Why is Sustainability in Business so Important? | Jade Jemma

What Is Sustainability In Business?

What Is Sustainability In Business?

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

All business models should aim towards sustainability, and for long term growth, elements such as how to reduce waste such as packaging, lowering our supply chains carbon footprint and using green suppliers where possible all help carve out a better world for future generations.

Something I am very passionate about.

However, this article is a little different.

It explores what I call holistic sustainability in your entrepreneurial journey at a time when burnout is a concern for many in the online space.

Long term sustainability as a business owner on a personal level is often lost along the way of being busy and doing all the things.

Highs to lows and back again with no warning can be a common occurrence particularly for those working solo.

Take just recently for example, I had a trip to L.A to meet up with my mastermind sisters.

I got to see some of the ladies from last year who I was at Necker Island with, and some new members joining us for 2020. Such a powerful group of multi-6 and 7-fig women from a variety of industries; women with a million email subscribers, New York Times best-selling authors, Ted Talk speakers, women with PHDs and so much more inspiring awesomeness.

We dived deep into business strategies, but also some personal happiness and success stories.

I must admit as wonderful as my trip was, I was severely jet lagged and once back in the UK was floored by a virus.

Thankfully my wonderful network stepped in and helped me fulfil my client commitments whilst I recovered but it truly bought home the power of having a genuine support system and the importance of a holistic business model that embraces times like these.

Being Successful in Business is Not Just About Making Sales.

We need to be happy, healthy and have a reason so much bigger than just making profits.

My sales group recently shared how we are prioritising our health and happiness over maximising sales right now and this is something I totally support and recommend, even as a sales coach!

You just cannot put a price on real friendships, a  solid support network and shared experiences.

That is what life is all about.

The definition of true success.

Take some time today to remind yourself about all that is great in your life right now, no matter the current stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

What brings you joy?

Celebrate all your successes not just your sales success.

Yes, I am a sales coach, I am also here to help you achieve your ultimate freedom lifestyle.

To incorporate a holistic model of success, one that is sustainable.

One that does not sacrifice your health, relationships or passions but in fact enhances all these key points.

You might like to look at your goals and targets for this year and check in with how you are meeting all areas of success in your life and business right now.

Grab a pen and note down your answers…

Are you making time for friends and family?

Are you putting time and money aside to attend in person events or masterminds in real life, to create meaningful and long-lasting friendships and support networks in your business?

Are you taking time for regular self care? What does self care look like to you?

Do you have upcoming plans or dates scheduled for experiences that bring you joy, peace, fun or adventure?

Business is like life, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

No matter how slow your pace may feel in comparison to others you see online, do not neglect a holistic model for all areas, it will help you sustain long term success.

Enjoy the journey.

Maybe you are less successful in generating a certain sales target right now, but are successful as a mother, friend, or mentor.

Whatever area you are currently succeeding in, celebrate it.

You are exactly where you need to be.

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Priorities change season to season, life seasons that is.

Often when we focus on one area, it is easy to neglect another, this is natural and there is never one size fits all or a perfect balance but regularly auditing your priorities can help you see what area gets neglected the most and you can put in place a plan to counteract those tendencies.

Personally, my health often gets pushed to the back of the queue as I show up for my clients and business, so I have sought the support and advice of health experts to help me readjust the areas in my life I need to prioritise.

Another example, a common one particularly for the Mums reading this, is the habit of procrastination. Between household management and family members needs, it can be so easy to neglect business and self care goals and days turn into weeks and deadlines get missed or best intentions get delayed.

This can be an act of self-sabotage I hear of often, of course we must make time and fulfil the needs in our relationships, be it with our partners, children, friends even but not to the detriment of our own needs and ambitions.

Self-awareness of our strengths and weakness takes skill, and it can really help to have others intuitively know where you may need support and communicate that appropriately. I feel so grateful to have such an amazing peer group that look out for me and step in if needed.

Incorporating a holistic approach into your business strategy can prevent short term business wins that cannot be sustained due to an imbalance in your health, wealth or relationships. A holistic sustainability strategy can be something as simple as taking regular breaks, meeting up with business friends or a monthly massage.

Taking care of ourselves and each other is a win win in life and business, you owe it to yourself to set great habits in place to become the best business owner you can be. The most successful people make time for all areas of life that are important to them.

These observations and personal experiences led me to create a space to nurture not just business goals but mind and body wellness. As discussed above, the importance of a holistic business model that nurtures the whole person, in this case you the female entrepreneur, is needed now more than ever.

What do you think?..

Are you taking care to ensure you last the distance and remain healthy as you build your business?

Or do you feel neglecting your health is inevitable amongst the pressures of growing your business online?

Let’s chat. 

Jade xx 

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