Why is Self Care Important for Entrepreneurs? | Jade Jemma

Why is Self Care Important for Entrepreneurs?

Why is Self Care Important for Entrepreneurs?

Written by Jade Jemma

The Sales Strategist & Business Mentor

Running a Business is Hard Work 

The entrepreneurial journey as a woman is not always plain sailing.

As a sales coach and strategist for female entrepreneurs, my focus is on helping women to attract their ideal clients, generate sales and accelerate their sales success, but this requires so much more than just sales training and strategy.

Starting and growing your own business is nothing like being an employee. In fact as an ex-corporate sales and business development professional, selling for your own business is very different than selling on behalf of another company.

Why is Self Care so Important?

When we are our brand, success in business requires us to show up as our true selves in our marketing, our branding and in our conversations with potential customers. This brings up a whole new level of issues that require so much more than just business training. Having an awareness of our mental and physical health to ensure long term business sustainability is key.

Growing a business online requires us as entrepreneurs to be consistently visible on social media which can lead to exhaustion if we don’t make time for breaks.

Practicing self-care is a bit of a buzz phrase of late, however even taking 20 minutes after each solid time block of work, rather than jumping from one task to the next can make all the difference to our mental health and wellbeing.

Don’t forget our physical health too, a walk in nature really helps me to nurture and enhance my mood and energy, especially on busy days to help me sustain my coaching performance.

I’ve mentored women from start-up stage, right up to those earning 7-figures in their business and they all experience the same internal issues including being susceptible to burnout.  

As an entrepreneur you must do the inner work as well as the outer work and the more successful you become, the more important this is.

Meditation, self-help books, mindset practices, even therapy support a positive and healthy mind in both life and business.

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Make Self Care A Priority

Yes, we do need to put in the work, and this requires some ‘hustle’, especially when you are just starting out in your business, but self-care should be an essential part of your business week.

For me this looks like long baths, nature walks, massages and meditation, but for you that may be completely different and whatever makes you feel good, do that.

The importance of self-care is two-fold, first of all it’s essential to avoid burn-out and keeping us sane and healthy. And when we ‘switch off’ from business, it enables our creative juices to flow and this is where as an entrepreneur you will get your best business ideas.

Ensure you have a support network of people who understand the realities of being your own boss. Often this won’t be our friends or family, but new people we meet in a business capacity.

Having a network of peers who are on the same journey as you is essential to not only your emotional wellbeing, but also your growth in business.

So think about taking that trip or booking that retreat you cannot underestimate the power of re-energising amongst peers who just get it.

Find and stay focused on your mission.  If you have complete clarity on how you help your clients and the ways that your products or services are transforming their business, life, relationships, health or even happiness try treating yourself with the same integrity and enthusiasm.

When you treat yourself right, this allows you to serve at your very best, so you almost owe it to others to do just that, be it a trip to the salon or a family day out.

Nourish Your Mind and Body: Schedule Self Care

Finally, I would just like to remind you that you can do this and you truly can be, do, have and create anything you desire in your business – But it starts with you believing this for yourself and understanding the importance of putting your self-care practices first, including making time for rest, good nutrition, relationships and movement.

Entrepreneurship as a woman really can be a roller coaster so prioritising your physical and emotional health builds your resilience for a sustainable business. I realised this last year when I was developing signs of burnout and decided that I needed some support with my journey.  I checked myself into the celebrity health paradise hideaway ‘SHA Wellness Clinic’ for Christmas where I learnt so much about holistic health and wellness. Now I  know that my wellness journey needs to be an integral part of my life AND business.

Despite this, the freedom lifestyle and financial security that is possible to achieve through creating a successful business is worth all the bumps along the way provided you schedule in self care to feel good and go the distance in your business.

Ensure you take care of you AND your business!

Lots of love,

Jade xx

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