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Online Sales & Marketing Courses

A selection of online business courses & programs that will provide you with all the necessary business skills you need to achieve a constant flow of clients, more sales and business growth.

Launch Strategy and Management

A completely hands-on service specific to helping you mega-boost your launch and sell out with ease.

My sales strategies and support has helped entrepreneurs have their biggest launch sales results, many having their first 6-figure+ launches when working with me. 

Sales Strategist Jade Jemma
Sales Strategist Jade Jemma

1:1 Sales Mentoring Program

A personalised sales mentoring program designed according to your unique situation to enable you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the most effective, fastest and enjoyable way.

Jade Jemma VIP Intensives

A deep-dive into your business where together we develop a sales and business growth strategy that you can execute straight away.

These sessions work best for planning your sales strategy for upcoming launches, or for getting a strategy in place for a new offer, program or idea.

Sales Strategist Jade Jemma
Sales Strategist Jade Jemma

Group Sales Growth Mentorship

My sales growth mentorship group and Mastermind (The Success Circle) is focused on providing you with the skills, strategies and support that will have a real impact on your sales and business results

You’ll get mentorship from me, access to resources and trainings, and be part of a supportive group of likeminded entrepreneurs.

Freedom Business Hub

An online community like you’ve never experienced before!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and build real relationships, then this business community is for you!

Get the right advice, support, feedback and become part of the most inspiring community of entrepreneurs.

Sales Strategist Jade Jemma taking a selfie
Jade Jemma Sales Strategist and Mentor

Helping You Grow a Successful Business
That Brings You Joy

Do you want a fulfilling and profitable business that allows you to live the lifestyle you want? Then you’re in the right place.

I’m Jade Jemma, Sales Strategist & Business Mentor for entrepreneurs.

Not just any entrepreneurs – I work with the changemakers, the trailblazers, the pioneers and the lightworkers, all who are making waves in their industry and helping to make the world a better place.

I help entrepreneurs just like you to grow and scale their business (in ways that feel good to you and always while prioritising your wellbeing and happiness).

With over a decade of experience and a track record of success in working with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, top sales teams and brands; from start-ups, to multi 7-figure entrepreneurs, to multi-billion turnover Fortune500 brands, my sales growth and support methods are tried, tested and proven to get results.

I absolutely love what I do and I adore the beautiful humans I get to work with. I’ve built a business that fits around my life and I love helping other entrepreneurs do exactly the same.


Jade Jemma *

Transforming Businesses: Client Success Stories

★★★★★ Rated 5/5 by leading entrepreneurs

I decided to work with Jade Jemma and I wanted to nail the mystery of sales! Jade just has this way of making you feel you achieve the impossible. At the beginning of lockdown when my business fell away, Jade fell firm.

After trying to launch my course for 12 years, with Jade support I finally launched it and sold 200 spaces. If you are thinking of working with Jade, take the plunge, you will not regret it! I am now forever changed and unbreakable.

Jaz Amparr-Faw

Speaker, Coach, Author and Resilience Ninja


Within 3 months, Jade Jemma had got me to close the doors to my (always open) business, wait for 2 months & have a launch.

And what a launch! It was the biggest we’ve ever had to a completely cold audience!

Now we have had two 6-figure launches. Everybody needs a Jade in their pocket, she is a magical sales mermaid!



Kylie Lang

Founder of Wedding Academy Global


I’d had good launches in the past, but I needed a bigger push.

Jade Jemma really pushed me and had so many ideas to keep me going and do more.

I had my biggest launch to date and we made over $100k in 6 days which I couldn’t have done without Jade.

She was my right hand women, supportive, excited and on-hand to help – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Lisa Johnson

Business Strategist

⭐️ A Few Highlights from Some Clients Results Over the Years ⭐️

⭐️ All private launch clients having their biggest launches with my support, many having their first 6-fig+ launches. Some who have gone on to create multi 7-fig success in their business after mastering sales and launching group programs.

⭐️ Multiple 6-fig+ consecutive launches

⭐️ $250k online launch

⭐️ Multi 5-fig launches with a small audience as a first time launcher

⭐️ First $10k months, first $20k cash days, first high-ticket pay in fulls!

⭐️ $30k clients signed (twice!) inside Jade’s 3 week Sales Bootcamp

⭐️ First clients signed in a brand new business so were able to exit their corporate job within 4 months.

⭐️ Biggest sales months after years in business from multiple clients and students

⭐️ Massive mindset shifts, PR wins, speaking opportunities and so much more that comes when you tap into your full power and own your magic!

Got a Question for Jade Jemma?

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I'd like to know more about Launch Strategy and Management

I have been the ‘secret weapon’ behind 6-figure and multi 6-figure online launches. This support is short term, completely hands-on and specific to helping you mega-boost your launch results!

My support has helped entrepreneurs have their biggest launch sales results, many having their first 6-figure+ launches when working with me.


This is for you if:

  • You are planning to launch a digital/online product/program/course (or live event) in the next 3-6 months and want to maximise your sales revenue results
  • You are already at, or above 6-figures and have an established online presence in your industry
  • You have a track record of success in your industry and are regarded as a competent expert by your client and peers.
  • You already have a product idea to launch (group program, mastermind, course, live event) and don’t need help around the concept of ‘what’ to sell.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not yet an established business/expert in your industry
  • You are unclear on what to launch (sell) and to who (my 1:2:1 program can help with this)
  • You do not already have an engaged audience that buy your products/services/offers.

I offer two levels of launch support and management:

1. Strategic planning PLUS launch sales support/management (to map out the most effective strategy and increase sales during ‘cart-open’)
2. Launch sales support/management (to increase launch sales results during ‘cart-open’)
What is a VIP Intensive?

My VIP intensives are for a deep-dive into your business where together we develop a business strategy that you can execute straight away.

These sales coaching sessions work best for planning your sales strategy for upcoming launches, or for getting a strategy in place in order grow your audience prior to a launch. These sessions are NOT for brand new entrepreneurs, or for those who need close accountability/high touch support.

I'd like to know more about 1:1 Sales Mentoring Program
My one to one coaching programs are custom-designed according to your unique situation to enable you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be, in the most effective, fastest and enjoyable way.
You are ready to work with me if you:
  • Already have an established business and are signing clients, but are wanting more consistent sales.
  • Have already had paying clients, but lack the strategy and skills to attract and enrol new clients which you know is necessary in order for you to grow and scale your business.
  • Are signing clients consistently, but know you are undercharging/holding yourself back and are now ready to up-level.
  • You are already established in your industry but are looking to step-into your next level, and increase your revenue, either via launching group programs/courses, or by hiring a sales team
Example areas we may work on:.
  • Developing a sales success mindset – develop the sales mindset of a pro so you get confident to share your message and fall in love with sales, even if right now you feel scared to be visible, to sell.
  • Creating a sales or launch strategy – what to do, why, how, when and where (no more detours and confusion!)
  • Develop a sales system in your business to increase lead flow and revenue
  • Online marketing and social selling – developing a strategy that will attract the right audience that sees you as an authority figure that can help them, and one who they love, adore AND want to buy from!
  • Community and audience building – create a powerful network, audience and community to further increase your brand presence and selling power (and create loyal and raving fans in the process).
  • Sales conversations – perfect your discovery/sales call process so they not only convert to clients but long-term and loyal clients (plus no more undercharging, refund request, or AWOL clients!)
  • Starting, growing, or managing a sales team so you can focus on being the visionary CEO of your business.
I will support you with:
  • Private video sessions (using Zoom or similar) as often, or little as required.
  • Unlimited support via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) so I am only ever a voice note, or text away!
  • Accountability from daily check ins, to limited accountability, whatever level best suits you so that you get the support and results you desire.
  • Access to my private client group and any products that I launch during our time together.
  • Unlimited feedback and input from me on anything you are launching, planning or creating in relation to growing your business/generating sales. This can include copy, emails, sales pages, paid advertising, or sales funnels. Whatever your question or request, if I can help you I will. If not I always know a person who can!
  • Access to any of my previous trainings/courses that will further assist you on your journey.
  • Cheerleading: I am my clients’ biggest cheerleader! Whether that is making referrals to you, giving your business/brand exposure, or making introductions and helping open doors for you. When you work with me you will know that I believe in you and will do everything in my power to help you succeed.
What level of business entrepreneurs do you work with?

I mainly mentor and work with established entrepreneurs/businesses, although some start-ups if they already have a track record of expertise from a previous career. No matter their level, all my clients are keen to step-into their next level of success. Strategies I share vary depending on my clients level, lifestyle and industry so it is 100% suited to your situation. No one size fits all over here!

What is Jade Jemma like to work with?

I am a very ‘hands’ mentor. You will never feel unsupported or unsure when we are working together. I am kind and caring but am firm and will stretch you!

As a Human Design Projector my superpower is being able to see what you cannot see, I often tell my clients “when you are inside the bottle, you can’t see the label’.

I am able to not only quickly see the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable path for you to take to achieve your desired goals, but can guide and support you until you reach them.

Jade Jemma x

Do you have any online sales training courses?

Yes, I you can find my online sales course here!

There are also more workshops and programs not listed on the website so please email jade@freedomzest.com for the latest availability.

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