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How to Turn Sales Conversations into Sales

How to Turn Sales Conversations into Sales

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Getting good at sales conversation is essential to your success.  If you do not use a PROVEN structure on your discovery call then you are not only wasting your time (not just on the call, but the time it got to GET the call), but you are MASSIVELY losing out on sales and clients.

Knowing how to lead your sales calls is one of the most important skills you can develop as a coach, consultant or service provider.

In this article I’m going to share with you why sales conversations are so important and my own proven method to turn these calls into sales.

Having Sales Conversations Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

There is a reason why when I worked with multi-million and multi-billion pound clients (yep I’m talking billions baby, not 6/7 figures!) who are global market leaders in their industry (companies like Fedex, Vodafone and Rentokil) they had teams around the world who were trained for months (and continuously throughout their career) on how to perfectly lead a sales conversation. Quite simply as it works. It always has and it always will.

Sales conversations are how:

  • You understand what a prospect needs AND wants
  • You get to demonstrate to how you can help
  • You get to ‘bond’ with a client and develop a real relationship
  • You negotiate to get a ‘win-win’ solution for you both
  • Also when you get really good at sales conversations your average order value (the price you sell at) will increase.

So if you have got this far I’m assuming you are on board with the importance of mastering this one skills so read on to hear my top tips (and video) on sales calls. Before I do that I want to let you know how this skill can also help your upcoming launches:

Getting Good at Sales Calls Can Help Your Upcoming Launch

The online space is changing and what worked 18, 12, even 6 months ago is not working now.

I’ve seen launches of 7-fig coaches flop as they are still using old and tired methods. People are fed up of being a ‘number in a funnel’ and are wanting more intimacy with real humans. 

I am seeing this pattern over and over again and it is also affecting how launches are working For example:

  • Automated (evergreen) webinar results are down (as are email open rates)
  • Group programs launches are requiring an extra ‘layer’ of personal interaction
  • Sales calls, even very short ones when added into the launch strategy are seeing launch results sky-rocket (I’ve supported launches and worked in launches where women just like you have had their first 5-figure, 6-figure and multi 6-fig launch results with utilising sales calls during their launches)

Online Sales Calls Training Course

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How You can Convert More Sales Conversations

The method of sales conversations I use is not only non-scary and non-icky, but it is based on a proven tried and tested method that I have adapted for the online coaching/consulting space. When I say proven I mean:

  • I have personally made over 20,000 sales calls using this method which resulted in me being a consistent top performer for 6 years running and being an industry award winner in my space
  • This method is used by the multi-million (and billion) dollar professional corporate sales teams I have worked with over the years
  • It has also helped women in biz just like you that I work with close their highest deals ever, have their biggest months ever, and have their biggest launches ever.

So as you can see this is not just some fluff I learnt in a coaching program or online course, this really is THE way the professionals, experts and influencers sell and the way you need to master if you want to have your biggest results, maximum income and create the impact you desire.

The Proven Sales Conversation Method That Works

The method I use and teach is sales consulting, it is a way you ‘consult’ with your potential clients in a way to establish if you can help, how and to get their commitment to moving forward.

This type of selling I call ‘consultative sales”. It took me many months and years of daily practice and hours of intensive training from world class sales trainers for me to perfect this skill, but I would like to share with you some of the basics that you can implement in your sales calls from today.

1. Open the call like a leader and make it clear on the objective of the call.

2. Take time to consult with your prospect to find out their current situation and related areas.

3. Find out their current problems and pain (related to what you sell) and why this is the case (A).

4. Ask them about how their biz/life/relationship will be if this situation doesn’t change and discuss.

5. Get them to talk about their goals and desires and what they need to get there (B).

6. If the service you provide could bridge the gap between A (where they are) and B (where they want to be) it is your duty to talk to them about this! Ask first if they would like you to show them and if so demonstrate your solution.

7. Overcome any objections and reservations.

8. Get commitment and close the sale.

Now I know in the steps above that looks super easy, but if you have done sales calls before you will know that the conversation is full of curve balls and objections!

One of the most common (and hard to overcome) is the “I can’t afford it” and other money objections. I have recorded this video for you that goes through in detail exactly what to do and say when you hear this.

If you have any questions about your sales calls you can pop them below the video and I will reply.

I hope you found this article and if you’re looking for some more in depth training on sales conversations then check out my Sales Calls Mastery Course

Love and success,

Jade *