now become valued team members here at Freedom Zest! The true definition of reciprocity.

To summarise, however you choose to build relationships, be transparent, accessible and refer people if appropriate to your industry, thus building not only your credibility, but also your association as a considerate and valuable contact.

In an age of information overload, I truly believe to create genuine connection we are stronger together and by honouring the above traits and joining forces exactly as we are, we not only build recession proof businesses, but create a movement of change makers and thought influencers that can change the world for the better and are key to your business success.

Jade *

P.S. If you’d like to apply for our next Wave Mastermind then click here to find out more about it.