Do you need a business coach

What’s changed in 2019 in the coaching and mentoring sector
(before you jump in!)

Let’s face it, we all want business success.

Have a thriving client base and business growth that sees profits up year on year, and a freedom lifestyle to enjoy the fruits of your business labour.

12 months ago, things were very different for the coaching industry and business owners and entrepreneurs where quite eager to jump into group programmes, events and one-to-one packages in the hope of online business wins.

Fast forward to 2019, in an oversaturated market, people are dubious of the hopes and dreams some business coaches strap onto their marketing.

Running your own business is hard, the day to day running can lead you to hitting a plateau in your sales, so looking to business leaders to guide you with relevant business strategies can be a way to stay on track to meet your targets and grow your business.

Small business owners, those who are a solo outfit, can really benefit from a monthly coaching session to keep the isolation and procrastination at bay.

Business coaches do work, but you have to do the work too. As a Sales Coach who is known for my kind but direct delivery, here are some considerations before you frantically type ‘business coach London’ or wherever you are based, into Google and invest in the first coach you stumble across!

It’s a buyers’ market

You are in a prime position to be selective and not be sold to, so pushy sales funnels and high-end tech does not impress so much this year.

With constant tech advances and automation at our fingertips, just because someone can build a social media bot, or set up an automated offering does not make them a better business coach than the person who uses simple systems and a human approach to grow and develop their clients skills.

On that note…

Look for real world experience

Anyone can sign up to an online programme and then call themselves an expert with some sales copy swipes and a fancy logo.

However, real world experience cannot be beaten.

Does your potential business coach have real world business skills?

Considerations such as their career pathway, transitional skills and track record say more about their capabilities than an impressive photo shoot and a catchy tagline.

For example, having come from a corporate sales background and studying business at University to Masters level, I am very much from the business arena.
In fact my first of the various small businesses I’ve had over the years was a hair accessories company when I was aged 11!

By transitioning my skills into bespoke coaching packages my clients benefit from key leadership and sales strategies used to successfully and consistently create desired results in their business.

Your network is your net worth

Finding the right business coach

It is a wise move to grow and expand relationships to maintain an ongoing network.

The element of know, like and trust still stands in 2019, more so in fact as we look for referrals so as not to get burnt investing in the wrong person.

At a time when business budgets are tight, having a trusted network to seek feedback from is vital to ensure no costly mistakes are made.

Choosing a business coach with a diverse, accessible network means an investment in them is a gateway to an assortment of talent not all coaches allow access to.

As an example, I believe a genuine network of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners together can achieve great things. Impacting all parties and the planet and its people. A great business coach should encourage a quality network and be happy to connect you to opportunities and collaborations.

Finding the right business coach can greatly increase your sales, business growth and most importantly your ability to meet your business mission with support and guidance from someone who has walked the walk.

However, in 2019 be sure to do your research, have a chat with your potential coach about both of your expectations and explore the possibilities before you jump in!

Here’s to a match made in heaven in your pursuits to find your ideal fit.